Food For Thought
Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson

Episode 10 - Food For Thought

Well, I was going to save the podcast for Tuesday, but decided since some of the information was from this week that I had better put it out before it gets “old”, so a new podcast is available for your listening pleasure.  Consider it your Friday Food For Thought!  (I know, I gave it a different title within the audio recording).  Here's the short version of the show notes:

  • Working for Free
  • Basic Composition
  • Holiday Events
  • Listener Q&A
  • Photo Tip of the Week

In other news, according to Google Analytics and Feedburner data, CB hit an all time high in reader count yesterday with 566 people tuning in for Jen’s interview!  Thanks again go out to Jen Rinaldi for taking the time to sit down and participate in the Thursday Thoughts series.

Not much other news to share - going out on two meetup events tonight in downtown Denver so should have several Christmas-y type pictures for sharing throughout the week next week.  Last but not least, here’s your Friday Funny from What the Duck: