Take Better Pictures on a Sunny Day
Digital Photography Life
Scott Sherman & Scott Kelby

Episode 17 - Take Better Pictures on a Sunny Day

It's that season again - tons of new cameras and gear to discuss. We'll get into some of the latest and greatest, and tell you how to take better pictures on sunny days with the equipment you have now.

  • But first, a bit of catch up - on our last show, I mentioned an online back service that will mail you a hard drive with your data, saving you weeks of downloading your data should you crash yours. I couldn't remember the name, but have since looked it up - it's BackBlaze. $5/month or $50/year for unlimited storage. If you ever need to get your backed up data on physical media, it'll cost you $89 for a DVD's worth of data (?) or a more reasonable $189 for a USB hard drive with your files. Both prices include shipping and handling. The hard drive seems like a great value to me.
  • Our listener and guest-Tweeter Landya McCafferty kicked butt again, winning the Photowalk Contest for her city for the second year in a row! Go Landya. Of course, her city is Placenta, Wisconcin, and she's the only resident with a camera. Kidding! Not only did she win, but her photo was featured on Scott Kelby's blog. You'll also see some great examples of both naturalistic and surrealistic HDR shots.
  • If one LCD on a camera is good, two must be better, right? The people at Samsung hope so. Maybe it will convince you to buy a TL220  or TL225.The names certainly won't.
  • Back to basics with the Canon S90. Great sensor, clicky controls and manual settings. I want this camera, but I agree with Michael that the G11 offers more functionality, but its not pocket-friendly.
  • Shoot a lot? Toshiba's announced the World's Largest SD Card - 64 big fat gigabytes of goodness. Although wouldn't it have been funnier if they meant an SD card that was like 12 feet or something? They should save that announcement for April Fools Day. Oh wait - the card uses the new "SDXC" format which won't work in your current camera anyway. Turns out, the joke really was on us.
  • The iPhone is the second most popular camera on Flickr and Camera Genuis makes it better. Maybe. You can read a review on TUAW here. The user reviews are mixed, but for 99 cents, you can afford to find out for yourself.

SmugMug is our favorite site for sharing and - should you chose to accept this assignment - selling your photos. SmugMug has two fantastic offers just for our listeners:

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