We’re Back, Baby
Digital Photography Life
Scott Sherman & Scott Kelby

Episode 16 - We’re Back, Baby

The latest digital photography news, the cameras we're spending our hard-earned money on and more are all here in the long-awaited Episode 15 of Digital Photography Life.

First off, where have we been for the past four months? It's a long story and we don't want to bore you. So, let's just say we're back now, better than ever. Well, maybe not better. Give us some time, dudes. But back, for sure.

Today, we cover a ton of new cameras, including the Nikon S1000PJ, the Nikon S70, the Nikon D300s and the Nikon D3000. But it's not all about Nikon! We share our experiences with the Olympus Tough 6000 and the Panasonic TZ5S and the Canon HV40 camcorder. Michael talks backup solutions Mozy and Drobo and we ponder who would want a Sony Party Shot. What's a Sony Party Shot? You'll have to hear it to believe it.

So, take a listen and join us as we resume our Digital Photography Life with you.

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