Better Landscape Shots with Pro Photographer Marc Meunch
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Scott Sherman & Scott Kelby

Episode 18 - Better Landscape Shots with Pro Photographer Marc Meunch

Take your landscape photography to new heights with great tips from pro photographer Marc Meunch on today's show. Marc covers the best gear, shooting techniques and digital processing tricks to give your shots that cover-quality magic.

Marc is a fantastic guest on today's show, which you'd expect given his outstanding resume. Marc has photographed for book publishers including Time Inc. He's represented Canon Cameras in several ad campaigns, and appeared on ESPN's "Canon Photo Safari" for eight season. He's published and co-published several books of photography. He's also "artist in residence" at SmugMug, our favorite photo sharing and selling service.

Would you like a real expert to tell you how to improve your photography? In today's show, we'll tell you how you may get a personal critique from Marc on your landscape photos. That's worth the price of admission alone!

Marc tells us how he got into the photo biz and gives tips for those of you looking to break into it,  While Marc is accomplished in many areas of photography, in our interview we focus on landscape shooting, particularly, how to get outstanding shots in autumn, when the beautiful colors get every photographer's fingers itching to snap.

Marc's tips include the best equipment to buy and use, the two lenses he considers must-haves and how to use a flash to achieve the perfect balance of light. We also talk filters, tripods and cameras.

There's a ton of sites we mention in today's show, including the one that will take you to where you can submit your photos for Marc's evaluation. Be sure to visit for all the links you can eat.