Photographer/Author/Instructor – Steve Simon
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Episode 12 - Photographer/Author/Instructor – Steve Simon

Photographer and instructor extraordinaire, Steve Simon, joins us with his tips on how to make your subjects look better in your portraits. Be sure to check out for the full show notes and links to what we talked about in this week's show.

Steve is our new best podcast friend - a terrific guy, generous with his information and inspiring in his art. He's co-hosted a number of episodes of Nikon's Look Good In Pictures, where he's worked alongside Carson Kressley, of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame. Michael and I have talked about this free resource before. You should definitely check it out.

Steve also participates in the podcasting juggernaut This Week in Digital Photography.

Prior to Steve's coming on, we talk about the pluses and minuses of Apple's new facial-recognition features in iPhoto and the four full-frame DSLR's currently available for under three large ones.

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