The Best of What’s New
Digital Photography Life
Scott Sherman & Scott Kelby

Episode 13 - The Best of What’s New

It's the best of digital photography, as we talk about the best new lens for Nikon DSLRs, the best laptop for photographers, and Popular Photography's best camera for 2008.

Among today's hot topics:
Nikon's awesome new prime lens for cropped-sensor DSLRs, the super-sexy AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G. OK, maybe the name isn't very sexy, but the lens is.

The crazily tricked out Thinkpad W700, a laptop that automatically calibrates its own monitor, has a built-in Wacom tablet and even a second screen. A dual screen laptop? Insane! 

Popular Photography has chosen the Panasonic G1 its Camera of the Year. Uh, the what now? Yes, Pop Photo goes out on a limb and proclaims the "micro four thirds" system The Next Best Thing. To which I say "meh." has a 40 page review of the Canon 5D Mark II. And although the editors give the camera their highest rating, they don't seem to give it any credit for its outstanding and industry-leading HD video capability. Where's the love, DPReview? 

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