How to start your own Photography business with Laurel Housden
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Episode 11 - How to start your own Photography business with Laurel Housden

Laurel Housden, The Photo Enthusiast, and The Queen of All Contests on Digital Photography Life comes on today to talk about her transition from enthusiastic amateur to pro photographer.

Laurel is a long-time listener of our previous podcast, and the information she learned from pros like Scott Kelby, Rick Sammon and Kevin Kubota inspired her to try her hand at becoming a professional shooter.

Have you ever thought of taking the plunge yourself. Laurel shares how she got her first clients, how she promotes her business and what photo and processing techniques she uses to capture her stunning images.

Be sure to visit for links to Laurel's galleries and blog...including - we hope - her intimate and  irresistible boudoir sessions.

Laurel's a terrific photographer and a great friend - we wish her all the best as she becomes, we're certain, one of Florida's premier photographers.

Our first photo contest is over, but you can check out the entries at  

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