All India Radio – Feature
Music For Midnight
Austin Beeman

Episode 18 - All India Radio – Feature

The perfect mix of upbeat-downtempo designed for a midnight drive under the stars.  It features one of the most star-studded collection of artists the Music for Midnight Podcast has ever seen.

1.  'Better Days' by Stephane Pompougnac.

2.  'Sunday Drive (Remix) by Stephane Pompougnac.

3.  'The Way You Are  (Eterman Chilli Remix)' by 46Bliss.

4.  'Moonlit Horizons' by Desert Dwellers.

5.  'The Long Count' by The West Exit.

6.  'Starshine (abv)' by Falling You.

7.  'This Truth (Radio Edit) by Damien S vs Lovespirals.


Tracks 1,2,4 from IODA Promonet.

Track 3 from Ariel Publicity.

Tracks 5,6 from Magnatune.

Track 7 from the Podsafe Music Network.