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Life Zero
John Flowers, Ben Durbin & Laraley
Life Zero is a collection of thoughts about lifestyle design, technology, Apple products & just about everything else.) John Flowers, Ben Durbin and Laraley discuss the modern world and its relationship to the key concepts of Zen (and Buddhism). We try to balance the sometimes vague and complex ways of Buddhism with the reality of living as a productive member of a modern society. Much like other Buddhists, we believe it is important to look for guidelines in others and the world, which allow us to find joy and the path we should be on in our own lives.. Life Zero Rules 1. Only what you need 2. Eliminate baggage 3. Discard unused items 4. New in = Old out 5. Share discarded items 6. No debt 7. Travel more 8. Choose friends 9. Choose environment 10. Find your joy These rules, which are the result of about a year of heavy focus on LifeStyle Design, represent what we believe to be the most important ideas to be healthy, happy and live a rewarding life. Remember, "baggage" can be physical and emotional. It can be anything you hang onto in life, which causes you to not find your joy and dwell on the past or something unpleasant. Life Zero advocates a set of rules, which -- if followed -- can be achieved by anyone. There's no magic bullet, requiring unlimited wealth. Anyone can (and I believe, should) follow a basic set of guidelines that would allow him or her to find their own happiness.


Rules Three, Four and Five-ish

In this episode, we discuss money.Having too much, having too little, balancing work with happiness and spending what you make.We talk about working too hard and finding creative ways to keep yourself within a fixed budget.


Rules One and Two

Having too much, having too little, balancing work with happiness and spending what you make.


A Quiet Place

Hosted by Ben DurbinWith special guests John Foster and Mark ChristiansenOn this episode, we discuss the process of finding things you need, not by eliminating what you have, but by focusing on the things that make your life better. Owning more isn't a bad thing, if the things yo... Read More


Closer to Fine

John Flowers, John Foster, Mark Christiansen and Paul Ward discuss the third, fourth and fifth rules of Life Zero:#3: After 6 months, lose it#4: Something new comes in, something old goes out#5: ShareWe talk about giving things away, sharing books, pay-it-forward, reusable techno... Read More


Obligation as Baggage

#3: After 6 months, lose it


The Luxury of Horse – Part II

In this episode of Life Zero, we revisit the Life Zero rules, starting with Rule One and Rule Two.This is Part I of a Life Zero Rules discussion, with more parts to follow.As usual, the discussion centers around the things we own and we talk at length about physical media, comput... Read More


The Luxury of Horse – Part I

Rule #2 is "Eliminate Baggage"


For Love or Money – Part III

We continue our discussion on "Finding Quiet" and talk about a quiet place. Laraley likes to relax, John Foster loves the loud music and being in a bar. Ben Durbin is calm as a Hindi cow. This and a lot more on "A Quiet Place", Episode #23


For Love or Money – Part II

On this episode of Life Zero, we talk about "Finding Quiet" and Laraley has her own, always interesting, take on the subject. John Foster once again complains about Adobe and we discuss frustration, aggression and try not to fixate on Laraley's bunny.