A Quiet Place
Life Zero
John Flowers, Ben Durbin & Laraley

Episode 23 - A Quiet Place

Hosted by Ben Durbin
With special guests John Foster and Mark Christiansen

On this episode, we discuss the process of finding things you need, not by eliminating what you have, but by focusing on the things that make your life better. Owning more isn't a bad thing, if the things you own make sense. We discuss renting vs. buying. 

We discuss podcasts, the news and information as it relates to your sanity and mental health. The news puts you on edge, there's an undercurrent of tension in our world and how you need unstructured time to just sit and think.

We ask; 
  •  Are talk shows bad for you?
  •  Does the world talk too much?
  •  Can we learn from the simplicity and elegance of the past?
  •  How important is a comforter when podcasting?
  •  Are Twitter and Facebook just noise that creates anxiety?