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Life Zero
John Flowers, Ben Durbin & Laraley
Life Zero is a collection of thoughts about lifestyle design, technology, Apple products & just about everything else.) John Flowers, Ben Durbin and Laraley discuss the modern world and its relationship to the key concepts of Zen (and Buddhism). We try to balance the sometimes vague and complex ways of Buddhism with the reality of living as a productive member of a modern society. Much like other Buddhists, we believe it is important to look for guidelines in others and the world, which allow us to find joy and the path we should be on in our own lives.. Life Zero Rules 1. Only what you need 2. Eliminate baggage 3. Discard unused items 4. New in = Old out 5. Share discarded items 6. No debt 7. Travel more 8. Choose friends 9. Choose environment 10. Find your joy These rules, which are the result of about a year of heavy focus on LifeStyle Design, represent what we believe to be the most important ideas to be healthy, happy and live a rewarding life. Remember, "baggage" can be physical and emotional. It can be anything you hang onto in life, which causes you to not find your joy and dwell on the past or something unpleasant. Life Zero advocates a set of rules, which -- if followed -- can be achieved by anyone. There's no magic bullet, requiring unlimited wealth. Anyone can (and I believe, should) follow a basic set of guidelines that would allow him or her to find their own happiness.


The Crystal Unicorn

How do you create the future you want? With special guest, John Foster.



How do we view money? This is a tough question and each of the hosts views the answer from a completely different perspective. Is money really like a river you can just dip into? We ask this and a lot more.


Homeless, Status and John Foster

The "pet peeves" episode everyone's talking about. The second half of this show was devoured by a large animal which didn't give us it's name. So, we complain but don't resolve the issues we discuss. Special guest, Charles A Rovira of MSBPodcast.


The Rules, Debt and Baggage

In this episode, prompted by several comments from viewers and the internet, we discuss a modification of the Life Zero rules.


What is Life Zero?

In this episode, we discuss hacking. We talk about substitution and transference. We dig into procrastination and why people do it. Special guest, internet security expert, Tom Stracener