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Life Zero
John Flowers, Ben Durbin & Laraley
Life Zero is a collection of thoughts about lifestyle design, technology, Apple products & just about everything else.) John Flowers, Ben Durbin and Laraley discuss the modern world and its relationship to the key concepts of Zen (and Buddhism). We try to balance the sometimes vague and complex ways of Buddhism with the reality of living as a productive member of a modern society. Much like other Buddhists, we believe it is important to look for guidelines in others and the world, which allow us to find joy and the path we should be on in our own lives.. Life Zero Rules 1. Only what you need 2. Eliminate baggage 3. Discard unused items 4. New in = Old out 5. Share discarded items 6. No debt 7. Travel more 8. Choose friends 9. Choose environment 10. Find your joy These rules, which are the result of about a year of heavy focus on LifeStyle Design, represent what we believe to be the most important ideas to be healthy, happy and live a rewarding life. Remember, "baggage" can be physical and emotional. It can be anything you hang onto in life, which causes you to not find your joy and dwell on the past or something unpleasant. Life Zero advocates a set of rules, which -- if followed -- can be achieved by anyone. There's no magic bullet, requiring unlimited wealth. Anyone can (and I believe, should) follow a basic set of guidelines that would allow him or her to find their own happiness.



Life Zero #107: BalanceComponent #2 of the Body Wheel. We discuss balance as it relates to life and happiness.



Component #2 of the Body Wheel. We discuss balance as it relates to life and happiness.


The Value/Burden of Physical Things – Part Two

SimplifyThe beginning of the Life Zero Way (or Path), which involves two wheels - The Body Wheel and The Mind Wheel.The Body Wheel: Simplify, Balance, Elminate, MaintainThe Mind Wheel: Expand, Extend, Enhance, AwakenThe next 8 episodes are a recreation of the Life Zero Tenets. Th... Read More


The Value/Burden of Physical Things – Part One

Part Two of the Value and Burden of Physical Things. The journey through Mexico continues, with more lessons to be learned.Thanks to Tommy Wingo for editing this podcast and to all those who donated.More information and updates at


Travelogue Part 1

The Value and Burden of Physical things. A discussion of things, including money, along the trip through Mexico.


The Missing Episode

Part 1 of a multi-part travelogue. For more information, feel free to check out



The Missing Episode...I would also like to thank Tommy Wingo for kindly editing the podcast, removing the "uhs" and "uhms" and generally making the podcast sound a hell of a lot better than it normally would, if I had just posted it straight from my Olympus voice recorder. Altern... Read More


New, and perhaps, improved

Anticipation; A brief conversation about going and the stuff you need for a trip like this.Links for most everything can be found on the Personal Life Media site, under Life Zero.



A new introduction to Life Zero, where I begin to chronicle a long journey through different parts of the world, while practicing the Life Zero lifestyle and philosophy.New episodes are shorter, more frequent and probably more focused.


An Empty Bag of Anxiety

New episodes are shorter, more frequent and probably more focused.