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Alissa Kriteman
Are you ready to find out what you can do to have the deep, beautifully fulfilling love you want in your life? Are you ready to find out how to live the outrageously fun and full life and you know you were meant to be living? Have you been searching for more intimacy in your relationships but are at a loss as to how to create it? Well, tune in and listen as host Alissa Kriteman of ABC’s "How to Get the Guy" and author of "Alissa’s Four Cornerstones for Living Your Dreams" explores these topics with today’s top love, sex and relationship experts! From ancient Buddhist teachings to modern day sexilogical bodyworkers, listeners can boldly adventure into the myriad of alternatives and choices now available to women. On each show, Alissa offers keen insight from her vast background as an author, coach, and workshop leader. Open yourself to provocative, cutting edge, experimental ideas on loving yourself more, healing relationships, understanding men, attracting what you desire, the new art of seduction and the evolution of love that will radically shift the way you date and relate. Brought to you by Personal Life Media, Inc.


Karina Diaz, Photographer: Naked Women Rule!

Have you ever thought about having really sexy pictures taken of yourself but then got too shy to follow through? Have you seen gorgeous pictures of other women in the nude or beautiful lingerie and thought, “I could never do that!” Well this interview is for YOU! In this exc... Read More


Jordan Harbinger, Relationship Coach with The Art of Charm on Love, The Kiss, and The Modern Gentleman

With laser like focus and whole lot of wisdom about dating, Jordan Harbinger, teacher and dating coach with The Art of Charm, gives us the skinny on how understanding Social Dynamics can be used by both men and women to arrive at that first luscious kiss!  In this interview,... Read More


Kim Ellington, Art of Charm Relationship Coach, teaches women to bare their naked soul!

In this highly inspiring interview with Expert Relationship Coach Kim Ellington, we learn what it takes to be empowered in dating, relationships and sex!  A passionate and dedicated coach for both women and men, Kim shows us how to “bare all” when it comes to revealing w... Read More


The Venerable Robina Courtin, Tibetan Buddhist Nun, Talks Candidly about Happiness and It’s Causes and the Power of the Mind

In this rare and riveting interview with Tibetan Buddhist Nun, The Venerable Robina Courtin, we hear straight talk on the powerful tenets of Buddhism that render us completely responsible for the quality of ours lives.  A lively and passionate speaker on the importance of be... Read More


Robert Allen, Relationship Coach Gives Us New Perspective on Men and How to Love Them!

In this interview, Robert Allen discusses his approach to empowering people to have the love they want in their life, namely utilizing principles of Tantra.  He outlines what to look for in choosing the right coach for you and discusses his free “Pre-Coaching Assessment”... Read More


Dr. Jacqueline Chan, Women’s Health Specialist, Tells Us Why We Need To Take Alternative Medicine Seriously

Wow, if there is one interview that has opened my eyes and mind, it is this one! Dr. Jacqueline Chan shares with us what Integrative Medicine is (it includes body, mind and spirit) and why we should pay attention – especially as women!  Listen in as she offers great insigh... Read More


Alicia Dunams, Success Coach: How to Become a Millionaire Instead of Marrying One!

Don’t miss this practical as well as heartfelt interview as we get the real life skinny from successful entrepreneur Alicia (pronounced Al-ee-sia) Dunams about the how to generate your own wealth. Many women suffer from misguided social and cultural ideas such as “The Prince ... Read More


Aymee Coget, Sustainable Happiness Expert, answers your questions about Self- Love!

It is always so much fun to talk with Aymee Coget, Sustainable Happiness Expert! In this second interview we do a review of how to have a happy life by following the MAPS process: 1) sense of Meaning, 2) being your Authentic self, 3) sense of Purpose, 4) utilizing Strengths. We t... Read More


Debba Haupert, Founder of Tells Us Why Connecting With Girlfriends is SO Important!

In this enlivening interview we hear from the founder of, Debba Haupert on the many ways women are a vital part of our on-going empowerment.  A self-made entrepreneur, Debba talks about how women have supported her in growth and how we can connect with ot... Read More


Sherry Froman Talks About How To Bring Magic To Our Sex Lives That Will Keep You Both Hungry For More!

In this real and open-hearted conversation we talk with Sherry Froman, Sexuality Expert about how we can open up to different and nurturing types of sacred touch that can heal many traumas that are specific to women.  A woman with a huge heart and vast array of information t... Read More