Sherry Froman Talks About How To Bring Magic To Our Sex Lives That Will Keep You Both Hungry For More!
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Episode 51 - Sherry Froman Talks About How To Bring Magic To Our Sex Lives That Will Keep You Both Hungry For More!

In this real and open-hearted conversation we talk with Sherry Froman, Sexuality Expert about how we can open up to different and nurturing types of sacred touch that can heal many traumas that are specific to women.  A woman with a huge heart and vast array of information to offer, we cover a broad variety of topics including how to bring aspects of ritual to add magic to our love making, igniting and integrating all parts of who we are as feminine beings, shamanic journeying, the benefits of a raw food diet and how to have a woman’s circle that is healthy and supportive.  Tune in ladies!



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Alissa Kriteman: Welcome to Just For Women: Dating, Relationships, and Sex. This show is dedicated to supporting today's modern women with insight and perspective from leading experts in the areas of dating, sex, love, intimacy, and so much more.

Today on the show, I am excited to speak with Sherry Froman, sensuality coach, workshop leader, and erotic filmmaker, who is going to talk with us today about way's women can increase sexual potency and passion in themselves, their lives, and their intimate relationships.

Sherry Froman: The thing about arousal that's different is that arousal, when we feel aroused, our body naturally starts to move more toxins through. We naturally start to pump more blood through. Our breathe starts to move a lot faster. And with the breathe is where a lot of emotions get stored. And I have seen so many times where if somebody had an orgasm, next thing you know they just start crying.

Creating the ambiance is very important. And then creating a ritual of some sort with your partner. You know, where you create this magic bubble and nothing from the outside world is going to get to either of you. It is just you and your partner. And start by looking at your partner. Look into each other's eyes. Maybe give a compliment here and there or share something that you haven't told your partner about what you really really love and appreciate about them.

Raw food was such a healthy healthy way of shifting my body from a place of being too acidic and to being much more alkaline. And in being more alkaline I felt like my body went back 15 years as far as my age range of how I feel right now. My arthritis went away. My menstrual cramps went away. I sleep much better at night. My skin cleared up. I just feel more mobile and more light in general from eating raw food. And I lost a lot of weight from it, which is even better.

Alissa: Welcome to Just for Women Sherry.

Sherry: Thank you. Thank you so much for having me here Lisa.

Alissa: You know, there is so much to talk to you about. You are such a renaissance woman. I know we are going to talk about passion, and love, and intimacy, and bringing that into our lives as women, but there is so much to talk to you about. What do you want to talk about? What is your favorite subject to talk about?

Sherry: Gosh. Well anything about sacred conscious sexuality definitely works for me.

Alissa: Ok. Great, so we will start there. But before we do that, on sacred conscious sexuality, let me tell the listeners a little bit about who you are. Sherry Froman is a sexuality coach, as I said, erotic film maker, raw food chef....definitely we are going to talk about that....tantric workshop leader, public speaker, and again, we are going to talk about sacred sexuality.

She is also a member of the Tantric Circus Collective. We had another woman, Telula Selis[sp] who is also part of that Collective, talking about the erotic revolution that is going on. So I am happy to get your perspective too today.

Sherry: Wonderful. That sounds great.

Alissa: Ok. So what about conscious sexuality? What did you you say? Conscious sexual....

Sherry: Conscious sacred sexuality.

Alissa: Ok. So what do you want to say about that?

Sherry: Well, I feel like I have been given a gift around the path I have been walking as far as how I lived my life as a conscious sacred sexual being. I was lucky enough to live in community when I was younger. I loved at a place called Harbin Hot Springs, which to me is already a very naturally Tantric place. It is in nature. It is a clothing optional Hot Springs retreat center. While i was there I took workshop, after workshop, after workshop of sacred sexuality. And I loved it. I love knowing that you can connect spirit in with the physical body and that you can make sexuality into an art form. Something that you can share with your lover, like create date nights where you can practice conscious sexuality together.

Alissa: Ok. So lets talk about that. How would we create a conscious sexuality date night?

Sherry: Well, I think first thing that you would do is pick a night of the week where know you and your partner aren't going to have anything else that will interfere. Turn the cell phone off, put your kids to bed. Do whatever you need to do. And then you can start off by creating a sacred space in your bedroom; anything from lighting candles to maybe doing some nice touches around decorating, like flowers or some beautiful music to play and getting together with your partner and really dropping in, creating a sacred bubble, a container as you would, about what is it that you want to share this evening.

And it could be anything from focus on the different aspects of sexuality. It can be anything like how to prolong the sexual experience with each other, how to have healing around sexuality. Anything to do with wounding, anything to do with deeper connection. But the point in creating this, is for a moment in time, nothing exists but you and your partner.

Alissa: That's cool. So you are saying there is a whole range, whether it is from something really light like, "I want to be touched like this tonight or I want to have sex like this tonight." to "Well, let's address some wounding that's coming up." Is that what you work with, with your clients?

Sherry: I do a lot of the times. Anywhere from women wanting to use arousal as a tool for transformation to healing wounds that they had when they gave birth and their genitalia isn't up and running as best as it could be. As well as anything from rape trauma victims or to just women who want to feel their bodies where they don't feel any kind of pressure to look a certain way in the bedroom. Or they just want to receive and welcome themselves back into their bodies again.

Alissa: So how does that work with the arousal as a means for transformation? Because things are stored in the body and you are saying that through conscious sexual exploration you as the coach and the client bringing whatever trauma there is that it gets released in the body?

Sherry: Well through arousal....the thing about arousal that is different, when we feel aroused, our body naturally starts to move more toxins through. We naturally start to pump more blood through. Our breathe starts to move a lot faster. And with the breathe is where a lot of emotions get stored. And I have seen so many times where if somebody had an orgasm, next thing you know they just start crying cause they just gave themselves permission to release all of this energy. And with release of one kind of energy can come another kind of energy.

So with that, it is like we go deeper and deeper into the experience. And arousal is just the very beginning of what someone can be experiencing in their bodies. Orgasm is only maybe step #4 on the seven levels of Tantric transformation.

Well, for the most part, when women come in to receive a session, they are coming in because they want to know that it is safe for their body to feel touch and that it is safe for them to dive into the deeper realms of what their body already has to offer. When i first give a session, it has nothing to do with arousal at all. It is all focused entirely on waking up the body, waking up the internal organs, the genitalia, everything. And a lot of times, women will just say things like, "Wow. I never really thought that I can feel my body this way without it having to be about sex; without it having to be about turn on." And there is just something magical that happens during this kind of work where women start having flashbacks of their own history as a woman. Anything from maybe a miscarriage that they had, or any type of cyst that they had in their ovaries that got removed and it was painful, or even any type of bad sexual history. It wakes up because of how subtle it is. It is a very gentle, gentle way of waking up that part of the body. And women feel really safe with it because it starts off as a very relaxing, nurturing session. Relaxing the body, focusing on the muscles, and everything. And then as it starts to work more deeper, all kinds of amazing transformations occur for people.

And that's the very first kind of a session that I would give if it is going to be physical. And as time goes on, arousal can then be used as a tool for transformation once the trust has been built up.

Alissa: Well, I could imagine women listening would think, "Wow. This is really sort of edgy." You know, just thinking of my mom's generation and where sexuality was so repressed and closed of and it was almost a joke or giggling. I just remember a lot of giggling around sexuality. And so I have had to do my own sort of exploration just to have a more open and healthy, I would say, approach to sexuality. Because that is something that I want to have with my partner. And yet what you are saying is it is really important for us to approach that healing for ourselves.

Sherry: Oh yes, most definitely. I have had a lot of women just saying "I don't want anyone touching me unless it is for something that is extremely sexually pleasurable, otherwise it reminds me of a gynecology visit." And I said, "It's not that either." Image getting a very deep thorough massage on your whole body and it also includes the female reproductive organs. Just to give them a chance to relax and say "Yes, its ok that I am here in this body without having any type of social stigma put on me. That is a really wonderful way of going about it.

But then also, the therapeutic aspects of this work. This could heal misalignments in the tailbone. It could heal the hips being misaligned from each other. First time I got a session like this, I felt like I had all this weight in my lower extremities that was removed. Like i got the first thorough deep tissue massage of my life in that part of my body. I was ready to dancing. I was ready to go hiking. There was just room that wasn't there before.

Alissa. Yah, its interesting. I have a girlfriend, and why this is so intriguing to me, she had a baby. And there was a lot of birth trauma. Her vagina was really, I would say, disfigured. I won't get into all the details, but she was saying how she was getting this message to help your muscles reform and reconnect. I had no idea this kind of thing was happening to women.

Sherry: Yah, well the beautiful thing about the female anatomy is because the skin is so thin, it leaves so much more opportunity for scar tissue and everything to release through massage, through touch, through all of those other factors. It is like the inside of our mouth. If we cut ourselves it heals pretty quickly. Same thing with our genitalia. It is very very close to being like the internal parts of our bodies and those heal much faster than anything on the surface.

Alissa: Wow. That's pretty amazing work. Ok, so lets talk had mentioned earlier about creating that sacred space for either ourselves to have a night on our own, but really I think that's the conscious part of conscious sexuality, is that we actually take the time and set the date and follow through and don't cancel. And so, you talked about having candles. And we could have a light sort of session with our partner or go into something that is more addressing wounds or something like that. So what else do you suggest for creating a space like that? Is there a certain kind of approach we need to have? Is there a list of thinks we should think about we are wanting to so we know what we want when we get there?

Sherry: Well most definitely. You could think of all the favorite things that you love to have when you are being romantic. Anywhere from your favorite food, like a box of chocolates, to a vase of roses, to your favorite romantic music playing. Creating the ambiance is really important. And then creating a ritual of some sort with your partner. You know, where you create this magic bubble where nothing in the outside world is going to get to either of you. It is just you and your partner.

Start by really looking at your partner. Look into each other's eyes. Maybe give a compliment here and there. Share something that you haven't told your partner about what you really really love and appreciate about them. And then once that heart connection has been created, start by saying "This is something I would really like to experience with you tonight." It can be anything from you want your partner to massage you in a certain way or hold you and tell you beautiful things about yourself. Or even go deeper into some kind of role play. Something that was traumatic at one point in time that you now want to have healing around. Trying a certain kind of act sexually with your partner; focusing on something intimate that you haven't done before and really giving yourself that time to drop in. And when that is created, magic occurs, because nothing else is going to take away from that moment with your partner if the intention is there.

Alissa: I can imagine men being very very excited and turned on if their woman started to bring aspects of ritual and ceremony into the love making. And I know that's something you do a lot. What makes love making different than a ritualistic or a ceremonial love making? We talked about candles and lighting and vases and chocolate and things like that, but is there something even deeper than that? Heart connection for sure. But what else as we navigate through having a ritual love making?

Sherry: Well, the beautiful thing about making love is you are already getting to a point of being so joined with your partner. And when our bodies are that aroused, something chemically shifts where the only thing that exists is that moment in time, especially during the point of orgasm. And when so much consciousness from ritual is put towards creating something that is already magical, it is like extenuating it a hundred times even more so than it already was. And it gives us permission to fall in love with our partner all over again as if the relationship is a constant honeymoon.

And looking forward to that one night or however many times you want to arrange having these rituals is always keeping that relationship fresh and new. It is like you know you are going to have that honeymoon again and you know you are going to feel that young vibrant way again. And even making lists of what you want to do for the next time you have this so you have something to look forward to. Something yummy. Something that you and your partner can get excited about, like teenagers being with each other for the first time.

Alissa: Yah, it's so cool. It really is about taking notice and paying attention. Whether it's for ourselves; "What do I really want? Where do I want my sexuality to go? What do I want to explore?" And then bringing that over to the relationship as well. "What do we want to explore together?" What if there is resistance from our partner? What do we do if he is not into it or he starts to get uncomfortable?

Sherry: Well first I like to ask my partner in the beginning, "Is this something he's into?" And if he is not, share with me what he is into. Let me know what would be a beautiful evening that we can create something special together. And if his idea looks so radically different than mine, well then let's brainstorm a little more and find something that we both would like.

And also, give ourselves permission to try something new. Getting out of our own heads about what we think we enjoy and really just living life to the fullest. Let's try a new form of sensation. Let's try a new form of connection. Because if we are going to be together a long time, we have all this time in the world that we want to try new things with each other. And why be stuck in the same pattern over, and over, and over again?

Alissa: Yah. It makes sense. So tell me about this performance piece you are involved with: Super Shakti [sp] Tantric Tea Ceremony. What is all that about?

Sherry: The Super Shakti [sp] Tantric Tea Ceremony was a piece that the beautiful and amazing Elizabeth Bast [sp] has created, another wonderful Tantrika in our community. The purpose of this piece, from my opinion, she might have a different on, is invoking so many different aspects of the divine feminine and then opening it up and sharing it with the audience afterwards.

When I do this piece, I see us invoking the high priestess. I seek us invoking the playful little girl. I see us invoking the provocative maiden, exploring connection with each other. I see us invoking the sexy, intense woman who is really in her power as a sexual being. And then at the end when we connect with the audience, I see us coming out as the divine mother, wanting to connect on a heart level and share our gifts with everyone in a loving and compassionate way.

Alissa: Wow. So that is an amazing performance piece and I could see how when women or anyone sees that it is like an acknowledgement of all the aspects of a woman. From her rageful, vengeful, stormy side to the little girl. So that's pretty amazing. What do you get out of being a part of that?

Sherry: Well, I love being able to invoke all the aspects of my femininity. And to do it on stage like that in front of a large audience with a lot of people there I know, it's so much of who I am behind closed doors. So to be able to perform that and share with everyone, "This is a huge piece of who I am.", that is one of the most amazing things about it-to really be seen as well as share a gift with other people about what the possibilities are.

Alissa: I think it also sort of opens the door for women to accept all aspects of themselves and know, open the door to sexuality, open the door to the anger, open the door to the parts of themselves that might have been so repressed.

So we are going to take a break. This has been amazing information about how women can activate passion in their lives and with their lovers, and also with themselves with performances like this. When we come back I want to talk to you a little bit more about women's groups and things of that nature.

So we are going to take a short break to support our sponsors. This is Alissa Kriteman and your host of Just For Women: Dating, Relationships, and Sex. I am speaking with Sherry Froman, sensuality expert, and we will be right back.


Alissa: Welcome back. I am your host Alissa Kriteman. You are listening to Just For Women: Dating, Relationships, and Sex. Today in the show we are speaking with Sherry Froman, sensuality and Tantra expert. And before the break we were talking about how we can bring more passion into our lives, especially taking the time to create intimate space for ourselves, for our lovers, and in our lives in general.

So now Sherry, I want to talk a little bit about supporting each other in having that kind of exploration in our lives. You are someone who does a lot with women's circles, yah? Tell us a little bit about that.

Sherry: Well the women's circles I lead have a spiritual component to them. They happen eight times a year for the different solstices, cross quarters, and equinoxes such as Summer solstice, such as Beltain, Fall Equinox. Whenever I create them I really like to bring in all different elements of what women can bring into their lives such as A Circle Share, where people get to share a story about something for themselves. Something that may be emotional or somebody that they want to be sharing from a place of gratitude. We usually call in the different directions. In spirituality, it is East, South, West, North, above, below, and center. Also, we do craft making usually depending on what holiday it is. We make something according to the season. We usually do some form of Shamanic [sp] journey work where people get an opportunity to tap deeper into their own process, their own psyche, their own heart, their own being. And then at the end we usually celebrate with some yummy raw food dessert.

Alissa: Mmmm. What's a Shamanic journey?

Sherry: A Shamanic journey is a guided meditation that gives people the opportunity to do personal growth on themself. I am sure many people have a different definition of it because the word Shamanic and Shaman has been thrown around for so long. But for me, that's how I see it. I am sort of being the gatekeeper for people's experiences and they are going in a different direction that they are meant to go in. And I am sort of the guide through words, through story telling, through experience of how it is going to turn out for people.

Alissa: So mostly, Shamanic journey is tapping into the subconscious and really bringing what is in the subconscious to the mind so we can be healed. I know I have heard that this is a lot of information in our subconscious but we just never take the time to tap into it.

Sherry: It is bringing it to the mind, bringing it to the body, bringing it to the heart. It's bringing it to a place where we can look at the different experiences in our life and address them. There is so many ways of doing Shamanic Journeying. Like I said, it can be done through a workshop. It can be done through hypnotherapy. It can be done many different ways. I am sure every path is a good path for it.

Alissa: So if we don't have someone like you in our area, how can women start women's circles of their own? Is there some sort of guideline? What would you suggest for women who want more sisterhood in their life?

Sherry: Well I think the simplest way of creating a circle is just creating a circle where women can come together and talk about a different subject of some kind. Maybe one day the subject can be about relationship healing. Maybe another day the subject can be about sexuality for example, or about living the world as an independent person. Just any particular subject that really turns women on. You can bring in things like making crafts together, which is a really great way of bonding. After a while, people start to get creative and they start to think of ideas on there own what it is that they want to do. Naturally, over time, it starts to create more of a structure and more types of experiences can start to happen for people that way.

Alissa: Yah. What would you suggest for women where the circle....Say they start a circle but it starts to get gossipy or heavy or too processy, you know what I mean? Because it sounds like your circle is a lot about intention, invocation. There is a very spiritual side to it. But if women aren't necessarily geared that way, how do you support women having the focus beyond something other than "Who said what" or "who did what."?

Sherry: Well for the most part, if I was to have a circle where women did have a lot of emotional stuff I would just encourage people to come from a place of ownership around their own feelings and not to bring in outside names because it is really not necessary. What happens in the circle stays in the circle and it is important to just stay focused on one's own feelings and own's own process. And also let people know that there is a time frame on how long people can share so they can just keep it to the very die hard core facts of what is happening for you emotionally and not to get too much into other details.

Alissa: I like that. I heard that women gathering with women, it's so important, which is why I wanted to ask you about women's circles because you are astute in talking about it. I heard that if women don't have some kind of vehicle in gathering with other women it has their relationships in their life suffer, especially their intimate relationship. That the work for women to really do if they want to have a really excellent healthy relationship with their man or even another woman, but have an excellent intimate relationship, is to work out whatever issues are going on with women. What do you think about that?

Sherry: I think that's totally right on the money because we need to have our community to be able to support us through all the other aspects of life that are not about romance and honeymoon celebration. That we want to keep for our partner. It is important also that we don't put all this weight on our partner to be just our best friend or to be our shoulder to cry on. And of course it is great when that happens. And it is important to be able to have other avenues to be able to do that. People that we feel like we can totally be real, let our hair down, not have to worry about dressing up or being feminine or impressive in any way shape or form. And I think it is important for men as well to have men that they can go to to process what's going on for them, or go out and do some life things together. I think it's important, if anyone is going to have healthy relationships with the opposite gender, they need to have a healthy relationship with their own gender for the most part.

Alissa: Yah. Exactly. And I think this went farther into the mother daughter sort of aspect. And if we didn't have really strong relationships with our mothers or our sisters....because I know even for myself mine was a little trying. And as an adult, I had to look at "Wow, why aren't my relationships with women where I want them to be?" It's like I wanted a certain level of connection with women that I wasn't getting. And so I found that in my women's circles, which is why I want to talk about it, because I think it's so important for women to understand that the connection and the healing that is available with women as adults if we didn't have that growing up.

Sherry: Well yes, it's very important. And also just to realize that say we didn't have the most ideal mother figure, your mother was just one person. We can find so much more of that in other avenues if we just continue to look.

I can totally understand how if a woman didn't have a good relationship with her mother that it would make it very challenging for her to trust other women in the future. And for whatever reason karma played this out, is really really vital that we can move through that and connect with other people. Because if you don't connect with people from your own gender, you are basically disconnecting with half the human race. And there is huge lessons that need to be learned from bonding with our own kind, with our own mirrors, from those who are going to be built and wired similarly to us. And it is really a blessing in disguise that say our mother, for example, was not the one for us. Think of all the amazing other friendships and communities that we are going to find that are going to be even better than that.

Alissa: Yah, its interesting. I had an experience recently where I went to this fire ceremony with a Shaman, you know. And I know that kid of thing is very healing. But what happened was, at the end, when I was hugging the other people that were there, there were some older women. And I had the experience of this love, like this mother love, that was coming from this woman who wasn't my mother. And it sort of healed something for me. So I can see where like you are saying, these women circles are really important for addressing what might be in our own conscious, or that we can get this love from other places other than the original source, if that has been damaged.

Sherry: Yes. Well from the beginning of time, women have always been known to bond with each other because of the biological fact that we bear children and it takes a whole village to raise a child. And what better people to bond with about child rearing than people than other women. And during that time of raising children together, other subjects of interest might come up. People might talk about their relationships with their partners or other things that are of interest to them. And that is a very very healthy thing to do. Women by nature are bonders and nurturers and it is not going to be replaceable by anything else by any means.

Alissa: Yah. And so I guess my point is just supporting women and myself included, and yourself, and really having loving, bonding relationships versus this gossipy thing that in our effort to connect, it could be destructive as well. So just keeping it on that really healthy level. And so, you mentioned raw food. At the end of the ritual there is a sharing of raw food. I love raw food, but I know for me it is expensive and it seems really difficult and painstaking to create. What do you have to say about that? Are there raw food....Why eat raw food?

Sherry: Well for me, raw food was such a healthy healthy way of shifting my body from a place of being too acidic and to being much more alkaline. And in being more alkaline I felt like my body went back 15 years as far as my age range of how I feel right now. My arthritis went away. My menstrual cramps went away. I sleep much better at night. My skin cleared up. I just feel more mobile and more light in general from eating raw food. And I lost a lot of weight from it, which was even better.

Alissa: So do you think that there is a connection between the energy that's in raw food and actually clearing up things like arthritis?

Sherry: Definitely. Because so many issues in the body happen from being too acidic. Cancer, candida, cellulite; this is all from being too acidic. Disease can not live in an alkaline body.

Alissa: Oh ok. So what contributes to acidity are things like....the first thing I can think of is coffee. What else can contributes to too much acid in the system?

Sherry: Animal products are very acidic. Stress, too much emotional wearing down. Drugs are too acidic. Even pharmaceuticals are too acidic. The lifestyle that we live that is very hard core. The way we hold our bodies when we are sitting in a position that is not right for us. All of that puts acidity into the body.

Alissa: Sugar....

Sherry: Junk food. All of those things. White flour....all of these things are very very acidic.

Alissa: Interesting. I heard that before: that disease can't live in an alkaline body. Ok so we've heard about the things that cause an acidic body and things than cause an alkaline body are raw food and?

Sherry: All kinds of green vegetables. A healthy, happy way of looking at life. Taking care of your body through yoga, through gentle stretching, through meditation. And pretty much it has to do a lot with the food as well as other things that we are keeping out of the body, such as any type of a chemical substance, any type of sugar, any type of substance.

Alissa: So, say we are at work and we have a headache. And our naturally inclination is to get some Advil, which you say would contribute to the acidity. Is there something you would recommend other than some kind of over the counter drug to aleve stress?

Sherry: Well what I do, is I usually keep a little container of Lavender essential oil. And Lavender has been known since the beginning of time to relieve headaches and head tension. And I might just take a little bit on my fingers and rub it on my temples. And then depending on the workplace, if I have permission to just lay down, even for 10 minutes, or sit somewhere for 10 minutes with my eyes closed; maybe put a cold washcloth on my forehead, just something cooling. Maybe give myself some little neck and shoulder massage. All of these things will very nicely and gently take away the headache for me. And also I have to look at what caused the headache. Was the headache caused because of something I hate? Was the headache caused because of stress or tension or not getting enough sleep? If I know what the cause is, then it is much easier to prevent it for the future.

Alissa: I like that. What you are offering is something that is a little bit more tender. We don't add any acidity to our body. We put a tension to ourselves. And it doesn't take that long. You are saying a little oil, five minutes, just check in. And really start to pay attention to what is going on in our lives, but we really have to want that for ourselves. So what do you suggest for women who struggle with maybe switching from drinking coffee and avoiding working out? Is there something that you have noticed with your clients that may be at the heart of women avoiding taking care of themselves?
Sherry: Well alot of times there is a self esteem issue that women don't feel like they are good enough to look better or good enough to feel better. A lot of it is psychological. And then a lot of times, people, that is just not where their main interest lies. Really doing a lot of self help stuff around "It's really good to take care of your body and you are worthy of having an amazing body to live in", that is going to help you live longer and feel better about life in general. When your body feels better your mind feels better. When your mind feels better your heart feels better. And all of it plays into each other. And a person doesn't have to work out every day to have a healthy body. But even taking a walk around the block every day. Noticing the flowers. Noticing the fresh air. Noticing what you need to notice in order to feel really good and inspired to continue moving, to continue to keep the heart beating and circulating, and just your body feeling alive and invigorated again.

Raw food doesn't have to be such an out there, scary process either. And it doesn't have to be so expensive. Somebody can grow sprouts in a jar in their own kitchen. And sprouts have an amazing amount of nutrients in them. Just having a handful of sprouts at every meal does wonders for the body. Maybe having lunch being say just a salad, for example. Drinking a lot of water. And I find that just a little bit of exercise everyday is actually an appetite suppressant, believe it or not. And changing the way we feel about our bodies and our outlook on live. Doing maybe 10-20 minutes of meditation every day. Just learning how to slow down. Learning how to be still. Learning how to feel good about being alive today, and now, and all the abundance that we do have.

Alissa: And again, it all ties in, you know? Having a women's circle that supports women calming down and tapping in, and having a partner that is supportive of new and exciting things that we as women might want to bring into our lives in the bedroom. And it is just having a whole new approach to life that you are talking about. So let's talk about this erotic revolution because it seems like that is really what is at the heart of this. Not only for women but for men too. People in general. It is a new approach to living life. So what do you have to say about that?

Sherry: Well, the erotic revolution has a lot to do with people finally, for the first time in a very long time, really waking up to their sexual potential. And a lot of it started in the 1960's with the whole hippie revolution and people saying "I want to be free. I want to get rid of whatever ideas society put on me." and really just tap into all the things that were considered taboo out there." Sexuality, spirituality, speaking your truth, wearing different clothes, growing your own food; all of those things are tied into the same revolution that sexuality is tied into. But some of the people decided that they were going to focus just on the sexual end of things. And there is so much that has been cultivated over time. We just found out about having a clitoris. That is a new organ that has been finally named in the 1960's. Before that, it was just never titled anything. And now we are finding out about the G-Spot. We are finding out about female ejaculation. There is more and more attention being put on men and their sexuality and their prostrate organ and the fact that they can have multiple orgasms. There is really a lot to focus on in this day and age, and in an environment that feels much more safe than it has in a really long time.

Alissa: Thank you for doing the work that you are doing and spreading the good word about healthy, conscious, sacred sexuality. And living, really. So how can we find you?

Sherry: Well my website is That has a list of all the different things I do and if people want to talk to me personally, my contact info is on the website.

Alissa: Great. Great. So before we go here, what is one dream that you have or vision that you have for women?

Sherry: To wake up one day and find women that have really tapped into their highest potential. There is a world waiting on there where we can all bond and feel like we are included in a bigger piece of the puzzle.

Alissa: Thank you so much, Sherry Froman, for being on Just For Women today.

Sherry: Thank you Alissa for having me.

Alissa: My pleasure. So listeners please remember that you can email me at [email protected]. I would love your comments, any suggestions you have, or things that you would like me to cover on the show. And for text and transcripts of this show and other shows in the Personal Life Media network, please visit our website at And don't forget, you can get a copy of my book, "Alissa's Four Cornerstones to Living Your Dreams" on

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