Dr. Sandor Gardos: Herpes, HPV, and Penis Power
Just For Women
Alissa Kriteman

Episode 94 - Dr. Sandor Gardos: Herpes, HPV, and Penis Power

Dr. Sandor Gardos is one of the most savvy Sex Therapists I have come across in a long time.  What makes him unique is that he is an academic by nature offering to us the history of human sexuality as well as the most current information we need to make conscious sexual choices.

In this episode, I answer questions from a Just for Women listener who wrote in with concerns about Herpes.  Sandor not only gives us solid information about Herpes, he also covers HPV, the HPV vaccination and what we need to know about a mostly fictious and often misdiagnosed new ailment for women:  Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder.

Tune in and learn all you need to know about Herpes and how NOT to be labeled with a sexual disorder because you are a woman and get turned on in a completely different way than men!  Watch out - this episode might make you angry!! 


- The design of a penis is to ebb and flow, not stay hard for hours on end

- The #1 issue for sex therapists is "desire discrepancy" - partners having different sexual preferences and needs

- Women's sexual desire is much different than men's (go figure!)

- Herpes does not have to be a sex-squashing issue

- Blood tests alone will not definitively tell you if you have Herpes

This interview is packed with GREAT information - tune in now!