Pema Chodron: When Things Fall Apart
Just For Women
Alissa Kriteman

Episode 95 - Pema Chodron: When Things Fall Apart

Welcome to the first Just for Women recording of 2010!! I am so excited to start off the new year and new decade with things most people do not want to face: Pain, Fear, and Falling Apart!

In this episode I read from Pema Chodron's book "When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times", a must read for anyone going through a challenging time.  (Go to BLOG to get the book immediately.)

We delve into some uncomfortable topics so we can learn how to become friends with our fear. We learn how to do something different than repeat the unconscious, automatic reactions we are used to. 

I also talk about some topics that are coming in 2010 where the theme is:

RADICAL SELF CARE That Manifests Miracles!

Stay tuned for great topics such as:

1) Dealing with undigested emotional trauma and how it keeps us stuck.
2) Radical Self Care - What it can look like
3) The Presence Process by Michael Brown