Tripp Lanier: The Man’s Perspective on Being Pregnant
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Alissa Kriteman

Episode 93 - Tripp Lanier: The Man’s Perspective on Being Pregnant

In this episode I welcome back Tripp Lanier, host of The New Man, another popular show on the Personal Life Media Network.

A lot has changed since we last spoke with Tripp and now he is preparing to be a Daddy!  In true form, Tripp's quick wit keeps me on my toes as he shares with us how he deals with going into "Hunter Mode", his Video Diary (how cute!) and the importance of considering mens feelings.

Tripp shares with us with some great points to consider about men during this very tender time for both parents-to-be:

1) Men need "Man Time" to blow off steam with other men.

2) Have compassion: Men get scared too.

3) Let him be your Partner as well as Caregiver - all caregiver is no fun for him.

4) He is dealing with all unfinished "Dad issues."

5) Build relationship with the baby together now.

Don't miss this jovial and informative look into the mind of a man who is preparing to be a Dad!