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Episode 17 - Meredith Gives Quick Review of Episodes 1-8

Meredith takes you on a short description of each episode, a few highlights and what she loved and learned about her guests. If you’re looking for a quick overview so that you can download more great episodes, take a listen to this quick segment to be sure get some of the greatest green content.



EcoWisdom Part 1: A Brief Overview of Episodes 1-8 – a Guide through the Series

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Meredith Medland: Welcome to living green my name is Meredith Medland and I am your host. In todays episode, we will be reviewing episodes one through eight I'm just gonna give you some quick guidelines as to what has been spoken about on those shows and give you some guidance so you know what to download. We're gonna get started quickly right away.

Meredith Medland: So you say, organic leather? Whats going on with that well its all about the chemicals that are used in tanneries. Richard lube and I discuss Nature Deficit Disorder yes indeed this is yet another one of those disorders that have been named. Most interesting about my conversation with Dan, is his kundalini yoga practice. You wanna combine green and technology and talk about Eco-cities of.. there's a radical new bay area collective happening called Calafia. Susanne takes us through a guided meditation of earth, wind, fire, and water. She talks to us about creating sacred spaces in our homes.

Meredith Medland: In episode number one, I in interviewed Roanne Gabriel. Roanne Gabriel is the founder of So you say, Organic leather? What's going on with that? It's about the chemicals that's in tanneries. So Chrome, is actually one of the chemicals that is used in tanneries. And what is most interesting about what I learned about organic leather, is that in the eighteenth century, there were tanneries all over the united states. They were moved abroad in the nineteenth century, and currently, right now, the EPA has a listing of the top ten most toxic sites in the United States.

Meredith Medland: Those sites happen to be the places where there were tanneries, so we may see a rise in Eco-Fashion. Roanne tells us tons about her Eco-fashion show which happened in Hollywood, California, as well as her involvement with a new social media network for people living lifestyles of health and sustainability. And that social media network is called Urthtv. and Roanne is always very inspiring, she has a British accent, I just, really love speaking with her. and we talk about steaming nettle soup, and all sorts of fun things. So definitely a good episode to download if you're interested in fashion.

Meredith Medland:  In episode two, Richard Lube and I discuss Nature Deficit Disorder. Yes indeed, this is yet another one of those disorders thats been named. But this one is due to children not getting outside. So, in this episode, we talk a lot about, tips for parents, and what you can do to play games with your kids outside, and get them more interested in the outdoors.  And what Richard Lube believes, is that childhood obesity and add and some of the other things that are impacting our children, are definitely going to be decreased the more we bring our children outside.

Meredith Medland: He gives lots of related links, and sites that we can visit. one of the most important things that he says in the episode, is that it's not so much naming the plants, or the different wild life that we might see when we're with children outside but really enriching them with the feeling of being alive and out doors. And its that feeling that builds memories, and memories are us reminding us of our state of our natural environment and making us feel alive and feel good when we're in our homes. So that, that interview was really lovely for me it reminded me of growing up on a lake in Menasha, Wisconsin and it was really beautiful.

Meredith Medland: In Episode three, I spoke with Dan Ruben. Dan Ruben is the executive director of Green Boston tours. What was most interesting about my conversation with Dan actually was his kundalini yoga practice. And he spoke about how his yoga practice influenced his ability to perceive, and enjoy his natural environment. He gave lots of specific stories about how he noticed the facial expressions on his family members and he was more engaged with people on a conversational basis. He said it was kind of like having the, "Windshield Wiped clean". And what he found was that during the moments of stillness or "peace" that he experienced in his yoga practice was that he was reminded of the times that he was in nature and experienced stillness.

Meredith Medland: So that might have been the calm, or the seagull, or the leaves in the woods. It was a really neat episode, and I like how he pulls in that living green to him is really about exploring his spirit through his yoga practice. We of course talk about the boston greening, the boston conference center, and other business activities as well. So that was just one of my favorite moments.

Meredith Medland: In episode four, I get a chance to speak with Michael Gosney. And Michael Gosney is a great love of mine, he is a very very intellectual man. So if you're the kind of person who is, "I don't know about this touchy feely, out in the nature environment". If you want to combine green, and technology, and talk about Eco-cities, there's a radical new bay area collective happening called Calafia. Michael Gosney tells us all about that, he gives a chronological order about where the green movement has been, where its headed he uses facts and figures. And he's really really involved in the evolution he's taking things to burning man,  and he's just an extraordinary man very well spoken. This is definitely, a very intellectually stimulating episode.

Meredith Medland: We're gonna take a short break right now, to thank our sponsors. Just love our sponsors. And when we get back from the break, I'm gonna tell you about Tierra Del Forte, Susanne Sterling, Leslie Nagy, and Sarah Hanes. Thanks so much for listening to Living Green.

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Meredith Medland: Welcome back, you're listening to living green. My name is Meredith Medland as I promised I'm going to tell you about episode number five of Living Green. In episode five I interviewed, Tierra Del Forte, of Del forte Denim. This was a particularly fun episode because tierra took a leap in her late twenties and early thirties and decided to go for it. She was a fashion designer, and loved denim, and decided Eco-Denim was the way to go, Eco-Fashion. And now, she's got Tyra Banks and Helen Nerum wearing her jeans.

Meredith Medland: She's hit the celebrity circuit, Del forte is in many different magazines. She's got a place in Berkley, which is where all her jean manufacturing takes place. And not only does she inspire us, to feel the difference between organic cotton when it comes in jean form, but also to really get educated about organic cotton. And the chemicals that farmers exposed to in the process. It will really change the way that you think about jeans, and it will also inspire you id you're an entrepreneur looking for your next passion to come alive.

Meredith Medland: Episode six. in episode six Susanne Sterling takes us on a mystical journey. She's a musician she's performed on stage at earth dance and many other events, and she's also a very progressive ritualist. So this episode is much different than say episode four, with Michael Gosney. Susanne takes us through a guided meditation of earth, wind, fire, water. She talks to us about sacred spaces in our homes, she does a meditation, talks about her yoga practice. This episode is rich with tones, and deep audio qualities, and its evocative. It's inspiring, and uplifting and it's certainly one that I love. I've listened to it many times, and there's lots of lessons and good spiritual earth mama kinda stuff. Alright moving on.

Meredith Medland: Episode seven is with Leslie Nagy. Leslie Nagy is a celebrity green reporter. She has a show and debate area but it also runs on youtube, and its also syndicated. It's a two minute environmental green show. And Leslie is full of tips and tricks so if you are looking to change your home or change your lifestyle as it relates to whats happening with you from an Eco Standpoint this is the episode to listen to. She goes down the list, from water bottles, and why stainless steel bottles are better.

Meredith Medland: She makes a big plea for everyone to bring their own bag to the grocery store, and she's inspiring and uplifting. she's got so much positive energy, she slots in some great stories about interviews that she's had with Robert Kennedy Jr and Ed Bagley Jr. And runs down the gamet. She talks about her red carpet experience, and she's a red carpet junket reporter. A Hollywood reporter. So thats another one thats very inspiring. She and I had a great time connecting over those ten cents recyclable bottles. I'm from Wisconsin, and she's from Michigan and we reminisced about our childhood. About how we were incented to recycle at a very early age. And how much thats changed over the years, so if you like eco-tips. That's a good one to listen too.

Meredith Medland: In Episode eight, we get a chance to talk to sarah hanes. Now this episode is also qutie differen tthan the others, Sarah gives us insite into what it's been like being a pioneer in the process of greening events. Sarah is very down into the network of Julia Butterfly Hill, Woody Harrelson, Darrell Hanna, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. So she's the behind the scenes celebrity, she's the person that these people call and say, "We really really need an eco-event for real". And the most interesting thing that sarah shares in her episode is the process that she goes through as she's creating something.

Meredith Medland: What she is moved and passionate about doing is creating something new every time she takes on a gig. So she's not developing lets say a, "cycle" and then just selling and repeating, selling and repeating. But something very very new, and different. She gets really really excited about a project about a project with Darrel Hanna and Virgin Atlantic's. And that's exciting to learn about that. She's direct and forward, and of course she's got lots of good celebrity stories. So if you have an affinity for Julia Butterfly Hill, and big music events, and conferences, she's a great episode to listen to. And just a wonderful woman as well.

Meredith Medland: We're going to take a short break to than our sponsors, and we'll be back, right after this. My name is Meredith Medland, and you're listening to part one of a two part series on whats been happening on Living Green.

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Meredith Medland: Thanks again for listening to this short episode of Living Green. As I mentioned, this is part one of a two part series. And I'm just going through the episodes and telling you about whats been going on this summer. On our next episode, we'll review eight through sixteen. Which is going to be very exciting. And then, after that, we're going to have live coverage, or rather coverage from burning man. It won't be live, but we'll upload it. And we're really excited to share that, I'm off to green man, and I hope that you're enjoying Living Green.

Meredith Medland:We've got an amazing fall season planned. And again, thanks for making Living Green make the top one hundred on Itunes in June of  this year. Out of eighty thousand podcasts. So thats directly attribuyted to you, if you like texts or transcripts from this show, or from any of the other shows on the personal life media network. All you need to do, is go to While you're there, you can also take a look at my blog. I'd love for you to take a look at that. Or, you can also email me at [email protected].

Again, you're listening to Living Green, effortless ecology for every day people. And we're focused here on attitude, values, and beliefs around sustainability. Thanks so much for tuning in, and we'll see you next week.

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