Meredith Give a Quick Review of Episodes 9-16
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Episode 18 - Meredith Give a Quick Review of Episodes 9-16

Meredith guides you to the episodes that will most appeal to you. Each Living Green episode is a little different - this one will help you get familiar with the great guests that Meredith has interviewed this summer and learn more about what in store for the fall season!



EcoWisdom Part 2: A Brief Overview of Episodes 9-16 – the Summer in Review

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Meredith Medland: Welcome to Living Green my name is Meredith Medland and I'm your host.  I'm so glad that you've reached this episode. This is one that will just help you get to know what's ahead this is part 2 in a 2 part series. So we covered episodes 1-8 in last week's episode and in this week's episode we're just going to cover episode 9-16. so I'm just going to go briefly go through them give you some cues as to what happened in the interviews and then you can get a sense if you really want to listen to the whole show.  So here we go.
Zem Joaquin is the woman that I interviewed in episode 9 and Zem is the founder of Eco  which is this wonderful blog. She works alot on the inside of people's homes.
Her mentor is William McDonough.  And she talks alot about why we should not use bleach.  So the dioxides that are in bleach.  She also has alot of tips and tricks, and one of the things that you'll defininitely want to know, one of her requests is that when you go to the market bring canvas bag, and if you see other people using canvas bags she definitely wants you to go up to someone and tell them how cool and how fun and how sexy it is so thats what she wants the contribution to be is that we're all making green really sexy.  So thats an amzing episode for those of you who are interested perhaps in building a more green home that would be something that you definitely would like to listen to. 
In episode 10 we talk to Paul Stamets now Paul has just debuted in Leonardo Dicaprio's film, the 11th hour which you can find at and Paul is quite an amazing guy.  He proposes that mycelium is consciousness, now mycelium is when you go, when you're out in the wooods and you lift up a piece of wood and you've got the those white spore stuff underneath the wood, thats called mycelium. And so, he talks alot about how amazing mycelium is and the proof is actually in their activities so mycelium breaks down diesel and oil spills, so pretty amazing it is it cleans up biological, I guess toxic warfare areas. So he has a new book called Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can [Help] Save the World, and what he proposes is that we should get crazy with the mushrooms, we should dig in the soil , smell the richness of the soil, and that each of us should be able to learn 10 of the most common edible mushrooms in our area.  So we have a fun time, and yes Paul worked as I think it was under someone in the DEA studying psilocybin mushrooms the ones that make you have all sorts of hallucinogenic experiences and we laugh a little about that in the episode but then he moves on to get pretty serious and puts a whole new spin, I'll never look at a mushroom the same. 
Moving on we've got Larry Harvey in episode 11.  Larry Harvey is the founder of Burning Man and I did a live interview with him at the Digital Be-In. And this is the interview that you're going to want to listen to first if you're a burner, if you go to burning man and secondly if you're looking for inspiration on a project or you're looking to activate your community, this is the episode to get really excited about, maybe even listen to it a couple times. Larry is filled with amazing amazing information how to's as well as true inspiration so I know that he'll inspire you to take big risks, think big, the key that he shares in the interview is it's the quality of your vision, making it bigger than you ever imagined and enrolling lots of people in it that really is what makes the difference so he says go for it. And for those of you love Burning Man I'll be covering Burning Man, which is actually called Green Man this year so you can also look forward to next weeks episode being highlights of Burning Man
In episode 12 you get about a 3 minute video me talking a litlle bit about what's happening in the green space this is the 1st video in our pod cast series and I make some great suggestions that I hope that you'll take, so I'll save those and you can download that video it's nice and fun.
And in episode number 13 we speak with Brent Kesel. and Brent Kesel wrote a book, It's Not about the Money, so in his episode, its actually a 2 part series, in the 1st one he goes over the 8 financial archetypes, this is really effective because he uses green examples so depending on what you're upto in the green space he'll give you an archetype that you can identify with and then make shifts in what you're upto to be more successful.
In episode 14 Brent also has a PDF document attached to his podcast which has excercises that'll help you establish a better relationship with money. We also discuss 2 specific examples of people who are in the green movement  who are not necessarily struggling, but are looking to create their vision and make it a reality. So he gives tips for that and one of the key things that he talks about is that rather than taking your own money and starting a business, that actually get buyin from other people is a great way to start a business because it requires integrity, it requires the ability to get questioned around what you're doing. And he gives lots of true business tips, so if you're an entrepreneur episode 14 is definitely one to listen to. We're going to take a break right now to thank our sponsors and when we come back from our break I'm going to share with the details of episode 15 and 16 and then hopefully you'll go to personallife you can check out all good episodes there as well as other shows on the personallife media network, my name is Meridith Medland I'm so glad you're listening to Living Green, we'll be back after this.

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Meredith Medland: Welcome back, my name is Meredith Medland and you're listening to Living Green. I've been walking you through our episodes just so you have a little bit of a sense of what's been going on in our summer series in episode 15, we talked to Jen Bolden, Jen Bolden is the co-founder of is an email service they have a hundred and thirty thousand subscribers as well as 11 employees and Jen tells us great stories she shares this one story where she was so excited about being eco and making a difference on the planet that in her corporate business environment she would stuff duffle bags with the paper that wasn't being recycled she was carried two duffle bags in the new york subway back to her apartment and put it in the recycling bins, this was a couple of years ago and we laugh about that and she ends up falling down the stairs which of course isn't so funny in a New York subway and paper goes flying everywhere and she realizes at that moment time that something defintely has to be done a little bit differently and there goes birth of Idealbite. so if you're interested in receiving daily tips and insight about different eco activities that you can do wheteher it's in your home or in your work enviroment or with your car you may be interested in subscribing to
And in episode 16, this episode was lots of fun we get to talk to the podcast hosts of America the Green, America the Green is another podcast that you can also find in iTunes and Carolyn and Erv are the hosts and they talk to us about and interview that they had with Paul Hawkin. Paul Hawkin is the man that wrote Blessed Unrest, and  one of the most beautiful parts of the whole interview is when they share about Paul's vision, Paul's vision is that we aleady are in a revolution or an evolution and there are so many people who are focused on bringing good to the world, taking care of the environment, and taking care of the planet, it's already happening all there is to do is to connect us to one another so this episode is great, Carolyn and Erv are also media and marketing people just like me and we talk about what the role of media is in the Twenty-first century.
I'm so glad that you've been listening to Living Green, I appreciate your support and also want to share with you that in June of this year we made Top 100 list in iTunes, there are 85,000 podcasts in iTunes so thats quite an achievement and thats definitely becasue you've been listening. Thank you so much for joining me we're going to take a quick break to thank our sponsors and then I'll tell you a little bit more about the coverage thats comming up from Burning Man.

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Meredith Medland: Welcome back,  you're listening to Living Green and I'm your host Meredith Medland.  Thanks again for listensing to this series remember that this was part 2. You can also listen to part 1 for more information about episodes 1-8.  And coming up next week we'll be having interviews from Burning Man. I'm just getting ready to travel there now, this year's Burning Man is named and themed Green Man, so I'll be happy to share everything I can, this will be I believe my sixth year making the journey and I'll be so excited to be camping in the Green Zone which is part Media Mecca. So I'll be sure to share all my stories. You can learn more about personallifemedia as well as read my blog or you can email me at [email protected] and if you're interested in text or transcripts of this show or other shows on the network you're welcome to go there as well. They're wonderful if you're doing reserach and you want to review some of the thing that our guests have shared. thanks again for listening to living green have a great day stay conscious and lets make this world a better place.

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