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Fearless Lover
Adam Gilad
Do you believe in "falling in" love? Or "finding" love? Or have you discovered that love is something you create, that you generate, refresh, nourish and inspire, day by day, minute by minute, breath by breath, choice by choice? It turns out, that love is like an ember that requires us to ignite continuously with the sweet breath of our devotion, imagination and courage. If you yearn to create a life full of ever-deepening and ever-expanding love, yet find that you carry fears which hold you back, then you have found an invaluable ally in The Fearless Lover. Is it possible to continually open your heart and be the source of love that your lover, your family, your friends and all those whom you love yearn for you to be? Is it possible to handle and dissolve those fears that hold you back from being that person for them? It is possible. But it requires a passion for wisdom, and the willingness to put into action some solid, doable practices. The Fearless Lover is about your becoming, every day, step-by-stumble-by-leap, a more fearless lover of life and its pleasures, most especially where it is both hardest and most gratifying ndash; as a passionate intimate lover of your beloved partner(s). Each week, The Fearless Lover will bring you wisdom ndash; and simple practices - from all around the world, from the Toltec to the Tantric, from the Kabbala to the Christian, from the Sufi to the Sikh and beyond, in order to explore daily practices that help you open your heart into being the Fearless Lover you may aspire to be. Hosted by scholar, writer, producer and teacher, Adam Gilad, The Fearless Lover will bring you interviews on wisdom and practices from all traditions, with spiritual leaders, writers, thinkers, noted psychologists, scholars, ethnologists, noted cultural creatives and visionaries. The single goal: to bring, week after week, the most potent and grounded tools and wisdom from around the world in service of you growing into bolder love, more playful intimate communion, and a life of creativity, adventure and joy. Because, honestly, what else is there to do?


Your Love Widget

This week, Adam reflects on a comment by Joel Osteen, that toothy evangelist of the Prosperous Christ. When we truly believe in what we create at work, we throw ourselves in heart and soul and assure success. What if the product of your creativity, your widget, was not a web desi... Read More


Celebrating the Masculine and Feminine with Rajyo Markman and Britta Johnson

We stand at a confusing crossroads of history. Women are discovering their masculine side just as men are discovering their feminine side -- the gender equivalent of tornado conditions! Sadly, there is much bitterness rather than curiosity, recrimination rather than exploration. ... Read More


Learning Practical Steps to Decouple Fear From Our Moment-by-Moment Choice-Driven Evolution with Guy Finley

How do we let fear fun our lives? The better question: how do we learn practical steps to decouple fear from our moment-by-moment choice-driven evolution? This extraordinary dialogue with Guy Finley, teacher, spiritual master and director of the Life of Learning Foundation explor... Read More


Love Beyond Your Story with Jim Dreaver

This week, we talk to the remarkable Jim Dreaver, who does every listener a service by moving us past our individual stories. Does it mean anything to you when I say it is possible to love someone "through" themselves to something else? You could call that something else could be... Read More


How Spiritual Grounding Supplies What Therapy Can’t with Richard Platt

In this episode, we speak with the insightful Marriage and Family Therapist, Richard Platt, who with his wife runs an exciting phalanx of traditional therapeutic and bold workshop practices. As a shrink, Richard discovered that traditional psychology often misses the deeper mark:... Read More


Spiritual Love Relationships

This week, I talk to Lorraine Platt, who, with her husband, runs a thriving Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists/ Relationship Development practice just north of San Francisco. What got my attention was the deep and broad rooting in spiritual practice and spiritual traditions ... Read More


The Obvious

"Have you seen the movie, The Secret? Have you read the book? Bathed in "The Secret" Bath Salts? Buy "The Secret" infused spring water? Well, some of the secret isn't so secret and some is hokum. But it did jolt another title into my head: "The Obvious." With all the well intenti... Read More


Follow The Love Part 2 with Gino Yu

This week we continue our discussion with Dr. Gino Yu of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Dr. Yu is a unique amalgam of media savant, spiritual seeker (and finder), neuroscience enthusiast, loving father and husband, visionary, composer and… rapper. How can you commu... Read More


Follow The Love Part 1 with Gino Yu

This week I begin a fascinating discussion with my friend, the multivalent thinker and creator, Dr. Gino Yu, Director of the  MulitMedia Innovation Center at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, of all things. Dr. Yu is on the global forefront of exploring how media can raise c... Read More


Rabbi Bradley Artson

"Love is never displaced by additional love, it is enhanced, because all of our different loves are expressions of the one embracing love." In other words, your capacity to love is infinite. So says our guest this week, Rabbi Bradley Artson, Vice President and Dean of the Ziegler... Read More