Follow The Love Part 1 with Gino Yu
Fearless Lover
Adam Gilad

Episode 9 - Follow The Love Part 1 with Gino Yu

This week I begin a fascinating discussion with my friend, the multivalent thinker and creator, Dr. Gino Yu, Director of the  MulitMedia Innovation Center at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, of all things.

Dr. Yu is on the global forefront of exploring how media can raise consciousness, help us let go of our fears and unwanted emotions, and cultivate the life of love and awareness we all desire.

Of particular interest, listen for Gino’s idea: “follow the love.”

Love is always there.  As he says, you don’t have to create it, you find it, which is often just a process of stripping away of what’s covering love.   It’s always there.  As Gino says,  “all emotions are rooted in love, even those you don’t think are love.”

Yu urges us to dig beneath surface communications.  Where investigators say, “follow the money,” he counsels, “follow the love.”

I found his insights on using breath to bring unwanted emotions back to love illuminating and hopeful!