Follow The Love Part 2 with Gino Yu
Fearless Lover
Adam Gilad

Episode 10 - Follow The Love Part 2 with Gino Yu

This week we continue our discussion with Dr. Gino Yu of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Dr. Yu is a unique amalgam of media savant, spiritual seeker (and finder), neuroscience enthusiast, loving father and husband, visionary, composer and… rapper.

How can you communicate an inner state?   How can you expect that when you say, “love” – your partner understands the word, “love” in the same way?

This week, Dr. Yu gets into the three ways we communicate our inner life: mythology, art and ritual.

What fascinates him, and what we can apply to our daily lives is that the core of all of it – mythology, art and ritual -- is the attempt to communicate one great truth, and that is this:

“The experience of right here, right now… it’s good to be alive.”

From this anchor, he argues, you will find wells of wonder, gratitude, joy… and love. 

And, tying in our discussion last week, we explore what distracts us from that fundamental knowledge.

I dare you not to feel provoked and inspired!