Meredith Medland: Living Green For Real
Aging Gratefully
Dr. Peter Brill

Episode 4 - Meredith Medland: Living Green For Real

Whether Meredith Medland is interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at Hollywood Eco-Fashion Shows or turning on a room full of students in her fitness class "Sexy and Spirited," she helps people experience an extraordinary level of possibility. The founder of Three, and a Master Host on the Personal Life Media Network, Meredith is a gifted interviewer and facilitator. She's known for her unique questions, ability to dig up the real truths and bring humor as well as depth to her interactions with audiences. She is also a podcaster and host of the show, "Living Green: Efortless Ecology for Everyday People." Her show just hit the top 100 podcasts in June of this year. A frequent speaker to audiences of thousands, she has interviewed on CNN, CNBC, ABC, CBS and been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Meredith has bridged the gap from the boardroom to burning man, by bringing 12 years in digital marketing and advertising and combining it with holistic education, transformational facilitation and somatic movement. Her career as a nationally known internet analyst and Fortune 500 marketer give her a solid foundation from which she can leverage technology to bring the voice of everyday people living eco-savvy lives through her podcast "Living Green." Meredith probes the psychology of ecology in her unique and entertaining interview style by bringing her midwestern traditional business life and merging it with her more recent transformative Californian hipster. If there is anyone in the world who can bring two very different worlds together — Meredith can. She began focusing on "living green," after she found that living "in her body" was just the first step in expanding her own personal evolution. #160;