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Aging Gratefully
Dr. Peter Brill

In your 50's? 60's? What are you going to do with the rest of your life to make it TWICE as fun? Are you looking for a dream? Have a dream but not the motivation to pursue it? Crave more meaning and fulfillment in your life? Or are you having a great time moving into the third age of your life and want to connect with others like yourself? If the answer to some of these questions is yes, you need to tune in to the experts on "Aging Gratefully," co-hosts Dr. Peter Brill and David Debin, the heartfelt duo that wants to be with you every step of the way in creating and informing the life you want today and going forward.

Hear famous and important people in all the fields related to human development and aging. Authors, educators, business leaders, visionaries, and spiritual leaders are among the guests who share their knowledge, wisdom and sense of humor with the Doctor and The Man From Hollywood.

From these different perspectives, our hosts take on the problems and advantages of the Third Age; your first age is childhood, your second age is building your career and raising your family, and your Third Age is the rest of your life - the time dedicated to finding deeper meaning and fulfillment, to renewed passion, purpose and joy.

Co-host Peter Brill is an MD, a psychiatrist and an entrepreneur who ran two companies and taught simultaneously at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and the Wharton School of Business. He retired at the age of 54 and is here to share his advice on continuing to make new trysts with life after retirement.

The doctor's partner is David Debin, a former Hollywood producer and writer as well as a multi-published novelist who achieved big-time success in Hollywood where he lived the glamorous life for three decades before retiring in favor of spiritual pursuits. David's soulful perspective and fabulous attitude will warm your heart on every show.

Tune in weekly to get a great dose of potential for your third age.


Rituals and Celebrations for All Occasions: Donna Henes

Do you remember Queen for a day? Well, our guest on today’s podcast, Donna Henes, suggests in her latest book, The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife, that women in midlife and beyond become their own Queen. Certainly, many woman need to own their own author... Read More


Remembering the Truth of Who You Are: Karen Wright

Today we talk to the author of a little book that came out of nowhere to make a big national splash. If you haven’t read it, it’s called “The Sequoia Seed: Remembering the Truth About Who You Are.”  The author is Karen Wright, a woman who has had a lot of different c... Read More


Stress Management: “Don’t Get Mad, Get Funny”: Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant

Aristotle said, "The gods, too, are fond of a joke."  Who can doubt the benefit of laughter?  The famous writer, Norman Cousins, is said to have cured his cancer with laughter.  What does every woman say she is looking for in a man?  A good sense of humor.&nbs... Read More


Life Begins @ 60: Joan Frentz

Our bodies are the temples of our souls.  In this life we live only as long as they live and we suffer when they suffer and we die when they die. Obviously, we need to take care of our temples. Our guest today is Joan Frentz, author of Life Begins @ 60:  Living Longer S... Read More


Bridging Heart and Marketing: Dr. Judith Sherven and Dr. Jim Sniechowski

Many Third Agers are in jobs that no longer satisfy them, and others are facing retirement without enough money to maintain their lifestyle. One solution is to start your own business. The internet is a natural place to market. But how can you combine your spirit and your passion... Read More


Adult Children and Their Parents: A Delicate Relationship: Jane Isay

No one can say the relationship between Third Agers and their adult children is always easy.  Our guest, author Jane Isay says, “It is no easier being the parent to an adult child than it was raising children at any other stage of growth.” How do we nourish good a relati... Read More


M*A*S*H’s Mike Farrell: Friendship and Wisdom

Friendship and wisdom are two of the saving virtues of the Third Age.  Friendship is a special kind of love that endures the winter of loss, fills the spaces of our heart and makes so many moments special.  And wisdom allows us to carry the nourishing cup of understandi... Read More


The “Sandwich” Generation: Barbara Friesner

Are you a member of the sandwich generation – squeezed between raising children and caregiving responsibilities for your parents, in-laws, or other aging loved ones?  Are you in a power struggle with your siblings? Are their often opposing objectives and/or philosophies of... Read More


Alex Avery: Organic Foods – The Controversy

Ever wonder if organic foods are worth their high price? Are the marketing claims true? Are organic foods really more nutritious, safer, and better for the environment? Do the benefits of organic farming really outweigh the benefits of conventional farming? Can you handle the tru... Read More


The New Retirement: Jan Cullinane

Sooner or later everyone has to make a decision about when they retire, what it looks like, and where they want to spend their retirement.  Our guest today, Jan Cullinane, is co-author of the book, “The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide To The Rest of Your Life.”  ... Read More