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Taste of Sex – Guest Speaker
Beth C

OneTaste (, a leading educational organization in the field of relationships, intimacy and mindful sexuality offers a lecture series of wide ranging interest – from leadership and purpose to music, spirituality and sexuality. Join Professor Jorge Ferrer of the California Institute of Integral Studies in an exploration of the intersection between sex and spirit; or folk musician, Jennifer Berezan, as she opens to music and the sacred.  Meet environmental pioneer Ocean Robbins as he delves deep into the important issues facing young people and explores possible solutions to our pressing environmental issues. Discover new forms of leadership and governance in Eric Grahm’s discussion of Holacracy. And awaken a deeper joy in life with Buddhist teacher James Baraz.  Over 50 interviews to stretch your spirit, mind and imagination.


Personal Growth Workshops Part 1 with Chip August

“I felt loved, appreciated, accepted.  I felt like it was OK for me to be loving and appreciative of the people around me without it being misunderstood . . .  and for me it was like ‘I’m home!’”   -- Chip August, personal life coach and Human Awaren... Read More


Successfully Attracting and Connecting with Women with Carlos Xuma

"I do believe that everything really does come back to that all purpose self-esteem nugget" --Carlos Xuma, relationship and attraction advisor In this podcast with Carlos Zuma, we discover what it takes for men to successfully attract and connect with women. Carlos discusses comm... Read More


Laurie Handlers, Tantra teacher, and author of Sex and Happiness: the Tantric Laws of Intimacy

"For me it's about women and men coming to grips with their differences. Just surrendering by putting down the swords and shields by which they make each other wrong. Coming to peace into a dance..." In this podcast with Laurie Handlers, learn what the practice of Tantra brings o... Read More


Dr. Michael Bader – What Is He Thinking? Sexual Intelligence

Continue the conversation on sexual fantasy, and the usage of porn and cybersex. Have you ever wondered what's "real" about sex in the virtual world? What appeals to men so much so that it can lead to obsession, disconnection, and dishonesty at times? What are the benefits of onl... Read More


Dr. Michael Bader – The Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies

"While the desire for sexual pleasure is hard-wired into our bodies, we can only feel sexual arousal if it's psychologically safe to feel it." Explore with us the appeal and misconceptions of sexual fantasies, male pleasure through internet porn and cybersex, and what blocks our... Read More


Suzie Heumann Part 2 of 2

Join Beth Crittenden as she interviews Suzie Heumann, founder of, author of 'Everything Great Sex Book' and 'Everything Karma Sutra', and the soon to be released "Rules of Love: 64 Arts of Kama Sutra" This, folks, is one hot interview: Suzie begins by demonstrating (an... Read More


Suzie Heumann Part 1 of 2

Join Beth Crittenden as she interviews Suzie Heumann, founder of, author of 'Everything Great Sex Book' and 'Everything Karma Sutra', and the soon to be released "Rules of Love: 64 Arts of Kama Sutra" With 20 years studying Karma Sutra, a background in biology, and a p... Read More


Knottyboys – “Pretty Tied Up” – Episode 2 of 2

Join host Beth Crittenden for Part II of the Two Knotty Boys interview as they discuss the all-too-often misunderstood world of bondage. These guys are a low-key and approachable duo that teach people how to bring bondage into their life in a way that makes it available and less ... Read More


Knottyboys – “Pretty Tied Up” – Episode 1 of 2

JD and Dan - Two Knotty Boys - have a mission: Demystify bondage, put the fun into it, while making it safer and much more aestheticly pleasing. They join Beth Crittenden in this playful interview that lays out the basics, including why one may explore bondage and how to do it sa... Read More


Viktor Vajra, “After the Clearing Comes Bliss”

Join Beth Crittenden as she hosts Viktor Vajra for the second installment of this inspiring interview. Viktor Vajra goes into detail about the Bliss Experience, a revolutionary approach to clearing out old painful memories that limit our experience and then replaces them with the... Read More