Viktor Vajra, “After the Clearing Comes Bliss”
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Episode 18 - Viktor Vajra, “After the Clearing Comes Bliss”

Join Beth Crittenden as she hosts Viktor Vajra for the second installment of this inspiring interview. Viktor Vajra goes into detail about the Bliss Experience, a revolutionary approach to clearing out old painful memories that limit our experience and then replaces them with the ecstasy of being. He also explains Bliss dancing, and gives listeners some practical applications to take to the dance floor.



Viktor Vajra, “After the Clearing Comes Bliss”

This program brought to you by is suitable for mature audiences only and may contain explicit sexual information.

This is Part 2 of a 2-part program.


Beth Crittenden: Hello everyone and welcome to “A Taste of Sex: Guest Speaker Interviews” on PersonalLifeMedia. I’m your host Beth Crittenden, hello! Coming to you from One Taste Urban Retreat Center in San Francisco.

This show is dedicated to orgasmic researchers and their many forms. We define orgasm a little bit differently than you would expect here at One Taste. It’s actually when your involuntary musculature is activated. So you could even have a really good sneeze and be in orgasm.

Our guest today is Viktor Vajra. Hi Viktor!

Viktor Vajra: Hey, how are you doing?

Beth Crittenden: Great. Viktor is a former computer programmer who has actually created a weekend retreat experience called The Bliss Experience. It combines sound healing, sexual healing, table work and dance and meditation. All these wonderful, amazing things that help people transform. He’s actually taught The Bliss Experience at SLN and across the country.

The work that led him there is part of what we’re going to focus on today. Viktor’s a Salva practitioner, which is active meditation, for those of you interested in meditation. He’s a sound healer and has studied with some of the greats in the field. He also cohosts a TV show that show in Palo Alto. It’s called “The Next Step” and you can learn more about this and get episodes at his website

Viktor’s also a “One Brain” instructor, which we’ll hear a little more about later, and he’s a former Avatar Wizard master teacher.


Beth Crittenden: Join us today on “A Taste of Sex: Guest Speaker Interviews” as Viktor Vajra shares with us the three principles of Buddhist Tantra. We’ll hear a new paradigm for sexual behaviors starting with “How you approach people on the dance floor”, and also learn the basics of bliss dancing. Viktor has developed a really fascinating approach and a weekend retreat experience called The Bliss Experience that you’ll hear more about.


Beth Crittenden: Welcome back to “A Taste of Sex: Guest Speaker Interviews”. We’re going to speak more now with Viktor Vajra about the weekend that he’s created called The Bliss Experience. So Viktor go through the list of everything that’s included in this weekend you’ve designed.

Viktor Vajra: OK. So, if you recall what we were talking about before the break, we were talking about renunciation. Renunciation is the letting go of attachments. What I discovered was that there are three fundamental attachments of an experience that has shifted people’s lives, that basically chooses what kind of person you attract in your life, what kind of partners you’re attracted to, what you feel safe and what makes you not feel safe. If anything other than that meets outside of the norm it’s a threat and you basically… your body goes into a fight-or-flight response.

So, the first thing we focus on is teaching people how to hold space for another person while they go through their renunciation experience, specifically on the three areas. And it’s sort of like… it’s a group experience. I mean, if you can visualize the entire group, it’s sort of like lying on the floor…

Beth Crittenden: How many people are usually in the group?

Viktor Vajrat: Usually about 20-25. So it’s like twelve pairs of people.

Beth Crittenden: And do they need to have any experience before they sign up for it?

Viktor Vajrat: No prior experience. In fact the less experience you have the better because then it’s less that we have to let go of from all the other bad Tantra classes you’ve taken. So the less you know the better. You just have to have willingness. I mean, come in with your willingness indicator really, really high, bring your dancing shoes for later, and then, you know, some… like a pillow, for your neck. But we have pillows here at One Taste.

And then be ready to just let go of this stuff. And really what we found was, having done this over a dozen times, is that there’s an experience, generally somewhere on the age of around seven to eight… nine… eight years old, that almost everyone has at some point where they first realize: “I’m not feeling safe here”. OK?.

It’s the first time you realize: “OK there’s mommy and there’s daddy, but I’m… there’s something… I’m not feeling safe.”  You know, it could be that they left you. You know, mom and dad just all of a sudden went out for the evening or they forgot you or something… it’s different for every person. But almost categorically it happens right around seven… age seven. Which is really interesting.

It also happens to coincide with the transition of the brain actually starting to move into an alpha state and starting to produce alpha brain waves. So there’s this… so we’re simultaneously traumatized as we become psychic. It’s kind of interesting to notice. Well what happens is, through this release that we do as a group, and the way it looks is… if you’ve ever been around network chiropractic or anything like that, you basically have a roomful of people and you create a circuit. And as everyone’s in the circuit, everyone’s holding space and I go around the room and I trigger that… the memory of that experience by whispering a word in your ear which is tested through applied kinesiology.

Then that word… you start to feel, you know, not relieved but feel those feelings from that early time. And the person who’s holding space is helping you release that. Renunciate it, release it. By the end of that what happens is we notice generally out of the whole group there’s… almost everyone, maybe two people may not have fully cleared it. And so then I work on those two people individually until they’re clear. And then we clear the entire field of the whole room.

Beth Crittenden: So you can feel when the circuit is blocked?

Viktor Vajrat: You can feel when the circuit is blocked and you can also feel when the whole room is cleared on it. And it’s almost like you actually have this experience, of like a bubble, like a giant big soap bubble filled with all this tension and pain and stuff like that, and it gets really intense, it gets really hot. So it’s like the beginning of the class is really, really intense. And then after that it’s like smooth sailing.

And then what we do is we build up that energy inside this bubble and then phoom! It’s like it explodes. And you can feel all of a sudden it’s like “Wow! My God! It’s a relief.” And then we take a break! And we may do a little bit of exercises and yoga and things like that to get you back in your body, and then we go to the next one. Which is your first sexual experience.

And for some people it was traumatic, some people it was a rape, some people it was incest. Whatever it is, that’s what you have associated in your mind: “Here’s what sex is, here is what sex shouldn’t be, here’s what sex should be and I’m going to look for someone who looks like this and validates that perception.” Because you’re attached to that point of view and to that experience and it’s locked in your body at such a deep unconscious level that it colors everything that happens.

That’s one of the reasons why the Masters say: “Yes, can you become enlightened by making love with an enlightened Master but you have to go through all this, you know, months and years of discipline and training.” Well, the reason for that is ‘cause you have to un-pattern all that prior programming you have in your judgments toward you own sexuality. Right?

And what you had with that first experience, so then we…

Beth Crittenden: Is the idea to get to like a neutral stance on sexuality or a positive or where do people usually move with it beyond the patterns?

Viktor Vajra: Well usually what happens is they have a deep sense of peace, after the first and the second sexual experience. So that’s three clearings. Because the second one is: “I met someone, it was like this, and then my next one is not going to be like that, it’s going to be someone else.”

OK. And whatever that happens to be you create a polarity and you start off like bouncing and oscillating back and forth between those two types of people. Like for me it was a blonde, the first one, and the next one was a brunette so I keep bouncing back and forth, you know. Until I cleared it and then you finally have a choice to choose with who you ever want to be with.

So people have a profound sense of ecstatic joy that follows from this deep inner peace of mind. OK? So what happens is by the time we get to the happy zoozoo at the end… We’re actually going to do a happy zoozoo tonight, I always like to finish with a happy zoozoo. Happy zoozoo is… just think of it this way, your being and your energy pattern so empty, you’re like an empty glass of water, we’re going to fill it with something really, really positive.

So we do a happy zoozoo. And the happy zoozoo… you walk away and you’re like charged. It’s like you want to go… often times people like go and they party until, you know, till sunrise, after the class. ‘cause they’re so charged with energy, because it’s like we cleared out this… this yucky stuff and we filled it with all this ecstatic stuff. And that has a great impact on your ability to dance.

So that’s why it’s a really great indicator… I think that we want to be videotaping tonight, we’re going to do it before and after. I want to videotape people, you know, how do they dance before The Bliss Experience, and how do they dance after? OK? And then we’re going to look at the people who actually go through the weekend workshop and how are they… how are their lives transformed.

As they… they won’t even recognize the person that was there, you know, tonight. And that’s my intention in delivering that, and doing it consistently.

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Beth Crittenden: So Viktor where do you see this work going, where do you see it playing in the world?

Viktor Vajrat: I see it as bliss dancing, really. Is really where I see it happening. It’s like, so many times I go to like a night club or a burning lamp party or something like that, and I see people, they’re dancing in their own world. Completely oblivious of anyone around them, and what I’d like to see happen is, from the Bliss Experience graduates of this class, whether they come to dance class or the weekend workshop, that they inspire other people to move outside of their own mind, outside of their own body, and connect with someone else.

And learn, you know… dance with a partner. Weave, practice that weaving where you’re sort of flowing as a group, as a group organism, and you’re having this beautiful, you know, dancing, that can occur. And I think that’s the greatest indicator as you can see when people are completely blissed out. They’re able to dance and flow and their life is working and everything’s just happening for them.

And so I think that’s really where I’d like to have it happen, as a series of stages. I’ve had experiences where I’ve taken a group just with fifteen minutes of instruction on a mike and caused them to understand some of the basics of bliss dancing. You know, whereas without the instruction, it would just be like a regular, good old fashioned dance.

I’d like to train teachers, so that teachers can go out there and at least do the dance portion of the Bliss Experience, in their own community. And then bring people back to One Taste to have the experience, you know the more deep or intimate clearing work that it takes to be there. So, I also see that it can be put in the form of a… almost like a social – I mean I love the social network concept because I’m in the Internet space – but yeah, social networking.

It’s like you want to have bliss dance partners. And you want to have a bliss dance community, and you want to have like, you know, you’re basically pushing forward with the notion that, you know, there is an alternative. Someone… actually someone just asked me: “God I’ve been waiting for someone to come on and integrate ballroom dancing with hip-hop.” And I said: “Yeah I did it! You know, that’s what we do!”

Because you can do bliss dancing with hip-hop, you can do it with trance dancing, you can do it with almost any kind of music. There’s certain beats that work best and you’ll understand why, you know, by the end of the class, and you’ll also understand that there’s certain rhythms that really, really allow things to flow. So, where I’d like to see this thing going is for people to discover the dancer within, discover the music that’s inside of you, bring that forward, share it with others, and then if you’re inspired come to the class and become a teacher.

Beth Crittenden: For our listeners who aren’t yet able to make it, maybe they’re geographically remote or something like that, what’s one step that they can take towards discovering this connection and this practice you’re talking about?

Viktor Vajrat: OK one thing is: ask permission. OK? It’s a very simple thing but when you walk up to someone and say, you know: “May I dance with you?” OK? And then the next step is: “Would it be OK if, while we’re dancing, we look in each other’s eyes?” OK? That’s one of the fundamentals of bliss dancing… is you’re completely present with the person you’re dancing with.

The corollary to that is you’re looking at your feet, you’re looking at, you know… You’re wondering about: “Hey how do I look?” You know, but you’ve just  focused all your attention on the other person and looking deeply into their eyes. And one way to practice is just: move like they do. Just, if they move to the left, you move to the left. If they move to the right, you move to the right. So you’re just starting to build a rhythm and notice who’s leading and who’s pacing. Notice who is, you know, tracking someone, and then just be with them for a moment, like that. And notice if there’s any uncomfortableness that comes off from that.

But I think really that the most important thing is to maintain eye contact while you’re dancing. Guys, don’t, like, grab the woman strongly! I’ve seen a lot of these guys and they think they’re really macho on the dance floor and they, you know, they did one swing class and now they’re Joe Swinger! And they almost break the poor girl’s arm off! You know, it’s the nightmare dancer. Be gentle! Be gentle.

One or two fingers is all it takes. A gentle contact, not a very forceful contact. Attempt to move your partner with your energy rather than forcing them with your hand or, you know, leaning your pelvis forward so that she has to back, you know, back off. Those are all little strategies for men. For women it’s about surrender but establishing clear boundaries, and one of the things you can do is, if you feel like a man is coming too close to you, very politely and respectfully, rather than pulling away, just touch them right in the center of their chest.

What you’ll notice is, like almost instantly, if not instantly, the man will loose that sexual animal nature, or that aggressive nature, and move into a heart space. It’s a couple of tips for you. I have an e-book and I’m currently re-editing it, it’s at my website which is, and I’m going to be putting up links and you can also get on an email list there.

And the e-book basically is the curriculum and the course outline for the weekend of The Bliss Experience. There’s a lot more in the e-book than we can even cover in the workshop and I also have an hour and a half video that is going to be up there. So, you know, when you watch the hour and a half video you learn a lot of foundational stuff. And so, it’s a streaming video, it’s a streaming e-book, the whole thing is there for a $20 download.

Beth Crittenden: Great!

Viktor Vajrat: And so that’s a good first step, coming to One Taste, coming to this class, you know, because I’m running three Internet companies right now, I don’t…like it’s really rare to get me to teach this class at all! But I love doing it because it’s the foundation of.. People always ask you: “If you had all the money in the world and you, you know, you could do anything that you wanted in life, what would you do?” And I always say: “I’d be teaching this class.”

I would be! ‘cause it’s the ultimate… and doing it at SLN is like the ultimate… and doing it here urbanly is going to be an experiment, it’s going to be wild!

Beth Crittenden: Great!

Viktor Vajra: So I’m really looking forward to it and thank you so much Beth.

Beth Crittenden: Yeah thank you! And this has been “A Taste of Sex: Guest Speaker Interviews” with Viktor Vajra tonight, from One Taste. We’re so glad to have you here. Thanks a lot!

And if you… you heard his websites, I’ll repeat them just one more time. You can either go to or and that Viktor does have a ‘k’. If you’d like to learn more about One Taste and our practice of orgasmic meditation you can visit, as in One Taste San Francisco .com.

Thanks for joining us and if you’d like to get transcripts of the show you can also visit the PersonalLifeMedia website, which is, and go to “A Taste Of Sex” and look up the show details. We’d be glad to do some bliss dancing with you any time.

Thanks for joining us and take care of yourselves.


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