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Taste of Sex – Guest Speaker
Beth C

OneTaste (, a leading educational organization in the field of relationships, intimacy and mindful sexuality offers a lecture series of wide ranging interest – from leadership and purpose to music, spirituality and sexuality. Join Professor Jorge Ferrer of the California Institute of Integral Studies in an exploration of the intersection between sex and spirit; or folk musician, Jennifer Berezan, as she opens to music and the sacred.  Meet environmental pioneer Ocean Robbins as he delves deep into the important issues facing young people and explores possible solutions to our pressing environmental issues. Discover new forms of leadership and governance in Eric Grahm’s discussion of Holacracy. And awaken a deeper joy in life with Buddhist teacher James Baraz.  Over 50 interviews to stretch your spirit, mind and imagination.


Lee Bridgett Harrington: Passion, Exploration, and BDSM

Lee shares with us about her own curiosity and passion as a teenager, which led her into the BDSM clubs of Seattle, through the adult film industry, and eventually, as a teacher and educator, to support others in discovering their own unique flavor. She speaks in depth about the ... Read More


Cleo Dubois – Conscious Kink: Debunking BDSM

Discover conscious BDSM bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism-- a sacred space where power play and pain can lead to spiritual ecstasy. If you’ve ever fantasized about tying up a submissive schoolgirl, playing a naughty nurse, riding a hypersexual superhero, or anything and... Read More


Dr. Deborah Anapol, Red Hot Tantric Sex

Would you like longer, more intense orgasms? Do you long to connect more deeply with your partner(s) during sex? How about extending the potent and pleasurable energy of orgasm throughout all areas of your life? "During peak (tantric) experiences, I've sensed everything happening... Read More


Charles Moser, MD, PhD: A Sexual Medical Expert on Unusual Sexual Interests

In this program, Dr Moser talks to us about the nature and range of sadomasochism (SM). He discusses his background (a self-described horny teenager who went to the library a lot) and how he came to view sexuality from a scientific perspective. From there, he branches out and loo... Read More


Dr. Carol Queen, Part 1 of 2; Erotic Writing: The Pleasure of Text

I think when you create anything, the process of creation is a particular kind of source for tapping into things that are bigger than you on some level . It's not surprising to hear that about art creation when someone paints or draws, but I think the same is true when you write ... Read More


Midori, Beyond Vanilla Sex

Want tips for moving from having "boring" sex to good sex? Want to hear about how to be truly connected in sex? Want to have disspelled your misconceptions about kink and those underground urges? Then you do not want to miss this show. In this interview Midori lovingly walks the ... Read More