2009 Maker Faire Day 1
The North Bay
Dr. Andy Cohen

Episode 20 - 2009 Maker Faire Day 1

Day 1 of the Maker Faire at the West Stage!



This episode and the next couple of shows were recorded at the 2009 Maker Faire! The Maker Faire is the byproduct of Make magazine, published by O’Reilly Media.  O’Reilly is actually situated midway between the Ace in the Hole and The Hopmonk Tavern… right across the street from my own place of biz. Make Magazine is dedicated to the do-it-yourselfers out there with stories of projects, kits and very talented artist/engineers…also refered to as “Makers”.  The Faire is the showcase of these Makers and it puts it all together with a Carnival atmosphere unrivaled by any modern day carnival.  There were also over 30 bands playing there during the 2-day event of which I captured a very small sample…  afterall I could only be in one place at a time! My goal for this show though is not just to take you to the faire’s music stages, but also to give you a taste of the sounds, feel and the “Makers”… so I capured initerviews, sounds and effects throughout the weekend and I will intersperse these between the music.  So first we walk through the Maker Hall then we’ll walk over to the West Stage area and go see fountains of soda pop… The West Stage was by a number of interesting sounding things such as the rockets going off behind me all day, a flaming spinning flower sculpture on my right… the giant hydralic hand which was lifting a washing machine on the left as well as the steam powered tractor blowing it’s horn and well… lots of other… interesting things….
Then our first act is at the West Stage is band of young women who call themselves The Shes. Then its over to the Maker Lounge…  sponsored by the way by our friends at Ace Cider…  for Issace Frankle, also known as “ShovelMan” since his guitar is actually a very large… shovel! We’ll walk through the maker Hall again… then we’ll hike back over to the West Stage for an innovative rock band called Microfiche…
As usual, this podcast is still recorded using a binaural stereo technique.  This creates a depth to the sound, which is best heard using earbuds or headphones. In this case though you’ll get a bit more then I had bargained for.  This time there’s lots of environmental changes… that is I go from one huge hall to a small tent to a large asphalt area with all sorts of things happening… so things happened… switching settings and setups on the fly is a skill which I’m kinda still working on… so… well… sorry about the imperfections…
Okay… time to get in line and go to the Faire!

That was a great first day… well actually part of the first day!  Thanks to the Shes, ShovelMan and Microfiche for some awesome sounds… please go to the PLM website  that is Personallifemedia.com and look up this podcast for all the web links and myspace pages for all of the above.
Thanks to O’Reilly Media… that is… Dale Dougherty and Dan Wood for their support and friendship. And thanks to all the Makers!