Cat Mclean @ The Ace
The North Bay
Dr. Andy Cohen

Episode 8 - Cat Mclean @ The Ace

The Cat Mclean band cranks up with a hard rock set at the Ace in the Hole



This episode of the Northbay features an experienced local musician named Cat Mclean. Cat is a hard rocker with experience playing with musical legends like Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead, and Joe Walsh.  Her sound is heavy metal, in fact most of her set on this night were Led Zeppelin covers which unfortunately I can’t play for you… but luckily Cat supplied us with some original material that in my opinion was much better then the Zep retreads.  This performance is in Cat’s words… a bit on the “raw” side.  The band was newly formed and they were still gelling…  which actually made for a great night with ALL the locals off their seats on on their feet.
This is a live binaural recording with as candid and raw a performance as you would get if you were there.  So you’re gonna hear talking and sounds from the pub and the audience. To get the best binaural effect use earbuds or headphones

I am really looking forward to seeing how cat and this new band evolve…  Cat is very local to the area so we are likely too hear from her and the guys real soon.  By the way… the awesome guitar hero not only sounded like Jimmy page… he looked just like him when he was in his 20s… Jon Mulvey he gave a great show … the guitar seemed to float in front of him … Timothy Bailey was on drums, and Marshall Harrell on a real sweet 6 string bass made by Zon... Next time we’ll see about capturing them at a venue that they can crank it to maybe all the way to 11.