Blur Baby, Blur!
Learning Digital Photography
Jason Anderson

Episode 19 - Blur Baby, Blur!

Hey all, this week’s show is done and boy are you in for a treat!  Not only is there some pretty ground-breaking news from the computing world, but the theme for this podcast is blur!  I take a (hopefully) clear look at different types of blur you can get in your images, what can work, what will not work, and how to correct for different types.  Got some great listener questions and answers that tie in very nicely to the theme, and as, always the photo tip of the week.  Here’s a few of the show notes:

News Links - HP z800 Specs - (listen to the show to find out why this is so amazing it’s the only news story!)

Focal Length/Crop Factor/Shutter Speed settings - check the blog for details

Listener Questions:

  • DOF Preview button
  • Battery Length
  • Portrait Lenses

Be sure when you stop over to the good folks at PLM to get the podcast, to check out the Lensbaby Composer - a great resource for managing blur in your photos!  Happy shooting all and don't forget to stop by the blog for the show notes.