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Amy Rissier, Julie Karneboge, Sharon Martin, Carrie Runnals, Suzanne Maiden

Episode 85 - TDC080309-Tattoo85 Call Us 678-884-0524

Tattoo You! Who? Which of the Divas plans on getting a tattoo? Can you guess? Check out this show as we talk to the potential marked woman about the pros and cons. We also discuss body piercing. Midlife crisis anyone?Listen to the Divas on your phone. Dial510-495-6717Put it in your speed dial...Pease Help us outTake our 5-minute Survey to help us get better.Leave a Review Leave a comment Call us at678-884-0524Share us with your friendsPodSafe Music by:Our Regular Natalie Brown - Queen of Me Jerry Forney - Only Rock and Roll