All about Adobe Photoshop CS4
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Episode 4 - All about Adobe Photoshop CS4

All About Adobe Photoshop CS4

We learn all about Adobe Photoshop CS4 this week, as we are joined by
Bryan O’Neil Hughes from Adobe. He tells us what some of the coolest
new features in CS4 are, whether or not it truly is a more user-
friendly interface, and why it costs so darn much.

But one lucky listener will get the full version for free, just by
entering this week's contest. It's the biggest prize we've ever
offered on Digital Photography Life (or on any other podcast, for that
matter). It come to you courtesy of the good folks at Adobe, and we
greatly appreciate their generosity.

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As usual, Michael and I also go over the digital photography new of
the day, including Red cameras, Sony's latest, Canon's rebate-less
rebates and the sad tale of Susan and her cheatin' husband's magic
iPhone. Head over to for all the links.