Photoenthusiast Jeff Revell and Two Great Offers from SmugMug
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Episode 3 - Photoenthusiast Jeff Revell and Two Great Offers from SmugMug

On today's show, we talk about the Nikon D90 and the Canon 50D with uberenthusiast Jeff Revell and we feature a fifty percent discount to SmugMug and a free camera strap to every listener of Digital Photography Life.

Then, it is our great pleasure to welcome SmugMug. SmugMug did us - and we think you, too - a huge favor by making Digital Photography Life possible by signing on as our inaugural sponsor. On today's show, they come on to tell you all about what makes SmugMug so great, and the perfect fit for the digital enthusiast like you. Even better, they extend a special, limited-time offer exclusively to our audience: They're talking 50% off the first year of service, at any of their three tiers, to anyone who hears them on Digital Photography Life.

The coupon code you should enter is "Flickr." 50% off for typing six characters? It works for us.

And if a 50% discount isn't enough for you, how about an out-and-out freebie. SmugMug is giving away a free camera strap to any Digital Photography Life listeners who asks for one.

Visit for the link to your free camera bag, as well as links to all the other items we discussed on the show, including the list of closing Circuit City Stores, a free camera giveaway from Target and (almost) indisputable proof that we'll be hearing from aliens in the next couple of years.

All that and more at

Thanks for listening!