By the Way, What is a Conscious Business?
Conscious Business
Theo Horesh

Episode 1 - By the Way, What is a Conscious Business?

In episode 1 we introduce the conscious business show and preview what's to come. We talk with Mark Wilding about the purpose of the Marpa Center for Business and Economics and then dive into exploring what a conscious business is. During the conversation we touch on a number of issues including:

- The individual in the organization: how business founders get subsumed by their own creation.
- What it means to be conscious as an individual and as a business.
- Response-ability—the ability to choose how we respond.
Peter Senge and Otto Sharmar's U-Theory.
- The difference between intention and attention in a business.
- Metrics.
- Integration of bread and butter business skills with high values and inspiring mission and vision.

To find out more about Mark's work check out: