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Green Radio helps you lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Navigate the explosion of green and ecology-oriented products and services with host, Sean Daily, CEO and co-founder of Support the environment by changing your preferences and behaviors, not by simply increasing consumerism. Sean entertains and educates you with smart choices on products and services in the green world through interviews with innovative and caring companies, authors and experts from around the world. Hear the critical issues facing the global environment today, as well as the technologies, products and practices you can employ to go green in every area of your life including alternative energy and fuels, green building and remodeling materials and practices, organic and natural foods, natural medicine and health, hybrid and electric cars and motorcycles, eco-tourism and green hospitality, forestry management and green printing, green real estate, co-housing communities, natural body care, recyclable carpet and clothing, eco-friendly diapers, wind-powered appliances, solar water heating, fair trade consumables, organic wine and viticulture, bio-dynamic farming, recyclable shopping bags, green office practices, green banking and all of the freshest ideas in green living!


Solving the Global Safe Drinking Water Crisis with Blue Planet Run

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks with Sabrina Walasek of Blue Planet Run Foundation, which has a vision of a world where everyone has access to safe drinking water and healthy human beings have a chance to live up to their potential.


Green Blogger Series: Sustainablog’s Jeff Strasburg

In this installment of GreenTalk Radio’s series featuring top green bloggers, host Sean Daily talks to Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, publisher of and Content Director at Green Options.


Green Blogger Series: Green and Clean Mom Sommer Poquette

In this installment of GreenTalk Radio’s series featuring top green bloggers, host Sean Daily talks to Sommer Poquette, founder of


Protecting our Oceans and Beaches with project BLUE

Host Sean Daily talks with Vipe Desai of Project BLUE. Project BLUE, the national initiative established to raise funds in support of ocean and beach protection, continues to gain momentum as the campaign's second year officially gets underway.


Sustainable Materials in Interior Design with Storm Interiors

Host Sean Daily talks about eco-friendly interior decorating and integrating sustainable materials into a home setting with Lara Fishman, Principal and Founder of Storm Interiors.


Decreasing the Eco-Impact of Special Events with Twirl Management

Host Sean Daily talks about the importance of waste reduction in minimizing the environmental impact of formal events and casual get-togethers with Johanna Walsh, CEO and Eco-Event Consultant at Twirl Management.


Greendiana Jones – Simple Living Lessons from the Maya with Eric Gibson

GreenTalk Radio Host Sean Daily discusses simple living, anthropology and lesson from the Maya culture with Dr. Eric Gibson.


Non-Toxic Paints for Green Homes with Mythic Paint

GreenTalk Radio Host Sean Daily discusses safe, environmentally friendly paints for residential use with Rocky Prior, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Mythic Paint.


Green Printing for Businesses with GreenerPrinter

GreenTalk Radio Host Sean Daily discusses maximizing the sustainability of a business by using eco printing processes with Mario Assadi, CEO of GreenerPrinter.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for Healthy Homes with Ecover

GreenTalk Radio Host Sean Daily discusses the constituents, ethics, effectiveness, and availability of ecological household cleaning products with Kipling Rutherford-Sameshima, Marketing Associate with Ecover.