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Green Radio helps you lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Navigate the explosion of green and ecology-oriented products and services with host, Sean Daily, CEO and co-founder of Support the environment by changing your preferences and behaviors, not by simply increasing consumerism. Sean entertains and educates you with smart choices on products and services in the green world through interviews with innovative and caring companies, authors and experts from around the world. Hear the critical issues facing the global environment today, as well as the technologies, products and practices you can employ to go green in every area of your life including alternative energy and fuels, green building and remodeling materials and practices, organic and natural foods, natural medicine and health, hybrid and electric cars and motorcycles, eco-tourism and green hospitality, forestry management and green printing, green real estate, co-housing communities, natural body care, recyclable carpet and clothing, eco-friendly diapers, wind-powered appliances, solar water heating, fair trade consumables, organic wine and viticulture, bio-dynamic farming, recyclable shopping bags, green office practices, green banking and all of the freshest ideas in green living!


Homes of the Future with Tom Schey of Minimal Productions

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily speaks with Tom Schey, President of Minimal Productions. Schey is now leading green home building in Southern California and is the author of an upcoming book on fun ways to green up your life. 737conserve is an incredibly advanced, beautiful ... Read More


Green Blogger Series: Jennifer Lance of

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks with Founder and Editor of Eco Child's Play, Jennifer Lance, about a host of green topics, including living off the grid, organic gardening and green parenting.


Green Blogger Series: Adam Shake of Twilight Earth and EcoTechDaily

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks blogging with Adam Shake of Twilight Earth and Eco Tech Daily. Adam and his business partner Derek Markham were named by TreeHugger as the "Celebrity Twitter Duo" and Mother Nature Network called Twilight Earth "One of the 10 Green Twitterers... Read More


Clean Water for All through the work of Ryan’s Well Foundation

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily speaks with Ryan Hreljac, of Ryan's Well. At the age of 6, he began his active life of advocacy for water-poor communities in 1998 when he determinedly focused his sights on building a single well for a dry village in Africa.  The story touche... Read More


Green Entourage: Building Eco-Luxury Homes with Rick Byrd of Alter Eco

Green Talk Radio host Sean Daily talks high end, eco-friendly luxury homes with Rick Byrd, of Byrd Development. Rick is now regarded as one of the premiere green building experts and is builder-personality for the show called "Alter Eco" starring Adrian Grenier on the new Planet ... Read More


Green Blogger Series: Rob Reed of Max Gladwell

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks with environmental blogger Rob Reed, the visionary behind Max Gladwell, a leading independent blog that covers the nexus of social media and green living. Max Gladwell is not a person but rather an ideal and worldview. It represents the ... Read More


Increasing Water Efficiency with EPA’s WaterSense Program

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks to Stephanie Thornton of the EPA about their WaterSense program. Much like the EnergyStar program, WaterSense seeks to help Americans to save water and protect the environment, by creating product efficiency standards that manufacturers must ... Read More


Saying No to Paraben and Yes to Carrots in Natural Beauty Care Products

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks about the health and environmental concerns within the natural beauty care products industry with Ido Leffler, CEO of Yes To, Inc., whose brand line-up includes Yes to Carrots.


Green Blogger Series: David Anderson Co-Founder of Green Options Media

GreenTalk Radio show host Sean Daily speaks with David Anderson, co-founder of Green Options Media about the story behind Green Options and their post Virgance acquisition future.


Realizing the Dream of a Luxury Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Fisker Karma

Green Talk Radio host Sean Daily speaks to Henrik Fisker, CEO and lead designer of Fisker Automotive. Henrik is the man responsible for the much-anticipated luxury plug-in hybrid vehicles, the Fisker Karma and the Fisker Karma S convertible.