What Pick Up Artists Can Teach You About Internet Marketing
Susan Bratton

Episode 135 - What Pick Up Artists Can Teach You About Internet Marketing

Dishy-mixin' it up again -- this time I interview three pick up artists or "PUA's."
I met them at a conference in Austin and they are excellent Internet marketers.
This episode includes Dan Rose of SexGodMethod and Carlos Xuma of CarlosXuma and The Alpha Male Lifestyle.
Each share their latest insights about cutting edge online marketing. But you must go to my blog to hear the show because some of the conversation is not suitable for work...

to download or stream this amazing, detailed insider's interview and learn about online marketing AND how to pick up girls.



Susan Bratton: Welcome to DishyMix. I’m your host, Susan Bratton. On today’s show you’re going to get to meet three impressively savvy Internet marketers who belong to a mastermind group of business professionals called The Seduction Syndicate. The concept of the mastermind group was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s; it goes back that far. It was in his book Think and Grow Rich, which I think everyone in the world’s probably read by now. And he wrote about the mastermind principle as – and I’m going to quote it – “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people who work toward a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony. No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.” Well on today’s show we have an intangible force that I’m making tangible for you; another third mind of three of the guys that are in this mastermind group called The Seduction Syndicate. So we work together, I’m in this group too and the agenda belongs to the group. Each person participates together in the group and shares their best practices, and they’re all in a similar business. And so it really helps because it’s not apples and oranges comparisons, it’s apples and apples comparisons of business practices. So you get a lot of really good incites that improve your business strategy. You get great ideas, you get camaraderie, and you know, work is sometimes lonely, and so it’s nice if you’re in this information product world to get together with likeminded people. Now if you want to learn how to create and run your own mastermind group, I found a really nice free e-book at a website called The Success Alliance. It’s a get a, How To Create and Run a Mastermind E-Book. So you can go download that, it’s free. Tim and I got invited into this Internet marketing mastermind group, and it’s called The Seduction Syndicate. It’s a collective of mostly younger men who are teaching skills to their peers in the category of being a pick up artist or PUA, teaching inner game, social skills, life purpose, dating skills and sexual techniques. So what can a pick up artist teach you about Internet marketing. Well you’d be surprised.

Susan Bratton: You might be familiar with the famous book from five years ago called The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pick Up Artists. Or you might’ve seen that reality television show The Pick Up Artist with the PUA called Mystery. I love that guy. He’s got his burner hat and his lip is pierced and he’s got lots of make-up on like Alice Cooper. That entire world may be unfamiliar to you, but these boys have taken not just nightclubs, but web marketing by storm. So what can pick up artists teach you about Internet marketing? These marketers that I’m going to interview on this weeks show are creating their own online brands, they’re becoming web and real world celebrities. These are guys that are known in their world. They’re using very sophisticated online marketing techniques and they drive substantial revenue. Many of the attendees of The Seduction Syndicate weekend that I just attended are personally producing hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars a year in their niche. And it’s a crowded niche. So I thought I would gather some of these information product marketers who are willing to talk to you about their front ends and conversion metrics and upsells and downsells and how they integrate SEO and PPC and some of their extremely clever email tactics and how they make affiliate and joint venture relationships profitable, what they do with product endorsements and video banners and even things like global outsourcing for small business. There are a lot of strategies that they employ for driving online revenues. And you’re going to get to meet Dan Rose, the creator The Sex God Method and Carlos Zuma with his Extensive Alpha Lifestyle Programs. Now the problem is that some of this content may not be suitable for work. So what I’ve done is I’ve elected to keep this episode on my blog instead of in the DishyMix feed. Now there’s nothing absolutely awful, but there is some discussion, especially with Dan in the beginning of the show, about sensuality and some things along those lines. So if you’re sensitive at all to that, this might not be the DishyMix episode for you. If you’re pretty impervious to sensuality based content, then I would definitely listen to this episode because each one of these guys – I did three in a row, boom-boom-boom, 20 minutes each – they lay down some really insightful information that any brand marketer, small business, big business marketer could use, ‘cause I think they’re really on the cutting edge.

Susan Bratton: So how do you find this in depth interview that opens you to a whole new architecture for online marketing strategy, and of course a whole new world of male empowerment? Well you’re going to have to go to the DishMix blog to find this interview.  I’ll have the blog post with the whole show. You can download it, you can subscribe to it, you can get it right there. And I’ll also post it on the DishyMix fan page in Facebook. That’s so hard to say – DishyMix fan page in Facebook. And that’s dishymixfan.com or you can just go into Facebook and search on DishyMix, all one word. So also for DishyMix listeners I’ll be giving away a copy of Carlos Zuma’s Dating Blackbook package. It’s the Dating Blackbook, Stepping Stones to Success, Dating Secrets Q&A, a dating objective planner and a product called Transitions. And he’s an awesome guy. He’s really, really big into male empowerment. If you’re a single person you might really enjoy having this, and you can get it by going to dishymixfan.com and posting your desire and Carlos and I will pick our favorite post and give that person the ability to download the entire Dating Blackbook package. So I look forward to hearing your comments about this episode. I want to make sure you’re okay with me covering this kind of stuff, and I think you’ll find it fascinating. And then next week I’m having John Doyle, founder of Peachtree Media Advisors, to talk about the 2009 M&A activity and all the capital raises in the media marketing and Web 2.0 industry. So we’re going from pick up skills to capital raises. You know get the goods on DishyMix. So here’s to entrepreneurs, whether they sell behavioral targeting or behavioral skills. And thanks for tuning in. Now go listen to that interview with Dan and Carlos. I promise it will give you a lot of new ideas. I’m your host Susan Bratton. Have a great day. Bye-bye.