John Santangelo “Goal Setting Success Formula” Part 2 of 2
Susan Bratton

Episode 134 - John Santangelo “Goal Setting Success Formula” Part 2 of 2

This second in a series with John Santangelo is a guided audio program from his "Speak Up with Power" system called, "Goal Setting Success Formula - Getting What You Really Want."

Just in time for 2010, John teaches you how to figure out what you REALLY WANT. What are your real desires? What do you really want your life to be like? How can you “vision” what you truly yearn for?  How can you keep from getting caught up in where you are now and clear your head to think about what you really want?

Once you have an inkling of what really makes you crazy passionate with hunger to have in your life, how do you make these outcomes clear, achievable, congruent, self-maintained and purposeful?

And then, how can you make a personal commitment to succeed in achieving those goals? Why don’t most of us succeed in accomplishing what we really want? And what distinguishes the “high achievers” who successfully realize their goals? And how can you model their behavior? What tools work best to keep your goals top of mind and focus?

John shares a free Goal Setting Worksheet with DishyMix listeners free from his powerful product, “Speak Up with Power.” Just email him [email protected] to get a copy.  And be sure to listen to the previous episode where you’ll get even more insight into what makes people successful.