Tim Sanders on Today We Are Rich: Total Confidence
Susan Bratton

Episode 197 - Tim Sanders on Today We Are Rich: Total Confidence

Tim Sanders' latest book will ultimately prove out as a classic piece of work in the human potential movement.

It will sit alongside your Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins' books.

You'll recommend "Today We Are Rich: Harnessing The Power of Total Confidence" to your family and friends. You'll give it as a gift.

"TWAR" is about confidence, and personal authority, and integrity. The triumvirate of attributes that make for a solid man or woman.

Tim reviews the "7 Principles of Confidence."

Check YOURSELF against this list and see if you're doing what you need to be supremely confident.

If you are, you are a good model for your friends, family and children.

Share this list with your children. Talk to them about how to feed their mind, how to "give to be rich," how to prepare themselves for a life led with quality actions and value to others.

It's good to stop and think about the life you are leading, the model you are living.

Tim Sanders is a bright light of positivism and well-grounded character.

Give yourself a boost of optimism with this delightful conversation.