Sustainable Happiness and Strategies to Leverage Web 2.0 with Guest Aymee Coget, Happiness Expert
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Episode 17 - Sustainable Happiness and Strategies to Leverage Web 2.0 with Guest Aymee Coget, Happiness Expert

In this episode of Coaching the Life Coach, Jason interviews Aymee Coget, happiness expert. You will learn strategies for sustainable happiness and shift in the marketplace recognizing this deficiency in the Western approach of the past. It is becoming accepted wisdom that happiness can lead to greater vitality, increased physical health, and possibly increased results in all domains of your life. In addition, Aymee and Jason discuss strategies for leveraging the social networking websites that are primary components of Web 2.0, for the purpose of building your business. Oh yeah-and they laugh a lot.



Sustainable Happiness and Strategies to Leverage Web 2.0 with Guest Aymee Coget, Happiness Expert

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Jason McClain: Welcome to Coaching the Life Coach.  I am your host Jason McClain and your guide in the 21st century market place.  I am excited, actually I am happy about the guest we have here today.  Today we have Aymee Coget, who is a happiness expert, who’s is not only developing different models for accelerating the way you approach the world and your own happiness but also bringing that to the corporate world, and doing pretty advanced studies in that. 

Aymee Coget:  I have a research team right now researching all of my clients because I am doing what positive physiologists would consider impossible.  Authenticity is one of the hardest things for us to grasp because every one tells us who to be and what to do all the time.  So I don’t spend a lot of time in my work talking with the mind of the person I talk more with the heart and the soul and that’s where your true authenticity is.  Passion has fueled my performance, my persistence and my purpose every step of the way.  I am passionate about helping people live happier lives.  A cheerleader type of happiness that you are referring to is not sustainable.        

Jason McClain: Welcome Aymee.  Thanks for coming on the show.    

Aymee Coget:  Thank You Jason.  It is really a pleasure to be here.  In fact I am just really happy to be here. 

Jason McClain: Of course you are.  First, I kind of want to get out of the way.  Tell me what you are up to in terms of what services you provide and what you are most excited about in terms of what you are developing, the work that you are developing.  So Aymee, what are you up to and what are you most excited about now? 

Aymee Coget:  Jason I am so happy you asked that, what I am most excited about because I really believe in facilitating the positive in everyone and that is what I am really excited about.  Is my three months, guaranteed the sustainable happiness program that is a 100% success. 

Jason McClain: Okay.  Couple questions.  When you say sustainable happiness I think about the Stepford Wives and people with glazed over eyes, so when you say sustainable happiness because I know that is not what you mean.  What do you mean when you talk about sustainable happiness?

Aymee Coget:  Well I think we have two different definitions of happiness to begin with.  The cheerleader type of happiness that you are referring to, is not sustainable, it is impossible to sustain.  I work on a different kind of happiness, which is more of an inner contentment. 

Jason McClain: Okay.  What do you think are the primary components of inner contentment? 

Aymee Coget:  According to positive psychology the top three are: authenticity, meaning and purpose and utilizing your strengths. 

Jason McClain: Thanks for that really great answer.  Can you say how you assist people in either distinguishing those or incorporating them in their lives in you sustainable happiness program?

Aymee Coget:  Absolutely.  Authenticity is one of the hardest things for us to grasp because everyone tells us who to be and what to do all of the time.  I don’t spend a lot of time in my work talking with the mind of the person, I talk more with the heart and soul, and that’s where your true authenticity is.  As far as meaning and purpose in life, I have this one exercise called the Gandhi Hat.  Where you put on your Gandhi hat and imagine what it is the change you want to see in the world. 

Jason McClain: Nice, very nice. 

Aymee Coget:  I combine that with the passion index where I found out where my client is really passionate over what topics, what people, what ideas, and so on.  The final key of sustainable happiness is, knowing and utilizing your strengths and this is such a new concept because positive psychology is finally starting to develop valid tools to tell us what is good about ourselves.  It is the opposite of the DSM.  I combine that with something that was originated from the University of Michigan called the best self feed back assessment.  Which is kind of like a 360 degree feedback but all the client is asking is for their community to identify three of their strengths in situations that they were in when they saw my client utilize their strengths.  That is an amazing one for people because they can’t even imagine what’s good about themselves.  It is wonderful when they know how to utilize their strengths.   

Jason McClain: So for those of us that aren’t PHD candidates, MPI, DSM, what does that mean?

Aymee Coget:  The DSM is the disorder manual that psychologists are trained in it tells us what is wrong with us.  For instance, depressed, anxious, bipolar.

Jason McClain: Short, fat, a voice out of the range in which people fall.  No, sorry.  The second question, you talked something about a hundred percents.  What kind of results have your clients, your professionals, what results have they reported to you that you can guarantee?  Because you sound pretty solid in terms of your promise of results. 

Aymee Coget:  Right.  I do promise results with a money back guarantee. 

Jason McClain: You do?  Money back guarantee.  Call her now for a consultation. 

Aymee Coget:  Absolutely.  I do give free consultations.  Back to your question, results, which is what I am most interested in.

Jason McClain: Well they get results.  I mean people don’t get results what are we doing?  Right?

Aymee Coget:  Exactly.  My clients come to me totally, unbearably unhappy, down in the dumps if you can imagine by the time they call a happiness expert it is really bad.

Jason McClain: Asking you to hold their razor blades for them.  Tie their rubber bands off on their upper arms.  Stuff like that?

Aymee Coget:  Just a few times.

Jason McClain: She is shaking her head no.  Right, so what results can they expect?

Aymee Coget:  Right.  I have a research team right now researching all of my clients because I am doing what positive psychologists would consider the impossible.  My longest sustainable happiness client right now is almost at a year.  That is amazing in itself.  The results that I am talking about are being happy no matter what the circumstances are.  No matter how much money is in your bank account.  No matter if you got fired from your job.  No matter if you just got in a fight with your wife.

Jason McClain: You know it’s funny a lot of the stuff that I do with my clients, it’s not new, it has been around for twenty six hundred years.  In the east just like in this identification your not re relationship, your not your finances, you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions, you are not your body, you are not.  In the west we get so caught up in the achievement, social, reputation all of that stuff.  So it’s grateful to hear you are doing that work.

Aymee Coget:  Thank you.  It is kind of funny.  It is like the pursuit of happiness but it’s anti pursuit of happiness at the same time. 

Jason McClain: Such a thing that you can be happy right now, if you chose to be.
Aymee Coget:  Absolutely.  It is the magic key, the happiness decision.  In which all my clients sign right away.  I have a document that is called the happiness decision.

Jason McClain: Okay.  I am Jason McClain.  We’re here with Aymee Coget, happiness expert.  I am you host and your guide in the 21st century marketplace.  We’re going to take a short break to support our sponsors and we will be right back.

Jason McClain: Welcome back to Coaching Life Coach.  I am Jason McClain your host and your guide in the 21st century marketplace.  We are here speaking with Aymee Coget, happiness expert.  Before the break we were her model and her services for sustainable happiness.  Now we are going to talk a bit about her marketing technique.  Aymee, what do you feel is one critical marketing technique that people must incorporate in the 21st century marketplace?

Aymee Coget:  Building social networks and getting results within the social networks.  When you get results in the social networks people start talking and there is nothing more convincing then somebody you know has turned from their frown upside down. 

Jason McClain: When I hear social networks, so knitting circles?  What do you mean?

Aymee Coget:  That could work.  Online social networks work but basically all of my clients have friends and family so I know that if their frowns are going to be turned upside down it is going to be hard not to notice. 

Jason McClain: So in the 21st century marketplace, web to point out what do you mean by social networks?

Aymee Coget:  Okay.  I am on the following social networks:,,,,  There are probably there’s a few I am not remembering. 

Jason McClain: Probably. I am curious, how have you found them to be useful, how can people use them in their business?

Aymee Coget:  Right.  Well this is a profile that you can say whatever you want so ultimately you want to give them the message of what’s most meaningful to you.  For instance for me it’s happiness.  So all of my online profiles are dedicated to happiness such as video blogs on the profile or testimonials or I use it as kind of a separate web page.

Jason McClain: Because I am a little bit of a geek, I also know that some of those, is not one of those unfortunately, but like zaadz,  Some social networks who are build on [droopal] as a technological background you can link to yourself that increases your page reputation for all you coaches that are listening.  A lot of what Google and Yahoo now measure are inbound links and what those people are saying about use of the title tags are most critical.  Back to Aymee.  What I am curious about did you say Google video or live link?  Not just now but in our previous phone conversation.  Your videos in particular, where are those at?

Aymee Coget: and you can search my name, AYMEE space COGET.

Jason McClain: In terms of production did you have to hire a big production team and did you have to spend thousands of dollars?

Aymee Coget:  No.  One of my clients connected me with a web site called  Like your confessing but in front of a web cam, and their in beta and they needed some content and I just happened to have a lot of happiness content. 

Jason McClain: I was trying to be coy but anybody can buy a web cam and record stuff now a days on just about any laptop and create your own video, right?

Aymee Coget:  Absolutely.  I encourage it because at least for me I know clients can see my face and see me talking about happiness it adds a whole new level of credibility.

Jason McClain: Plus it is hard not to be happy around you with your smile.

Aymee Coget:  Thanks Jason.  I think you are making me blush. 

Jason McClain: No.  No, no, I am just making myself happy.  So what does it make possible if they really these social networks you just spoke of.  What does it make possible for people in the social networks in their business and their lives in terms of their purpose, their authenticity, all the things you mentioned in the first part of this show?

Aymee Coget:  Well I would like to say that once you grab them with how exciting your content is then they want to talk to you.  Every single person that contacts me I offer them a free personalized happiness consultation for one hour on the phone or in person.

Jason McClain: So you develop enough content that finds enough value for people that you are credible and then you offer them a complimentary session, great.  Is there anything else you want to say about social networks in general or the whole web 2.0 thing? 

Aymee Coget:  Just Internet presents is huge and people sit in front of their computer all day every day.  If you don’t have any hits on your name then somebody is probably not going to hire you.  I recommend really getting out there on the Internet and utilizing these tools that are so easy and free. 

Jason McClain: Great, thanks Aymee.  We’re going to take a short break to support our sponsors.  My name is Jason McClain, your host of Coaching Life Coach and your guide in the 21st century marketplace and we’re here with Aymee Coget, happiness expert, and we will be right back.

Jason McClain: Welcome back to Coaching Life Coach.  I am your host Jason McClain your guide to the 21st century marketplace and we’re here with Aymee Coget, happiness expert and successful coach.  Aymee what do you think the primary principles, whether it is anywhere from marketing to purpose that you feel has made you successful in what you do?

Aymee Coget:  Well, thanks for asking that Jason.  I think that what’s made me successful is passion and purpose and persistence.  Without those three things, forget it.  

Jason McClain: Right, right.  So speak a little bit about, let’s take them in reverse order.  First speak a little bit about persistence because I know that is a critical component of any entrepreneurial effort.  What do you mean by persistence?

Aymee Coget:  Well I have never heard of an entrepreneur who succeeds who doesn’t persist.  If you don’t persist it leads right to failure so whenever something gets you down, somebody says happiness, shmappiness, well what am I going to do?  Fall down on the ground, cry? 

Jason McClain: Exactly.  In terms of somebody wanting to be successful what kind, what do you mean by persistence?  What kind of actions do they need to take to be successful as an entrepreneur or as a coach or as a service provider?

Aymee Coget:  Well, for instance, I am marketing every moment of every day to every person I talk to. 

Jason McClain: Thank God.  One of the mindsets I would love for people listening to this show is to take on your marketer first.  You know it is really great if you are scholarly grounded you’ve got imperial studies to back you up.  I think that is more important and what I’ve seen consistently that has chiropractors, coaches, small business people in general be unsuccessful is they don’t accept that they need to be sales people and marketers first.  So say more about marketing every moment of every day.         

Aymee Coget:  Well one day I was in a taxi and I realized jeez, a lot of other people sit in this seat, this same seat that I’m sitting in and I once cried in a taxi so maybe taxi drivers see people who are unhappy and need my services.  I asked them if they have any passengers that are not too happy and they all say “Oh yeah!  We have them everyday.”  Well I am a happiness expert would you like to give them my card when they show their unhappiness?  Every single taxi driver is like “Yes.”

Jason McClain:  Okay, great.  So persistence, marketing every moment of every day.  By the way, somebody should take her up on the exploratory session just for the purpose of being around her.  Okay, back to the show.  Great, so that’s persistence.  Now let’s talk about purpose, speak a little bit about purpose, why is that so important for somebody in terms of success and why is it important to you in terms of your success? 

Aymee Coget:  Ten years ago, in 1996, eleven years now, I made a major decision to dedicate the rest of my life to helping millions of people live happier lives.  I couldn’t think of anything better than that no matter what and every single day when I wake up that is my purpose.  If I am doing anything besides helping millions of people live happier lives I’d rather be dead. 

Jason McClain: Wow!  You know I have never met a happy dead person.  Mostly because they can’t tell me their happy, they might be happy.  Again, do you mind if I interject?

Aymee Coget:  Please do.

Jason McClain: For those of us who realize we are not on trial by some supernatural being up in the sky, sometimes purpose is the thing that has us live and if we can infused purpose into our interactions, our business.  Sometimes you can discover your purpose and you create a business out of that if you are an entrepreneur.  Sometimes your working some company but you have to uncover your purpose through those three events where you really realize where things perfect for you.  Infuse that knowledge, that deeper insight or that more abstract level into all your interactions.

Aymee Coget:  Brilliantly said Jason. 

Jason McClain: Thanks Aymee.  Does that speak to what you are talking about? 

Aymee Coget:  Yeah!  Imagine if we could really be purposeful with every word we spoke and every step we took.  That is so empowering.

Jason McClain: It also has your business mean more than dollars and interactions with people, and contracts and all that crap.  Crap.  Am I allowed to say that?  I think I am.  All right, so.  The last component you spoke of was passion.  Can you speak a little bit about why that is so important?  How you feel it has secured your success? 

Aymee Coget:  Absolutely.  Passion has fueled my performance, my persistence and my purpose every step of the way.  I am passionate about helping people live happier lives.  Every time I walked down the street and I see an unhappy face I hand them my business card and say “If you ever want to be happy, here is someone to call.”

Jason McClain: That’s great.  Okay.  Thanks Aymee.  I am Jason McClain, your host.  Your listening to Coaching the Life Coach with Aymee Coget, happiness expert.  We’re going to take a short break to support our sponsors and we will be right back.

Jason McClain: Welcome back to Coaching Life Coach.  I am your host Jason McClain and your guide to the 21st century marketplace.  We’re here with Aymee Coget, happiness expert.  Before we get into my final question, how do people reach you?  What services do you provide?  Where are you geographically?  How can people reach you?  Web site, 800 number if you have one.

Aymee Coget:  My web site is  Imagine yourself sitting on the couch watching TV saying “Make me happy TV” and add a dot com.  My 1800 number is, write this down, 888 – PATH2HAPPY.  My email address is Amyee@thehappyzone, like the twilight zone but the happy    

Jason McClain: So you just get happier and happier.  So Aymee, for our listeners, a single organizing principle around which they organize their lives to make the biggest difference in life today, a mindset, a way you would like them to view the world or themselves or something like that.  A single organizing principle that you would love them to incorporate in their lives today.  What would that be?

Aymee Coget:  I would say get some business partners.  Find partnerships.  Find people who can use what you have to offer and you can use what they have to offer and therefore it is mutually beneficial. 

Jason McClain: Excellent.  Thanks Aymee.  Thanks for your time.

Aymee Coget:  Thank you Jason for having me.  I think I am even happier then I was before.

Jason McClain: Of course you are Aymee.  Aymee is involved with ever increasing levels of happiness, waves.  Ever increasing, well never mind.  Sorry, I was about to go wax poetic there.  I am Jason McClain your host and your guide to the 21st century marketplace.  For transcripts of this show or any other show on the Personal Media network please visit Personal Life and send your emails to Personal Life  For questions about this show or any other show that I host or evolutionary sales feel free to email me at [email protected], again there are two L’s in or simply visit and use the comment form there.  Thanks for listening and I hope this has made a difference in your life today.


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