The Missing ‘KEY’ to being UBER Successful that 99% of all Self-Help Programs Completely Miss (Part 2)
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Robert Harrison

Episode 34 - The Missing ‘KEY’ to being UBER Successful that 99% of all Self-Help Programs Completely Miss (Part 2)

In this two part series Robert interviews LIVE FOOD NUTRITION GURU David Wolfe.  David is the nutritional coach to the biggest players in the business and personal development world such as Steve Jobs, Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Ecker, Buzz Aldrin, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield and more...

Energy & nutrition is the key to being clear, focused, handling stress, and keeping you on track in business and life.

If you think you know it all – think again.  This interview will unlock the doors to super energy, mental clarity, and well-being that you’ve never imagined you can experience.

Grab your pen and paper, sit down, close the doors, turn off the phone, and learn from a TRUE EXPERT about how to be your VERY BEST each and every day.




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Robert Harrison: Hi everyone. Welcome to the Coaching by the Life Coach. I am your host, Robert Harrison and today on the show, we are going to be talking about the missing key to really being successful, whether it is in a business, whether it is in a career, whether it is at home and I want to talk about the, we are going to call it Chapter X, which is really Chapter 10. Anthony Robbins touched on this in his national best seller, “Unlimited Power.” And our guest today, David Wolfe has taught for Anthony Robbins. He is the taught for [xx]. He is the chairman, CEO and founder of Sunfood Nutrition at, President of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and also co-founder the and for anyone who knows anything about nutrition, you know that David Wolfe is one of the premier nutrition gurus, raw food experts and superfood expert.


David Wolfe: We grew up, I grew up on Flintstones chewable vitamins. I mean that has nothing to do with anything found in Mother Nature’s bosom. There is no question in my mind that raw and living foods makes you capable of handling dozens of times more stress than the average person can handle without it penetrating your stress defense shield and causing stomach aches or stresses in your neck or pain in the neck kind of thing, whatever. There is such a powerful tool here in being able to achieve your dreams. It is unbelievable.


Robert Harrison: It is just an absolute pleasure to have you on the show today, David. Thank you for being here.

David Wolfe: Thank you. It is awesome. It is really, really special for me to be able to share information that is pertinent to right now, what’s happening today in everybody’s lives, what the cutting edge is right now today, what’s the latest news. There’s nothing like nutrition in the world. It’s like a new science project you run on yourself.

Robert Harrison: Awesome. Now I know what we talked about goji berries. We just started to hint about the cacao bean. What are some of the other superfoods that you recommend that we just start adding to our diet to start to make this transition?

David Wolfe: Well, one of the great ones is hemp seed. Hemp seed butter. Hemp seed tastes like peanut butter a little bit. They are absolutely delicious. They are probably overall the most balanced food for our physiology of anything. They have got the right ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 to Omega 9, saturated fats. They have a complete protein profile. They are loaded with albumin which is like a globulin which helps with our immune system, it helps to preramp up our immune system. Hemp seed can pull in dozens and dozens of trace minerals, over 21 that we know of so far and probably a whole lot more than that. And it’s also kind of political because this plant, George Washington said the future of America depends on this plant because he ate it everyday. That’s why he was such a genius, the same with Thomas Jefferson. These guys were geniuses because of the food they were eating. What food were they eating?  Hemp and hempseed. That was their food.

Robert Harrison: Wow

David Wolfe: When we start talking about superfoods what we are really talking about here, are that these are the greatest foods on earth. Civilizations have come and gone and left us gifts. Aloe vera, for example, the Egyptian civilization, the pyramids and every single thing else left us the food. Most people are not aware of that. What’s the food? Aloe vera. So you start introducing raw aloe vera. You filet the skin off. You get the gel out. You throw it into a blender. You blend it with orange juice. You drink it. You go, “What in the world is going on here?” These bottled aloe veras, they have been pasteurized. They are not raw. They don’t have the magic. There is no question about it. I mean I have been a raw living foodist for fifteen years. There is no question that there is a magic that surrounds living food. It’s an enchantment. Most people are living in a disenchanted world because they are eating disenchanted food, food that is actually ugly and when you eat enchanted food, it brings that enchantment back in your life. You feel like, “Oh my God. How come we never heard about this?”

Robert Harrison: Now David, I think this is a good time to talk about juices just a little bit. Now in our weight loss program, we have people who come in. They go “No, I am drinking a lot of juice.” They are going to grocery store and they are buying Tropicana pure premium and, of course, it has been pasteurized and it has been raised above 120 degrees. Can you mention a little bit briefly about that for people who are not familiar with that concept of how that absolutely alters the food permanently when it is raised above that temperature?

David Wolfe: You know a good friend of mine, Dr. Patrick Flanagan when he was seventeen years old, he was voted into the top ten scientists in America. He is 64, 65 now. He has had the most illustrious career. And here’s what he told me. He said the number one thing that happens when you cook food, because he is a raw foodist himself, the number one thing that happens is you lose hydrogen. Now hydrogen is hydration, right or water.  You lose the water so we have to replace it with some other kind of water. Well, we don’t want to be drinking more tap water or other kinds of water in plastic bottles. We like to get it all from food if possible. So when we are dealing with orange juice, we can get a lot of hydration from an orange, however, we have this cooked orange juice that concentrates in the cylinder. I remember those from being a kid. That’s how I learned to make smoothies, I will tell you, from those things. They don’t have the proper water in it. It has been disturbed or distorted due to the cooking and pasteurization and then they probably added water into it which is probably not the best water ever. That’s going through our body. These things have a cumulative effect. That’s the thing about food.

But what’s good is that our bodies are forgiving. We could have done the wrong thing for years and years and years. All of a sudden we do the right thing.  The body goes, yep, we got it. It’s all good. We forgive you. We are on the new track right now.

Robert Harrison: But I think a lot of people think their Tropicana pure premium isn’t cooked. I don’t think they fully understand how that pasteurization process turns the food acidic. It kills the enzymes and just completely alters it forever.

David Wolfe: It carmelizes the sugar which create acidity. It absolutely destroys 100% of the enzymes that are present.  It destroys life force factors which are what actually what make the plant living, for example, a cooked seed won’t grow. You can never grow a cooked seed. It’s not going to grow anywhere but a raw seed grows. Why? Because it still has its growth factors in it. It still has its life force factors in it.  When we take that away what’s happening is planetarily, the actual answer is totally obvious. We actually need to be eating living food like every other creature in the world like a bear, like a gorilla or a mouse or anything else would they have a preference to raw and living food and organic food. I mean a wild chimpanzee will naturally know the difference between an organic banana and a conventional banana.

Robert Harrison: Really

David Wolfe: Yeah, I have that research. That went into my superfoods book. It’s really, it’s amazing actually how far down the rabbit hole we are with this whole food thing but we can instantly get out now really fast, faster than ever because choices are in front of us that had never been there before. We are living in the greatest times in the history of the world and we could just go “Oh we are on the wrong track. Let me get on the right track,” Just like success technology.  You could have been listening to the wrong dude or doing the wrong thing or living by the wrong principle, all of a sudden you go that was totally false. Maybe I should be living by this principle.  You do the other thing. All of a sudden everything goes your way. Fate favors you. That’s what happens with food.

Robert Harrison: Kind of like discovering the world in fact is not flat [laugh]

David Wolfe: Exactly. I mean it is difficult for me because I am so far into this to really actually tell everyone how incredible it really is because if I did that, no one would believe it. I mean we have no reference point. We grew up, I grew up on Flintstones chewable vitamins. I mean that has nothing to do with anything found in Mother Nature’s bosom.

Robert Harrison: Exactly. Exactly. So we need to take another break and then when we come back I would like to discuss a little bit about detoxification and some of the more advanced questions from maybe some of the listeners that are already maybe vegan or starting to transition to that lifestyle some more advanced questions about nutrition since we do have the absolute expert on there and then before we wrap up the show today, I think it would be kind of cool to maybe have you talk a little bit about because I think that’s a great idea and then what some of the superfoods they can get maybe at would be.

So everyone this is Robert Harrison with Coaching by the Life Coach and we are on the phone here today with David Wolfe, internationally renowned author, health lecturer, one of the most foremost authorities on raw food nutrition and we are talking about how to get that the missing link to really being successful, really be in a master transformation by taking care of the foundation which is your body, your nutrition making sure you have that energy, you are connected with that zero point energy that life force that you really need to move where you want to go and we will be right back.

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Robert Harrison: Hi everyone, this is Robert Harrison with Coaching by the Life Coach. Today we are talking with David Wolfe, author of the “Sunfood Diet Success System,” founder of and And we have been talking today about the missing link in really mastering the art of transformation, mastering the art of really being successful in all areas and thriving and it’s the area of nutrition. We today as Americans are malnutrition. We are deficient in that and so if you are experiencing stress, if you are experiencing lack of clarity, lack of focus, lack of energy, lack of momentum, this is the missing key for that. We have been talking about the difference between raw foods and cooked food and the importance of eating raw living foods and adding superfoods to our diet to raise that energy and give our bodies the nutrition it really needs.

So David, I know through my research that one of the most common things that starts to happen when someone starts to transition depending on how they transition to adding more living foods,  I know that Tony Robbins in “Unlimited Power” mentions that we should have at least 70% raw living foods to our diet.  What are some of the things that we expect to see in terms of detoxification and how you recommend handling that? I know for a lot of people they are going “Oh my God, I couldn’t imagine giving up coffee.” Does this mean we have to give up food and wine? What is the impact of all that?

David Wolfe: OK, well first thing is that we never want to ask anybody to give up anything because that’s against human nature. Let’s say hey you can’t have that coffee anymore, you are going to want it ten times more than you did before.

Robert Harrison: It’s true.

David Wolfe: We don’t even go there. We let the food do our talking for us. You get on a superfood smoothie or a superfood shake everyday instead of the protein stuff that had been done before and you let that do its job for you because you will be so transformed just by that that you will be like, “What in the world is going on here?”  And then you want that again instead of having, you come home like I come home at the end of a long day, by the way, I run four businesses, a nonprofit and I travel the world and do over 100 events a year. There is probably nobody more busy than I am and when you are talking about stress, I know how to deal the stress game and there is no question in my mind that raw and living foods makes you capable of handling dozens of times more stress than the average person can handle without it penetrating your stress defense shield and causing stomach aches or stresses in your neck or pain in the neck kind of thing or whatever. There is such a powerful tool here in being able to achieve your dreams, it is unbelievable.

Anyway, going back here to this thing about like how do we do this, how do we get to 70% raw foods or 80%.  Well, we have to add some in that we like. We look at all the raw foods in the health foods, raw organic foods. We go OK I am going to do that. I’m going to do that. I’m going to do this. I am going to drink that vegetable juice and that’s where I am going to start.

Detoxification can occur when we do that because really what detoxification is, is moving from a low energy state to a high energy state and when you do that, all of a sudden everything that was swept under the rug have to come out. We have to look at it now. So that could mean excessive amount of bowel movements. That could be turbidity in your urine. It could be night sweats. It could be psychological or emotional disturbance. It could be physical disturbance like something comes out of your skin. It could be bad breath for three days. It could be a number of different things and it looks different for everybody but better out than in. If we can get that stuff out, we want that toxicity out because if we leave it in, that’s what the real bad guys feed on in the final days of our life, otherwise known as the c word which is a plague at the moment, what that stuff is feeding on, that horrible disease which is called cancer. It feeds on the toxins that we have all eaten throughout our lives. It accumulated. We have to flush our system. We can do it in different ways.

You can do it by eating superfoods. You can do herbal cleansing.  You can do herbal cleansing systems where you take a bunch of different herbs and you do in a specific pattern each day. You can fast on fresh juices and find out what that’s like. When I first started doing fasting, that’s something you have to recommend to yourself.  I can’t recommend that to you because that is actually like a medical procedure to recommend fasting. I don’t recommend fasting. I recommend you explore fasting for yourself because when I started fasting, meaning going a day without food, it radically transformed my life. It put me in tune with people who were actually hungry in the world, people who don’t have food. It connected me to being able to control my eating behavior. It was really spiritually very powerful.

And then other things you want to look at is, OK what about hot saunas? We definitely want to get in hot saunas, make sure we sweat out our toxins. We want to keep the yoga and movement going which is helping to move our lymphatic fluids. We can get that stuff which is stuck to our ribs literally, which is that cooked oil and get to start making it admissible, moving it, getting it of our system and eventually through all the different modalities that are available whether it is colonics or just eating raw living food or herbal cleansing or fasting, or doing different compounds that can help get stuff out like superfoods like chlorella can get help get heavy metals out of our brain like mercury of out of our brain. Through all of that stuff, eventually we go, whoa, wait a second I can think clearly. I have energy.  I wake up with sparkles in my eye in the morning. All is well in the world.  This is where all of this has to take us.

Robert Harrison: Nice. Now I am going to ask you about that because as a researcher on the subject, and as a man, a human being colonic is not really an appealing idea to me. Is that something that realistically we should do if we had many, many years. I know in your book you mentioned that it takes approximately if you are eating a raw food diet, one month for every year of eating cooked food or eating refined processed food to detoxify the body. How important is the colonic or the cleanse or is it something where we are going to add superfoods and over time and start to move to that direction?

David Wolfe: Yeah, it is really good at this point just to know about these things. If you feel an aversion to it for whatever reason, don’t worry about it. Your thoughts about it may change later. I mean it definitely did for me. No question about that. There is no sense in fighting yourself about these things or trying to force yourself to do something that you are not going to do anyway.  What makes more sense is just moving forward with direction and purpose meaning I’m shopping in the organic health food store. I am buying organic food. I am going to buy raw food. I am going to get my diet 78% raw. That’s my goal. That’s my written goal, these kinds of things.  Inevitably you will land yourself in a colon hydrotherapist’s office, you will land yourself on an herbal plan. It is just going to come around. It will happen in the flow.

Robert Harrison: You mentioned doing a superfood smoothie. So that people have something practical to do at the end of their dinner that they can go out and do right now. Maybe they go to Whole Foods and get some superfoods or they go to and order some superfood.   Let’s say on my desk here I have a bag of raw cacao nibs. I’ve got a bag of goji berries. I got a bag of mulberries. Can you give us a simple recipe? What qualifies as a superfood smoothie? What would be a simple recipe we can do?

David Wolfe: First thing with a superfood smoothie or a shake or any kind of protein shake whatever you are doing, you got to have a liquid in there. That’s your base. The base could be water. It could be coconut water. If you know about coconuts you can get coconut water. Coconut water is awesome. It could be fruit juice.  Generally, I do not do that. It’s a little too sweet. It could be a tea, let’s say you like green tea. Let it cool off and then you go with that or let’s say you deal with coffee, use coffee as your base and then you blend into that your superfoods. Now what are those going to look like? We talked about goji berries already, boom. You take a handful, you throw it in your blender. Just a handful right in your blender.

Cacao, you just take a handful of cacao and throw it in your blender. What is cacao? It is the raw chocolate nut. It’s the nut that all chocolate is made out of otherwise known as.cocoa and we innovated bringing that back to the world in its raw state because everyone was cooking it. And everyone knows there is something in chocolate that’s good for you. It’s not the sugar. It’s not the dairy products. It’s actually that cacao. You get that straight direct into your blood cells immediately. Boom. You throw that in there. Let’s say you go I need something to make it a little sweeter. Blueberries. You throw blueberries in there.

Let’s say you go I want another superfood in there that is really powerful, spirulina. Boom, throw spirulina in there. Let’s say, OK I need something to round it out give it a little body. OK let me take some coconut meat. If you open up a coconut, you can spoon out the inside, throw that in there. Let’s say you have no idea what I am talking about. No problem. You can take some frozen hemp seeds in there. That gives some body, some fat and protein some thickness so it’s more like a milkshake kind of a thing and you can build up the body of the beverage that way.

And then let’s say you go on, still don’t like the taste of it. OK let’s say you really like honey. Honey is an incredible superfood. Take a little bit of honey, throw that in there. Of course, it has to be raw and organic.  Let’s say you don’t have that. Ok well let’s say you use a little bit more fruit in order to sweeten it up a little bit more. You blend that sucker up and then boom you are running out the door and you have something that will last you all day. And you can just sip on it. Put it in your thermos and sip on it all day and then you will feel the power of real proteins.

Goji berries are a complete protein source. Hemp seeds are a complete protein source. Spirulina is a complete protein source. Cacao is an incredible delivery system for protein, extraordinary delivery system for nutrients in general and when you mix cacao in there it all tastes like chocolate. It’s like my God, I am going to eat chocolate and I’m having the best day ever too. This is unbelievable.

Robert Harrison: Awesome. So if we are eating these superfoods we are getting all the protein that we need.

David Wolfe: Yes, for the first time in our life you get to discover what protein really is.

Robert Harrison: Is there any concern about mixing the superfoods? I can basically do whatever it takes. Go to whatever my whims, I feel like doing today. Like I can mix it and match it as much as I want. That’s OK to do?

David Wolfe: Yes it is. The challenge will be if you do too many bananas, for example, you can get a little gassy because the starch in banana has that effect. So you may want to switch away from bananas and go more towards berries, like raspberries and blueberries. They can be frozen, frozen organic blueberries and raspberries. Boom. Throw those in there. You are rocking.

Robert Harrison: Would you recommend throwing in also like collard greens or kale or something like that?

David Wolfe: Well the thing about cacao, the superfood smoothie that is based on cacao which is the chocolate, the raw cacao that we are throwing in there, it doesn’t go well with green except for mint. You can take fresh mint and throw it in there. That’s dynamite.

Robert Harrison: You mean go well in terms of the taste?

David Wolfe: Yes, taste and alchemy. The alchemy isn’t quite right. If you throw cabbage and chocolate together, they don’t really go together.

Robert Harrison: OK so if you are doing more of a green smoothie then for the people who are feeling acidic and toxic. They want to get a shot of greens and stuff like that from spirulina and some kale whatever, what kinds of superfoods would be a good mix for that in terms of the alchemy?

David Wolfe: In this case, you would use the green superfoods. My favorite right now is the Ocean’s Alive marine phytoplankin. This is Jacques Cousteau’s dream. He said the future of nutrition is in the ocean and finally arrived last year. We have living phytoplankton, the most basic life form on earth in a bottle. You can squirt that into your superfood smoothie. It is a complete protein source. It contains raw ATP in it. Your body doesn’t have to use a Kreps cycle to convert it to ATP which means instant energy, no stimulation. No stimulants of any kind actually. You talk about superfoods, wow. What’s in marine phytoplankin? Well marine phytoplankton is the basis of our word, “food” meaning that every food for every animal, every plant, every insect, everything on earth originally comes from marine phytoplankton, which is the basis of our food chain. And so therefore, it can be the basis of our food chain which is our lifestyle and we can get it in a bottle now, squirt a squirt in our smoothie, throw spirulina, blue green algae or chlorella, these are other superfoods you can get in any health food store or online. Throw that in there and you have a green looking smoothie that is alkaline will help detoxify you and is 1000 times more protein than we ever had before.

Robert Harrison: Wow. Wow. Now is it worth mentioning, and you’re the expert here, is it worth mentioning that people are experiencing like, I heard like if they experience so much detoxification it is uncomfortable,  there are ways to slow it down a little bit?

David Wolfe: Yeah, that’s really important to be in tune with that. Well eating cooked foods will slow it down. That’s important to know unless something toxic needs to come out, it will come out and you need to be with it and go with it. That’s important to know.

Robert Harrison: OK and the changes come in cycles and waves. So in other words, a person, I’ve read different stories of people who eventually went to a completely raw  diet and they would feel great for a while and then they would go through some cleansing healing crisis for a while and then they will feel great and there will be another wave and stuff like that. So would your advice be to ride that you listen to your body. If you need to slow down a little bit, do that but keep heading in that direction?

David Wolfe: Yes exactly. People will do that just based on common sense anyway but it is very important to state it. We need to be very careful with ourselves because we have accumulated a lot of toxins more than we can even believe. We grew up in a toxic age where there are 75,000 synthetic chemicals have been created. And what that means is that some of us have more than others

Robert Harrison: Yeah

David Wolfe:  and it could come out at any time. That’s why one of the reasons why you might say colonics  no now but if you have something really toxic coming out of your and it’s coming out of your skin, you might go, you know what if I go have a colonic it will go out that way and doesn’t have to come out of my skin. I will go and do this.   Then you go run and do that and you see the transformation and how quickly you can get toxins out of your system with a colonic.

Robert Harrison: Cool. OK let’s move on if that’s OK to some of the most advanced questions. Now I know there has been some debate whether to add supplementation particularly with vegans, the whole B12 thing. What is your take on that? How important is it? Do you recommend supplementation? If so, what?

David Wolfe: OK. I very, very rarely recommend supplementation of chemical supplementation, meaning B12 not from a real source in nature but from a lab source. There are several cases where I would recommend supplementation. Number 1 is all of us, everybody should definitely be giving a good go on MSM which is methylsulfonomethane which is a type of bioavailable sulfur because almost everybody is massively deficient in sulfur.  Sulfur is by the way lost entirely through cooking. So when we cook something sulfur bonds are broken down and the sulfur can no longer do its magic of creating flexible pliable tissue. If we want to cleanse and detoxify ourselves safely and healthfully and we want to become flexible again and youthful again, and get the wrinkles out and all that, MSM, methylsulfonomethane is a critical supplement in the overall picture. It is a super high energy substance. It is a true supplement and I would highly recommend it for a lot of reasons.

Robert Harrison: How much would you recommend a day? Is there a particular brand that you like?

David Wolfe: I would work your way up to 2500 milligrams a day. Once you really are on that and doing that consistently I would eventually get your way up to 7500 milligrams a day for a few months or even higher because that’s when you start really repairing your tissue. You start really being able to repair old injuries, get scar issue out of your system. It’s a very, very powerful protocol to add into your superfood or raw food or healthy diet.

Robert Harrison: OK.

David Wolfe:  Another true supplement I would recommend for vegans who are not getting B12 is a vitamin B12 supplement which is called methyl cobalamin, not cynacobalamin but methyl cobalamin which is methylated. It’s much more bioavailable. You can just do a sublingual dose. That’s something that is very important for vegans and vegetarians due to pernicious anemia that can come on five years, ten years, twenty years down the road. It really depends on the person. Naturally in nature we would not be a complete vegan or vegetarian. It wouldn’t happen there is no way you could avoid eating [xx] on the food that you are eating. You can eat an ant here and there whatever. We are in as sterile situation so it’s a disturbed situation, therefore, we have to make amends in that regard.

Other than that, the ones that come up really big are EPA and DHA which are long chain fatty acids and they are essential Omega 3 fatty acids.  So we used to believe there was one Omega 3 fatty acid. Now we found out no, no, no. There’s not. There are at least three and probably more. The long chain Omega 3 fatty acids which are in cod liver oil are actually the kind that we really need because they can help to rebuild neurological tissue and eye tissue, like the tissue your eyes are made out of. They are very good for your cardiovascular system. Now nobody wants to do cod liver oil anymore. There are two reasons. One is we will fish the oceans out of cod in forty years.  It will be less than that actually the way things are going and I don’t want to be participating in that so I don’t think anyone else does either.

Another reason is that we can get EPA and DHA from more base sources, for example, marine phytoplankton does contain EPA. Blue green algae [xx] does contain DHA but not in very high amounts. If you want to get a supplement then probably I would recommend a semi supplement which is Krill oil which is vastly better than fish oil. If you are taking fish oil get off it. Get rid of it and get on to Krill oil. First of all we don’t want to fish out our oceans. Second of all, Krill can’t be fished out. They are the ants of the ocean. If the krill are gone we are all gone anyway.

Robert Harrison: OK excellent. How much we should take of that or B12, what are your recommended doses for that?

David Wolfe: It depends for someone on B12 generally, 1000 microgram dose taken once a day if they feel they have a problem with B12. If they have a very big problem then they would take a 5000 mcg dose not an mg and with DHA, EPA we want to take somewhere around 600 milligrams of those a day, either 300 EPA and 300 DHA or maybe even double that which is 600 of each. That’s the general format which these products are sold in. They are usually in 300 milligram gel caps already

Robert Harrison: OK. Now I know we are running out of time here. For those who do not know, your nickname is avocado and I love avocados. So I wonder if you can mention briefly the power of avocado and also of sauerkraut. I know you are also a big fan of eating sauerkraut and just a little bit about both of those.

David Wolfe: That’s the funniest thing. I just finished eating avocado and sauerkraut together, only those two things.

Robert Harrison: [laughter]

David Wolfe: That’s really strange. Let’s talk about avocado first.

Avocado is a very,  very valuable food for people who want to transition away from very heavy, very dense cooked food and very bready starchy carbohydrate food and still want to fill that empty space and not too heavy. If we eat a bunch of nuts with all that empty space like almonds or pecans or something or walnuts, we are going to feel not too good if we eat 10 lbs of that stuff. So there’s this thing about OK, what’s going to fill the empty space? Well, our stomachs have been expanded and avocado can help to fill that empty space until our stomach readjusts to the new type of foods that are coming in which means not the entire pizza pie every night but smaller dosages. Avocado is a tremendous transition food. It is the right kind of fat and oil for our cardiovascular system a monounsaturated fat which is raw and is very good for the uterus. It’s one of the best foods for the uterus of any food of the world. That’s important for female reproductive health because we are seeing a lot of uterine problems increasing exponentially probably more, like a plague, more and more problems.

Robert Harrison: So ladies eat your avocados and guys eat your avocados, plenty of it. What’s the deal with sauerkraut?

David Wolfe: Before I let avocados go I have to say this. Avocados are not fattening. It’s what’s eaten with the avocados, namely the corn chips and sour cream. That’s what’s fattening. I used to eat unbelievable amounts of avocados a day. I would eat 8 a day, crazy stuff. That’s when I was really, really active running around and doing that kind of lifestyle. My body could burn through that. That’s something to be aware of. We can’t have these prejudices that have just been given to us by God knows who. Definitely people weren’t healthy so what do they know.

Anyway. Let’s talk about sauerkraut. Sauerkraut could be an excellent source of friendly bacteria what we call probiotics. Most of us is not us. Most of us consists of bacteria that lives on us meaning we have 100 times more bacteria in terms of bacteria cells than we have cells in our bodies. That’s pretty amazing. That actual bacteria, the weight of it can be up and over five lbs.

Robert Harrison: Wow

David Wolfe: That’s how much bacteria is living in our body.

Robert Harrison: Wow.

David Wolfe: We want that to be friendly bacteria, good bacteria, bacteria that lives symbiotically with us and helps us digest food.   That’s where sauerkraut comes it. It can supply us the acidophilus and the friendly bacteria and the friendly cultures that improve digestion.

Robert Harrison: The sauerkraut you get at your Safeway store or something like that, I assume is that cooked? How do we know if we are getting a raw sauerkraut? Where would we get something like that?

David Wolfe: OK I’m glad you asked that. I am so far out of going into a regular store. Yes all the regular sauerkrauts that are all out there are pasteurized. So that means they do not contain friendly bacteria anymore. You would have to go to a health food store in the refrigerated section and get unpasteurized sauerkraut or kimchi or other fermented food products.

Robert Harrison: OK so kimchi would do the same thing?

David Wolfe: Kimchi does the same thing. You could also get the same effect, you can get coconut water. Cut up a bunch of coconuts. Take coconut water. Put it in a pitcher. Take a bunch of friendly bacteria capsules, probiotic capsules. Open 8 or 10 of them into them, a white powder. You can get it into the coconut water.. Stir it up put a rag leave it out for 24 hours and those bacteria which are in the capsules will actually multiply and colonize the entire coconut water and then the next day you take the top off and drink it and you will get all that bacteria living and that helps to support a healthy, digestive response.

Robert Harrison: Wow. So how much and how often is that before we wrap up?

David Wolfe: It depends on what you are dealing with. If you are dealing with a lot of stomach disorders and digestive problems, then you can do it everyday. If you are dealing with stuff that your body can digest iron. You can digest nails, then you can try it for fun but you don’t need to do it. I fortunately have a digestive system that can digest nails and I am a raw foodist which is even more fortunate. Some of us are more sensitive and we have got to be aware there are tools that can help us and one of them is friendly bacteria.

Robert Harrison: Excellent. Excellent. David, this has been so unbelievably helpful. For those that want to learn more, as we wrap it up here maybe you can say more about the or maybe recommend one of your books or programs that would be a good starting place because obviously we are just barely scratching the surface of this education. Where would you recommend that we as listeners begin in terms of getting into your materials?

David Wolfe: Yeah, I would recommend three books that I have out right now, “Eating for Beauty,” “The Sunfood Diet Success System” and then the “21 day Peak Performance and Weight Loss Audio Program.” With those three, you have a lot of materials to pour through and a lot of stuff to literally can keep you preoccupied for months and be a lot of fun too.

And then the next thing I want to mention is something that we started about five almost six years ago is, the, all four of those words stuck together. And that is an online magazine which to me is the most powerful self help personal transformation resource on the whole earth, anywhere, for any price. If you get in there and you check out what’s in there you will see what I mean. We have audio files on every possible thing you can imagine from every success principle all the way to the most exotic food to everything in between, health transformation, inspiration material, illuminating material, super educational. There’s a community of people in that site, 1500 members of that site that are all communicating with you. So if you are a beginner, they can help you. They are like coaches. They are right there with you. We have got video in the site so you can punch up and look at all videos on how to make anything I just said. It’s all on video. You can see it all. This goes on. That site is an absolute wonder. It’s a very big labor of love over many years. Right now it is an incredible technological place.

Robert Harrison: Excellent. Excellent. Well David, thank you so much for being on the show. I would love to hopefully get you back on the show down the road. I know we are going to get a lot of questions to the blog. We are going to get a lot of callers calling in with other questions and things like that. I think that the work that you are doing right now with educating people about raw food is so unbelievably critically important to success to health, to well being. When you get into your Sunfood Success Diet book, you realize the global impact of this way of living also and how it is so karmically absolutely in tune. This is not fluffy soft stuff anymore. This is real stuff. So thank you so much for being on the show. Any parting words for the guests before they go back to their busy jobs and lives?

David Wolfe: Well, you know Benjamin Franklin said, he said there are two ways to become successful. One is increase your means. The other is decrease your needs. You can increase your production, increase your business, do that. The other is you just go, “Well, I decrease my needs. I don’t need all of that stuff.” That’s kind of how raw food works. You can increase your means. It will give you the juice to do it, literally give you the juice to do it. The other side is you realize you don’t need anything. We are all children of the earth. We are from this planet and we can walk out in a forest and we are being nourished unbelievably just from that. It takes us to a place of appreciation of the beauty that is already here.

Robert Harrison: Awesome. Awesome. David, thank you so much. This is Robert Harrison with Coaching by the Life Coach. We have been talking today with David Wolfe of It has been an absolute pleasure. Please blog about this episode. Share it with your friends. If you haven’t got the pod widget yet, get it and put it on your website and go check out Until next time everyone, be healthy and be well. Take care.


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