The Missing ‘KEY’ to being UBER Successful that 99% of all Self-Help Programs Completely Miss (Part 1)
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Robert Harrison

Episode 33 - The Missing ‘KEY’ to being UBER Successful that 99% of all Self-Help Programs Completely Miss (Part 1)

In this two part series Robert interviews LIVE FOOD NUTRITION GURU David Wolfe.  David is the nutritional coach to the biggest players in the business and personal development world such as Steve Jobs, Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Ecker, Buzz Aldrin, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield and more...

Energy & nutrition is the key to being clear, focused, handling stress, and keeping you on track in business and life.

If you think you know it all – think again.  This interview will unlock the doors to super energy, mental clarity, and well-being that you’ve never imagined you can experience.

Grab your pen and paper, sit down, close the doors, turn off the phone, and learn from a TRUE EXPERT about how to be your VERY BEST each and every day.




Announcer:  This is Part 1 of a two-part program.


Robert Harrison:  Hi, everyone.  Welcome to the “Coaching by the Life Coach.”  I’m your host, Robert Harrison, and today on the show, we’re going to be talking about the missing key to really being successful, whether it’s in a business, whether it’s in a career, whether it’s at home.  And I want to talk about the…we’re going to call it Chapter X, which is really Chapter 10.

Anthony Robbins touched on this in his national bestseller, “Unlimited Power.”  And our guest today, David Wolfe, has taught for Anthony Robbins, he has taught for T. Harv Eker.  He is the chairman, CEO and founder of Sunfood Nutrition, at, president of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and also co-founder of the

And for anyone who knows anything about nutrition, you know that David Wolfe is one of the premier nutrition gurus, raw food experts and super food experts.


David Wolfe:  The number one thing is that you are what you eat turns out to be way more powerful than we could have ever known.  That phrase is the cosmic email that we were gifted when we were born.  We got one email and it’s “you are what you eat.”  That’s why everybody knows that phrase all over the world.


You know, what we suffer from are bad theories and we buy into them.  We believe it’s real and we just end up getting dragged into, you know, some dismal corner.  And eventually, we get onto like, what the actual kind of direction we need to go is.  When we do that, you know, a light turns on and inspiration comes on and it’s really powerful success principle that where you start taking action in the right direction, everything stacks on top of itself, next thing you know you are transforming your life and your energy and your personal development skills, your learning abilities, all of it.


Robert Harrison:  It is just an absolute pleasure to have you on the show today, David.  Thank you for being here.

David Wolfe:  Thank you, this is awesome.  It’s really, really special to me to be able to share information that is pertinent to right now, what’s happening today in everybody’s lives and what the cutting edge is right now, today, what’s the latest news.  And there’s nothing like nutrition in the world, it’s like a science project you run on yourself.

Robert Harrison:  Exactly, exactly.

So, David, this is getting into this mission, I think the missing link here and I’ve been reading your book, the “Sunfood Diet Success System,” all the evidence points to it, you know, we are the fattest nation in the world right now.  People are sicker than ever.

I know from reading your book you talk about when you were a child growing up that you saw the inside of medicine and that people were actually, you know, getting sicker rather than getting better.  So, maybe that would kind of a good place to start.  A little bit about your background, how you got into raw food lifestyle and nutrition and some of your thoughts on that.

David Wolfe:  Well, both my parents are medical doctors and so I grew up in that environment, completely and totally.  And, actually, they met in medical school and, until I was about 10 years old, I didn’t even really know that there was another reality than being the son of two doctors.  And so, I do know medicine inside and out.  I’ve been inured in it; I was born into it and, you know, since the age of zero.  That really developed inside of me very deep concerns, at a young age, about medicine, what it’s about, what its effects are, what the pharmaceutical industry is really all about.

And, about the age of seven years old, that’s when I decided I would not take any shots or take any medicine whatsoever, no matter what, even at that young age because of...

Robert Harrison:  Wow.

David Wolfe:  …what I’ve seen.  Yeah, and that’s really what got me started is some of that stubbornness led, eventually, led me to really question basic assumptions about nutrition.  That’s inevitably where it led to.

Robert Harrison:  Awesome, awesome.  So, you know, David, from your point of view, I know you’ve worked with all the greats, you know, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Buzz Aldrin.  Can you talk about this?  You know, I know Anthony Robbins mentioned it in “Unlimited Power,” and I think, you know, myself as a coach at the time, I went, “Wow, that’s really important.  Wow, I should eat more, you know, raw fruits and vegetables and things like that.”

And then, I kind of glossed it over and went back into the, you know, the old cooked food, you know, refined and processed food way of living.  And I think people are becoming more educated now on how what we eat really affects our energy, but you have kind of like a unique way of looking at that.  So, I’m hoping you can talk a little bit about really, and really hammer this point home, of how our nutrition affects our energy.

David Wolfe:  Okay, well, number one thing is that you are what you eat turns out to be way more powerful than we could have ever known.  That phrase is the cosmic email that we were gifted when we were born.  We got one email and it’s “you are what you eat.”  That’s why everybody knows that phrase all over the world.

And, when you really begin to look at that phrase and what it means, what you really tune into is this whole quantum theory that we’re really just nothing but an energy field and if we feed ourselves garbage, then that energy field is going to be distorted or disturbed.  And, if we feed our energy field the best food ever, then that energy field will become something we couldn’t even image or know or have any idea it could have existed.

So, as a student of personal success technology, you know, a student of Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Jim Roan, Tony Robbins, I know, Tony Robbins personally for 28 years or 24 years, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, I mean every one of them.  I’ve been a student of theirs, you know, from the beginning.  And what I found was very lacking was this conversation about food.  Because, when I changed my diet around and actually got into raw and living foods and super foods, it was such a radical change in my psyche, my spirit, energy level, everything.  That, I was like, this is absolutely dumbfounding.  How could this concept have evaded humanity for so long?

And that concept, basically, is this.  That is, we were born onto the planet, we’re not attached to a stove.  We don’t need to cook anything to live or survive and that raw foods actually have vastly greater nutrition than cooked foods and that cooking is a preservation technology.  It’s designed to preserve food.  And that technology is no longer needed.  And, suddenly, I got that and that was 15 years ago and I’ve been a raw foodist for 15 years and the effect is titanic.

It is titanic, it is cataclysmic to all aspects of philosophy, all aspects of success because it recreates you, really recreates you at the cellular level and turns you into the person you were supposed to be.  And I, believe me, I came all the way from junk food from Fruit Loops, literally – and, my God, who knows what was in that plastic jug of milk? – all the way now to being a super foodist and through that journey it is titanic the import of this information.

It actually is, I think it’s powerful enough to actually get us on the right track, get us all on the right track heading back to where we all should be, which is turning this planet into a paradise.

Robert Harrison:  It’s really interesting in your book how you go on to talk about how like the social and the global impact of that way of eating.  But, before we get into that, before we get into kind of the particulars of why that’s the optimal way, I’m thinking from the mind of the listeners who are listening right now, executives, you know, business owners, entrepreneurs, and they’re going, “yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m busy, I don’t have time for this.  Whatever.”

Like what were some of those, because you’re talking about that radical change.  Now, in my personal life, recently, my wife and I had a baby.  She was a vegan before having the baby.  So I had stopped with being a vegan, stopped with being a little bit raw here and there and never really took it seriously.

And, as most people know, when you have a child, you get very little sleep, you know, you really get maxed out on your resources.  And so, out of absolute, sheer necessity, I, you know, came across your work again in my library.  And I said, “you know what, I’m going to try…I’m going to go and try being a raw foodist again and see what happens.”

And it’s been absolutely amazing, the instant change in my energy level, my mental clarity, not to mention how my body looks and feels.  And it’s been very, very radical in a very, very short period of time.

Can you talk about some of those radical transformations that you experienced when you switched back at that early age?

David Wolfe:  Well, I think the first thing that happened was that the quality of my tissue, you know, like your skin, your nails, your musculature, all your tissue quality changes.  And you become much more flexible but still strong, even probably stronger.  And your endurance, my God, out the window.  I mean there’s nobody can beat me in any endurance game and I don’t even need to warm up.  I mean, no matter what.  I can hike 30 miles in a day without even having, with sitting in an office for a month, not even walking a mile and then get up and walk 30 miles and then come back and just like nothing happened.

I mean, these are the things that are really astounding when we start looking at how powerful nutrition can really be.  And it’s very simple.  It’s not more kind of, you know, synthetic, you know, chemical vitamins or minerals.  It’s actually real food that we’re talking about here, original food that’s always been here which is adding, this is important because some people might go, I don’t know, how do I do this?  What’s the first step?  There is no first step.  It’s just direction and, you know, direction determines destination as we know from the success literature, by adding in raw and living foods and super foods into your diet a change automatically occurs at any level.

If you want to go eat a whole hog plus postage, great; if you wan to try one thing a day, great.  If you want to, you know, go to a health food store for the first time ever, great, perfect.  But these things do begin to add up because little disciplines add up and the next thing you know, we add in fruits, we add organic, raw organic.  We add in vegetables, raw organic.  We add in nuts and seeds, raw organic.  We add in seaweed, raw organic.  We add in sprouts, we add in wheatgrass, if we like that.  We add in herbs, if we like that.  We add in super foods, if we like that.  And we just find what we like and we add it into our lifestyle as it is now and we gradually begin to educate ourselves and go a little bit different of a direction and we’ll see how radical that can change our destiny.

Robert Harrison:  Wow.  Now, in your book, you mention that within you is a power which will astonish you.  “Within you are the seeds of greatness, of beauty, of discipline, of excellence and of destiny and this is the last moment of the way you used to be.  It is time to give yourself permission to reach the absolutely highest possible state of health.”

Now, David, I’ll tell the personal testimony to you and to your education, one of the videos I came across, talked about, hey, if nothing else, just add a little bit of super food into your diet and see how you feel and see what the difference is.  And I happened to have an old bottle of Spirulina in the fridge at home and I didn’t know if it was still good, and I took a teaspoon and threw it in some water, mixed it up and drank it down.  And I felt better.  And it was pretty, it was instant, it was pretty radical, it was pretty noticeable.

So, I’d like to, what I’d like to do now is sort of move into a little bit, if it’s okay, you know like, because there are so many people out there that are going, “well, you know, I eat fruits and vegetables and I eat healthy all the time.”  And, you know, we have a weight loss clinic here, Bay Hypnosis, and I constantly hear people say, “oh, I eat great.  Oh, I eat really, really well.”  And I say, “well, great, why don’t you write it down so we can bring it in.”  And, of course, when they write it down and they bring it in, first thing I notice is (A) they don’t bring it in because, (B) what they’ve done is that they wrote it down and oh, they realize what they’re eating is probably not all that good for them.

But, what is the real main difference between cooked food and raw food?

David Wolfe:  There are massive differences between cooked food and raw food.  In fact, this is the biggest, it’s so obvious that actually we’ve never looked at it before.  We never even thought about it.

Cooking, for example, destroys all B vitamins, depending on what temperature.  The higher you go, the more B vitamins are destroyed because they’re all water-soluble.  Fat-soluble vitamins, like carotenes and carotenoids, beta carotene is one that we know well, zantophyll [sp] is another one, chlorophyll is another one.  These keratins are destroyed at high temperatures as well because they’re fat-soluble and once that fat goes rancid, they’re gone.

The cooking process also destroys certain amino acids.  One of the most important amino acids is tryptophan.  That has the lowest temperature by which it is disturbed.  It can be disturbed as low as 112 degrees Fahrenheit.  That’s really low.  And, that means that a lot of cooked food is deficit or has distorted or disturbed tryptophan in it, which actually does affect our nervous system and our neurological system.  It actually can cause us to have a serotonin deficiency.

In addition to all that, when we cook food, we can create chemicals that were not there before, like nitrosamines, ages, A-G-E-S, is accelerated by cation N products, which is a carcinogen.  Acrylimides which is created when you cook starchy food, that’s also a carcinogen.  And the list goes on.  I mean I could go…I could literally do a whole four hours just on what happens when we cook food.

We destroy 100% of the enzymes that are present in the food and that’s in the coding sequences that tell our body, “oh, okay, this cucumber actually goes to your kidney; this leafy vegetable goes to your lungs; this food goes to your, you know, heart.”  Each food actually has coding sequences on it which are enzymes.  When we cook food, we destroy that so we change, our body has to go into a total reaction to the food.

And Dr. Paul Kouchakoff, a Swiss scientist, was the first in medical science to realize that actually, they used to believe that every time you ate food, you’d have a white blood cell reaction in your bloodstream.  Then, he found out in the ‘30s that, no, it only happens if you have cooked food and you have to have a meal that’s more than 50% cooked.

So, if you have 50% or more raw food, you don’t get a white blood cell reaction.  Now, what does that mean?  Well, what it means is that every time we eat food, in most cases, most people are actually crying wolf to their immune system.  They’re calling up their immune system, we start to develop from that autoimmune conditions, because we’re constantly kicking our immune system on, and that’s 99% of the population.

So, when we switch to raw food, it is a radical shift in the way our immune system functions.  It’s a radical shift in our availability of minerals and vitamins and nutrients and carotenes, all of them.  I mean, everything.  Actually, every thing that we have identified as not all that’s there, I mean, what about the stuff we haven’t identified yet?  You know, we didn’t know there was Vitamin K1 and K2.  Now, we know there are two Vitamin Ks.  You know, we didn’t know there were eight Vitamin Es, now we know that.  You know, so things change.

Robert Harrison:  Isn’t there something like a 100,000 phytochemicals and we’ve only discovered like 500 or something.

David Wolfe:  Well, theoretically, there’s probably several thousand.

Robert Harrison:  Okay.

David Wolfe:  And we’ve discovered, you know, somewhere underneath a thousand, which means that we have never synthetically been able to duplicate anything that nature produces and, you know, why would we want to?  We don’t need to, you can just eat the food raw and you get it all.  And, especially if it’s grown well, grown with love and good mineral-rich soil, then we can start seeing a real transformation.

This is really incredible and important information because when we begin to look at what’s making us ill, what the diseases of civilization really are, they are dietary-related.  They are diet diseases and we can stop it, turn it off, and get out of the fear of it by transforming our diet naturally and easily without trying, just by adding in things that we like that feel good, like super foods.  You know, it could be Spirulina, it could also be goji berries.  I mean goji berry is one of the most extraordinary super foods on the whole planet.

I’ve been feeding this to people.  I brought that food back into…I brought that food into America basically and brought it to prominence in America.  And that food is so friendly to a child, to someone who’s 80, to someone’s who’s never heard of health food before.  It’s just, people eat it and they go, “what is this?  I can’t believe this exists.  What’s going on with this food?”  Complete protein source with the highest antioxidant food sources in the world.  It helps secrete human hormone, the only food ever known to do that.

Robert Harrison:  Really?

David Wolfe:  The list goes on and on.

Robert Harrison:  Now, would you say that the average American, if they’re eating by the food pyramid, the USDA food pyramid, is, and this is before we go to break here, but the average American, if they eat a quarter of that pyramid as we are told and taught in school to eat, is malnutritioned?

David Wolfe:  Oh, every American is suffering from major levels of malnourishment but we don’t know it because we’ve never experienced nourishment.  We don’t even have any idea what nourishment is.  That’s how I started.  I had no idea what…actually, when I started getting into raw and living foods and super foods, I actually had no idea what kind of power I was tapping at all.  Because then I realized, oh this why, you know, and the animal in nature can actually get hit by a car, crawl into a cave and recover and actually survive and recover back and return back to normal because their tissue quality is so pliable and so dexterous that actually they, when they get hit by a car, they bounce.  And, in some cases, they can actually survive.

You know, we fall down a stair and break a hip, that’s the end of us.  So, why is it that natural animals in nature actually are so much more durable than us?  Well, it’s the food.  It’s the food they eat.  They eat wild food and they eat mineral-rich food and they have an instinct for that.

This can actually all come back to you over years of eating raw and living foods and super foods and herbs.  You can actually get those instincts back.  But, we are not there; we’ve got to start at the very, very basics, with education and adding, adding, adding, adding.  We don’t have to take away nothing from anybody and no one wants to have their food taken away.  That’s the worse theory ever, that’s the diet theory.  That never works.

We need to be adding in those things we know are incredible for us.  That’s where super foods fit in.

Robert Harrison:  Awesome.  So, before we break here, I think one of the big messages that we’re already getting from you David, is that for those people out there that are always, you know, they’re stressed out, they’re lacking sleep and they’re busy, they’re running around and they’re just wondering where they’re going to get the energy to kind of go to the next level with their business or with their career, that nutrition is the place.

It is the cornerstone of the foundation of having the energy and the clarity and the focus to really move forward in a way that they really want to.  And it’s something that I think is completely overlooked in almost every self-help program out there right now.  But, hopefully, we’re going to change that.

So, this is Robert Harrison with “Coaching by the Life Coach.”  We are talking today with acclaimed nutritionist and founder of and the, David Wolfe, and we will be right back.


Robert Harrison:  Hey, everybody, this is Robert Harrison with “Coaching by the Life Coach.”  Again, we’re talking today with David Wolfe, author of “The Sunfood Diet Success System,” and, if you don’t have it, go out and get it.  The, which is a subscription website, will give you everything you need to know about health, nutrition, beauty, peak performance.  And where you can go get your super foods and things like that.

Now, David, before the break, we were talking about the real difference between raw and cooked food and over the break, you mentioned this idea of this story that really drives home this point for people, because a lot of people think, hey, calories in, calories out.  Diet books all across America and across the world always say, “hey, it’s calories in and calories out.”  And, we know that the reality of it is that isn’t true, so you want to tell us that story and really drive this point home?

David Wolfe:  Yeah, before I even get in the story, I’ve got to say this.  You know, what we suffer from are bad theories and we buy into them.  We believe it’s real and we just end up getting dragged into some, you know, some dismal corner.  And eventually, we get onto like what the actual kind of direction we need to go is.  When we do that, you know, a light turns on and the inspiration comes on and it’s a really powerful success principle that where you start taking action in the right direction, everything stacks on top of itself, the next thing you know you are transforming your life and your energy and your personal development skills, your learning abilities, all of it.

When we start looking at the history of when they discovered there was really significant differences between cooked food and raw food, one of the things they found out is that when you fed cooked oil to livestock, like pigs and sheep and cows and all that, what happened was is that they would gain weight, massive amounts of weight and the farmers really liked that because they never had wide availability of cooked to feed livestock until the 1940s and ‘50s.  When they fed the same raw oils to those livestock, they noticed that they actually couldn’t put any weight on.

So, we have actually known since the ‘40s and ‘50s what is actually putting weight on us.  And that is, mostly actually cooked oil, really.  If you really want me to crack into it, you know, any oil that’s been cooked, fried, French fries, any of that comes from potato chips all of that, but we know that if we just stop eating that stuff, the weight comes right off and the whole weight problem goes out the window.  We don’t even have a weight problem.

So, the whole weight problem is really an illusion.  It’s just created by eating this cooked oil, which is really, really difficult for our body to digest because when that oil is cooked, it is no longer mixable with water.  And so our body can’t get it out very easily.

Robert Harrison:  Now, what about the idea that when you cook a food like a potato, the carbohydrates become more readily available so the body is more likely to convert it to fat versus in its raw state, it’s more perfectly balanced.

David Wolfe:  Well, a potato, in its raw state, isn’t really even a real food.  A potato is more of a survival food, like beans.  I mean, there’s no way I would ever eat a potato ever again, it’s not even, it’s like eating cardboard.  There’s this like, it’s not even on the map.  And the reason…

Robert Harrison:  Really?

David Wolfe:  Yeah, because a lot of our food in our diet is like survival food that’s like lingered on.  Like beans, like potatoes, things of that nature.  And we don’t even need that stuff.  If we really want to go right to…cut right to the chase and get the real deal, then we just go to the raw and living foods, the fruits, the vegetables, the nuts, the seeds and we get all those goodies and we don’t have to cook it.

So, the starch, for example, we can get all the starch we need in the world from roots.  You know, roots are the best source of starch, like burdock root, radishes, onions, garlic, these starchy compounds which we call polysaccharides, are really valuable for creating long-term energy.  That’s why roots are something that’s harvested right now, in the fall, because that’s what you keep in your root cellar for the winter.

Robert Harrison:  Oh, wow.  Okay.

David Wolfe:  So, I mean, things like potatoes, like it’s we still, oh, my God, it’s such a staple food, it’s not really a staple food at all.  It’s something that came recently in history.  It came from the Andes Mountains.  Potatoes are generally toxic.  If you eat them raw and even if they’re cooked, they still could have toxic compounds in them.  And we’ve got to start looking at our overall picture of food and going, “oh, wait a second, we’ve got to move towards quality, because we’ve got all the quantity we want.”  Now we have the wherewithal to have the quality we want and that’s where the transformation is happening when we switch to a quality type of food product, rather than just, you know, eating anything kind of accidently.

Robert Harrison:  Awesome.  Okay.  So, and what would you say is the main difference between a super food for those listening and, you know, just a raw living food.

David Wolfe:  Well, I just turned in a manuscript to Mirandum [sp] House for my book on super foods, so I’m really happy about that.  And, I’m definitely, eminently qualified to talk about what the difference is.

For example, broccoli is a food, it’s a great food, but it is not a super food because it just has a few things.  It’s got a’s a great source of calcium, it’s a great source of magnesium, it’s a great source of fiber.  It’s, you know, an alkaline food, so it helps to alkalize or tissues.  It helps with our digestion, you know, blah, blah, blah.

However, when we look at something like a goji berry, then we’ve got a foot that has about 20 tricks under its sleeve.  For example, goji berry’s one of the highest natural sources of germanium, which is a trace mineral that very strongly stimulates our immune system.  It has all the carotenoids in it.  It’s very powerful food for our eyes and it improves eyesight due to the antioxidant content.  It’s a complete protein source.  It tastes good.  It’s number one ranked in Chinese medicine out of any food herb, out of 8,000 food herbs over 5,000 years of history.  It’s the number one ranked food herb in that whole system.

Robert Harrison:  Wow.

David Wolf:  And when we start looking at all of it, we just start going, “are you kidding me?  I could have that instead of the raisins?”  And it’s like, yes you can, here it is.  And that’s why we’re on like a crusade.  It’s like we can get people into a building and go, hey, eat this, try this, you never had this.  You want me to tell you the story about this?  And then you can eat it, you know, it’s not like a movie where you can’t eat the movie at the end of the movie.  I can get up there and tell a story about a food and then you can eat the food right there and go, what is going on here?  How come we never knew about this?  Well, we’re hearing about it now.

If you’re listening right now, this, what we’re talking about here, is the leading edge in personal transformation, period.  I mean, yeah, I’m into, you know, you are what you think about all day long.  I’m definitely into the law of attraction.  I’m into all the success principles of, you know, where attention goes, energy flows, etcetera.  But you really want to ramp up the power, get you are what you eat working for you and you will ramp up the power.

Robert Harrison:  Nice.  So, for those out there who are absolutely sold on this concept, as I am, what is the first step?  What is, what would you recommend as the expert, as stage one, in starting to move in that direction, in a way that’s realistic and a way that’s doable for, you know, the Average Joe out there?

David Wolfe:  Well, first thing is, begin to orient yourself towards online shopping for super foods and food and health food store shopping, so that you’re doing a different routine.  You’re going to a different place.  That’s a really good first step.  Go to an organic food store because just the discourse that’s going on in an organic food store is much more conducive to transformation to health to all of it.

The next thing is, if they have fresh vegetable juice at your health food store, then go right there and start having fresh vegetable juice everyday and you can start with carrot juice, move from carrot juice, eventually, you’ll go, “well, you know, that’s a little too sweet.  Let’s go to celery juice.”  And then you gradually get more involved in it, you start learning about it and you can figure it out from there.

By the way, the Juice Man is a very good friend of mine.  He officially passed the torch to me to become the next juicing guru, I guess, of the world.  He’s 87 now and when he was 86 he said, okay, now you got it, you run with it.  So I have put the thing out there on juicing, because I know juicing works and it works fast.

Super foods will be the next thing.  If you’re familiar with how to make a protein shake, throw a bunch of  powders in water and blend it up with some fruit, get rid of the junk powders that are coming out of these factories and have nothing to do with anything, and get super food powders in there that are actually a whole food that have been powdered down, like Spirulina, like blue-green algae, like mocha, like raw chocolate, which is raw cacao, instead of eating processed chocolate, you want to eat just the raw cacao on nuts.  And goji berries, throw them all in a blender and just blend the darn thing up and you can get a little bit of education about this online, if you want, or read a few books.

And then you switch your protein shake around, you meal replacement shake around, to something that is 100% nourishing you with the best stuff on earth.  And, when you do that, then it’s like, whoa, a major shift will occur in you.  And this is what I found over the years to be the most powerful thing of all.  If you can get a super food smoothie or a kind of a new protein shake in your body everyday, that will do the job.

Robert Harrison:  Great.  So, now, so for those people out there, let’s say they order some goji berries and some of the raw cacao nuts, I’ve got a bag of them on my desk here, and they just throw them in a smoothie, maybe with some greens or some organic oranges or bananas or something like that, what will they, what can they expect to notice that’s letting them know that this is actually working for them?

David Wolfe:  Well, one of the things is they actually will start to have like long-term energy.  Where instead of gassing out or tanking out at 2 pm, most people do that, all of a sudden it’s like there is no downtime.  You know, whenever we eat something, there’s downtime.  And when you eat raw living foods, super foods, there is no downtime, it’s all uptime.  That’s a huge difference right there.

Another thing is mental clarity.  You actually start producing neural peptide profile, which means your neural transmitters.  You know, we are, you know, we bought into the whole thing of like we have to eat this and that for protein.  Actually, all that stuff, conventionally grown, factory-farmed, animal product is very low in protein and is actually a dysfunctional source of protein.  When you get on super foods, that’s real protein, you’ll have all amino acids, all real, original, in their natural state, not cooked and your body goes, “yup, we know what to do with this.”

And, for the first time in your life, you’ll actually get real protein and you’ll go, “whoa, this is actually what protein is.”  And that, right there, is a massive discovery.

Robert Harrison:  Awesome, awesome.  David, thank you so much.

So, this is Robert Harrison with “Coaching by the Life Coach.”  We’ve been talking today with David Wolfe of the  It’s been an absolute pleasure.  Please blog about this episode, share it with your friends.  If you haven’t got the pod widget yet, get it and put it on your website and go check out

And, until next time, everyone, be healthy and be well.  Take care.

Announcer:  This concludes Part 1.  The interview will be continued in the next episode of this show.