“Sexy, Single Motherhood – A Growing Trend” with Rachel Sarah
Just For Women
Alissa Kriteman

Episode 11 - “Sexy, Single Motherhood – A Growing Trend” with Rachel Sarah

In this interview Alissa interviews a bold and courageous thirty-five year old woman, Rachel Sarah who has been raising her daughter, without a husband, since Mae was born. Single motherhood is a growing trend among women and we get the inside track on how that kind of choice affects a woman’s life. No longer waiting to find “Mr. Right” women are taking charge of their lives and their desire to have children in very non-traditional ways. We talk with Rachel about her decision to have a baby with a man she knew wasn’t very stable and all that she has learned on her journey as a woman and a mother thus far. We talk about raising a “bi-racial” baby, the importance of sisterhood, the challenges of being single and raising a child, the benefits of being a single mother, and we get Rachel’s perspective on this growing trend called Lovership, that bridges the gap between dating and long-term relationships. Rachel also talks about research findings stating children who come from single-parent homes thrive just as well as academically as children in two-parent homes…interesting. And in some cases, children in unhealthy two-parent homes need more assistance and attention. In the last segment we get the benefit of hearing a few words from Rachel’s beautiful daughter Mae about life with her mom. A poignant and important interview to share with women, I hope all women everywhere will be inspired rise above social norms, societal judgment and reflexive prejudice to make choices they deem important as modern, dynamic women.