Decker Cunov: Founder of Authentic World on Commitment, Porn and Tantra
Just For Women
Alissa Kriteman

Episode 70 - Decker Cunov: Founder of Authentic World on Commitment, Porn and Tantra

In this interview, I delight in having Decker Cunov, founder of Authentic World, return to Just for Women to give us his deep insight into the world of men, as only a pioneer in the current "men's movement" can.

Decker offers us a peek into the psyche of how men think so we as women, can really start to understand the inner world of the masculine. We start with an inquiry into a series of questions aimed at answering questions such as: "What is going with men who...are afraid to commit, have an addiction to pornography" and so on.

Never one to beat around the bush, Decker shares with us that men (more so now than ever) need emotional support, trust, acknowledgment and appreciation in their lives from their women - especially if they are going through some kind of career or financial transition.

He makes clear the power we have as women to be a grounding, supportive force in our lives and in our relationships by offering our truth without judgment. He clues us in on the underpinnings of what is going on with men who have issues such as porn addiction, men racing to commit and men running from commitment.

His message is clear to women, to claim responsibility without blame and do the inner work we need to hold space for whatever comes up in our relationships - and in our lives as well. Tune in today and catch his juicy rift on the benefits of practicing Tantric breathing practices!