Reid Mihalko, Sex and Relationship Educator: Embrace Life (and your Neighbor)!
Just For Women
Alissa Kriteman

Episode 69 - Reid Mihalko, Sex and Relationship Educator: Embrace Life (and your Neighbor)!

Reid Mihalko is one interesting man. Wow, I am so glad I got to interview such a dynamic and energetic Sex and Relationship coach in person! From moment one Reid's open hearted hello signals his approach to life - EMBRACE IT! Which also applies to his business - Cuddle Parties!

The creator of one of the fastest growing trends today, Cuddle Parties are sweeping the nation as people let down their guards and open to the power of a good old fashioned snuggle. A non-sexual approach to having people get to know one another, these parties are teaching people a lot more than how to hug.

Reid says people (especially women) learn to :
- communicate yes and NO
- the fine art of negotiation
- maintaining boundaries with love

And what is the one empowering idea Reid wants to leave women with?
"If it's a maybe - say no."

Tune in for the full story with this lively and informative interview with the nation's up and coming authority on Sex and Relationships, Reid Mihalko!

We talk about the fine art of negotiation - how to negotiate with men in relationships we are already in and how to negotiate with someone you are just meeting for the first time. Reid defines negotiation as co-creating the intention for the relationship that both partners bring to the table. He tells women to please take the lead in going for what you want - leave him notes, do what it takes so he can win - give him a road map! And don't be in relationship to heal men - move on!

Really, don't miss his insight on what is happening between men and women today and why we struggle to understand each other ~ especially how to communicate our wants, needs and desires to men: It's ok to be direct!