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There is new opportunity at the intersection of technology and beauty but it comes with a price. Not just the costs of cosmetic surgery and non-invasive dermatology procedures and injectables but the costs of changing forever our natural beauty.

Teri Hausman, biomedical investor, beauty aficionado, wife of a plastic surgeon and typical woman who wants to stay ageless interviews leading plastic surgeons about the newest procedures in the market today. Teri also talks to the founders of companies behind new anti-aging products and technologies.

Get advice from experts on anti-aging and longevity, fitness, nutrition, cosmetic surgery, hormone therapies, laser and chemical procedures, cosmeceuticals and more.


Tim Martin: Hot Hollywood Anti-Aging Izo Cleanze

Beauty Now host Teri Struck interviews Tim Martin, founder of the miracle Izo Cleanze. What is the Izo Cleanze? Teri wanted to know herself so not only did she hear all the hype but did the cleanze and has nothing but rave reviews. If you have ever considered a cleanse, then chec... Read More


Debbie Mandel: Addicted To Stress 7 Steps To Reclaiming Your Joy

Debbie Mandel is sharing all the secrets in her latest book addicted to stress. Debbie does not hold back in giving her tips to our Beauty Now Listeners on how we can let go of stress and recognize depression. Get moving and make a change. It takes a few tricks to make these chan... Read More


Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin with Elizabeth Tenhouten

Beauty Now never stops on its quest to find natural beauty. Listen to this podcast that is as chalk full of tips as it is in the best beauty tips that nature provides us. Natural beauty Elizabeth Tenhouten is an expert and author of the book Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin. It is co... Read More


Susie Shina: Top Fitness Expert Shares Her Tips For Success

Teri Struck, Host of Beauty Now, interviews Susie Shina and gets all her tips from her latest book on how to stay fit, young and have a great attitude while doing it. This seven day plan will have you saying, "finally an easy way to get rid of the weight without trying." Her no n... Read More


Dr. Malan: The Laser Eye Job Plus Smart Lipo

Dr. Malan will have your eyes lifted and looking younger in no time. He walks our listeners through the new easy in and out procedure that will have you looking rested and your baggy eyes restored to their once youthful look. Is this procedure right for you? He also talks about s... Read More


Dr. George Semel: Looking Younger On A Budget and Reverse Aging Now

This economy is a big stress but everyone wants to stay young looking. What are the best and most cost effective way to do this? Beauty Now interviewed leading plastic surgeon on the easiest and best ways to save money and save your face. Peels are a dime a dozen and can really r... Read More


Teri Gets The Skinny on Bariatric Surgery with Dr. Carson Liu

Weight Got You Down? Dr Carson Liu to the rescue! Beauty Now interviews Dr Carson Liu on what women, men and teens can do to reduce their body mass index with the latest procedures like Lap Band. What is safe? Dr. Liu explains the difference between gastric and lap band procedure... Read More


Dr.Toby Mayer: facial implants, Chin and Cheeks

Dr. Toby Mayer, a top Beverly Hills surgeon tells us how a new chin will improve your looks and help with anti aging if you were shorted in that department. It can balance your face and make a larger nose seem in proportion and may prolong a face lift. Our faces lose fat as we ge... Read More


Smile with Lumineers, Veneers, Invasalign And More: Dr. Dan Spills All He Knows..

Do you like to show off your smile or are you still closing your mouth because your teeth need work? A dazzling smile makes a huge difference in the way you feel about yourself. It makes you look years younger but how do you know if veneers are for you? There are so many differen... Read More


The 20/20 Facelift: Dr Steven Struck Shares With Beauty Now This Revolutionary Lift.

What is a 20/20 facelift? It is the latest technology brought to you by Repair laser and an amazing procedure that literally restores your skin to its once youthful appearance. . Listen to how Dr. Steven Struck, a pioneer of this procedure, tells you how combining a lift with thi... Read More