Aging Backward: Tips for Staying Young with Little Money, Author Jackie Silver Part 2
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Episode 48 - Aging Backward: Tips for Staying Young with Little Money, Author Jackie Silver Part 2

Jackie Silver wrote the book Aging Backwards and shares so many tips on staying young. Get a pencil because there are too many good information that costs little or no money to look and feel your best. Did you know that you could age backwards starting tonight? What does chocolate do for you and can you have your coffee? Is there a magic pill for your skin? The answers to all of these questions are free in this 2 part series with Jackie on Beauty Now. This is a don’t miss podcast.

This is part 2 of a 2 part podcast.



Woman: This is Part 2 of a 2-part podcast. If you’d like Part 1, you’ll find it at

Teri Struck: I'm Teri Struck, host of “Beauty Now,” a weekly podcast that brings you the latest in anti-aging, flushes, lasers, lifts, tummy tucks, breast augs, vaginal rejuvenation, hair loss, extensions, and much, much more.

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Jackie Silver: The fourth one is laughter. My son says that I have my own comedy club in my head and it's true. Laughter is free and it induces all kinds of wonderfully good moods. Even thinking about something funny can change your brain, that’s what studies have shown. So laughter is extremely healthy and necessary for aging backwards.

Some people say that they like to drink a big glass of water before they eat to cut down on their hunger. Actually, a nutritionist told me that that’s not a very good idea. What happens when you drink a lot of water right before you eat is it dilutes your digestive juices. It, actually, doesn’t allow you to digest your food properly.

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Teri Struck: In our last show, we were talking with Jackie Silver of “Aging Backwards.” But she had so many great tips, I'm having her back for Part 2. Welcome back, Jackie.

Jackie Silver: Thanks for having me.

Teri Struck: Jackie, in our last show, you gave so many great tips. So if, listeners, you missed Part 1, please go to Part 1. Get a pencil and write down because Jackie shares. She shares her tips in her book, “Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young.” We all want to stay young. The thing I like about your book, too, is you give so many great tips that don’t really cost a lot of money or barely any money. So, in today’s economy, I think, this is such a great show to do.

Jackie Silver: Thank you very much. I want to mention, too, that I interviewed a lot of industry experts. Their quotes are peppered throughout the book, and that’s straight from the expert’s mouth, so to speak.

Teri Struck: I love all the quotes in the book. My husband is a plastic surgeon, and he was, actually, quoted in some of the quotes, too. So, he loves your book, too.

Jackie Silver: I would like to interview him for my next book.

Teri Struck: Definitely.

Jackie Silver: Definitely.

Teri Struck: Definitely. Okay. So, we're on to Part 2. We want to age backwards. Give us some more tips, Jackie.

Jackie Silver: Yes. Let's talk about some of the food-related things that we can do - adding in or deleting from our diet. There's one thing that I will to reiterate that I spoke about in Part 1 was for an easy way to start losing weight. It's not, necessarily, the most healthful way, it's the easiest way to get started. That is super size your veggies and half size everything else. So, whatever you're eating, eat half. If you, normally, eat a whole sandwich, you would eat half the sandwich and double the vegetables.

So, getting back to some of these foods that are sort of like of “aging backwards” foods, so I'll claim them as such. Dark chocolate is getting so much wonderful attention nowadays. Actually, what they're finding is that dark chocolate can reduce inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a risk factor for heart disease. I'm not a scientist or a doctor, so I don’t go into all those fine [xx] explanations, but I do just tell people what I find out in people language.

They're finding out that when you eat dark chocolate, it, actually, reduces this C-reactive protein which leads to inflammation. So, you can strengthen your heart by eating some dark chocolate. Now, of course, we want to do everything in moderation, including moderation. You don’t want to eat too much chocolate. They're saying a bit less than half of dark chocolate bar a week. So, you just take maybe a couple of bites everyday.

Teri Struck: So, a couple of bites. I think, I saw on “Oprah,” Dr. Oz or somebody said if you have those before you dinner, it kind of cuts your down your hunger.

Jackie Silver: That’s what I've heard, too. By the way, some people say that they like to drink a big glass of water before they eat to cut down on their hunger. Actually, a nutritionist told me that that’s not a very good idea. What happens when you drink a lot of water right before you eat is it dilutes your digestive juices. It, actually, doesn’t allow you to digest your food properly.

Teri Struck: So, you're saying, drink your water after or…

Jackie Silver: Drink your water, they say, a half hour before or an hour afterwards but not during the meal. Of course, I like to get a little red wine in there sometimes during my meal. Red wine has that miracle ingredient, resveratrol, which has shown to lower the risk of heart disease as well. But that would be like one 6 oz. glass a day.

Teri Struck: So, yes, you're saying you can have the bottle, that’s so depressing. Alright.

Jackie Silver: I know. Of course, people know about all the berries – blueberries and the [xx]berries, and all the dark berries, and of course, pomegranate. Those are all wonderfully filled with antioxidants. But, not only that, coffee is very high in antioxidants. So, you don’t have to feel guilty about having your coffee, unless your doctor tells you not to.

Teri Struck: So, you have your coffee in the morning, your chocolate little bite at night, your little red glass of wine – 6 ounces – and you're doing yourself a good job.

Jackie Silver: Not to mention, here's another wonderful thing you can add in – avocado. A lot of people are afraid of avocado because it's so fatty, but it's the good kind of fat. Avocado has been shown to raise your HDL, which is the healthy cholesterol. I, finally, find out, a couple of years ago, how to keep them straight. HDL for healthy and LDL for lethal.

Teri Struck: That’s good. That’s really good advice, because I could never figure out that.

Jackie Silver: So, now, you can. You'll never forget which is the good one now. But, you know what else raises your HDL, and I talk about it incessantly, and that’s exercise. My HDL number, the average person’s HDL is like 40-50, mine is 108 at 50 years old.

Teri Struck: Wow! That’s amazing.

Jackie Silver: I attribute that to exercise and avocado.

Teri Struck: Avocado. I talked to somebody else, they said it's good for men’s prostate. So, there is a tip in somebody else that I interviewed. Then, since he said that, I, actually, will use that on my sandwich instead of…I hate to admit this, I love mayonnaise.

Jackie Silver: I love mayonnaise. Also, like you said, forget the mayonnaise and use avocado.

Teri Struck: It does really work.

Jackie Silver: It does, it's so much more flavorful, too. Don’t you agree?

Teri Struck: It is. It really is good. I think that there's not much in my mind that can beat the taste of mayonnaise. My Mom, I don’t know, that’s her fault. But, the avocado really worked.

Jackie Silver: Yes, it does. By the way, while we're talking about things to add into our diet, let me mention something that people should be on the lookout for to avoid in their diet. It's a sneaky little ingredient that’s called sodium benzoate, and it's present in a lot of foods. It's in pickled products, it's in a lot of salad dressings. It's in a lot of frozen foods, it's preservative. Even though he has a really cute name, Professor Peter Piper out of the UK, there's nothing funny about the effects of sodium benzoate. Actually, Professor Piper has proven that it deactivates or inactivates your DNA. That can't be good for anti-aging. Don’t you think?

Teri Struck: Does this mean pickles?

Jackie Silver: Pardon?

Teri Struck: Does this mean pickles, that you can't have pickles?

Jackie Silver: Well, you should read the label. If the pickles have sodium benzoate, then you should not eat them. But, there are many jars of pickles that I've come across that do not have sodium benzoate.

Teri Struck: That’s really good advice because I do love pickles. So, I'll have to check that out.

Jackie Silver: Guess what? Pickle is a vegetable.

Teri Struck: Yehey! Love pickles! Now they know!

Jackie Silver: I have another great tip surrounding pickles and salt. You know how, sometimes, you can get that bloated feeling when you eat pickles.

Teri Struck: Yes.

Jackie Silver: Well, asparagus is a natural diuretic, so I like to eat it every single day and I'm never bloated.

Teri Struck: Asparagus for dinner with your fish, your chocolate, and your wine, it's perfect. I love it [xx].

Jackie Silver: Isn’t that a perfect dinner? Some avocado in your salad with dressing that doesn’t have sodium benzoate in it.

Teri Struck: So, how much avocado is too much avocado?

Jackie Silver: I would say you wouldn’t want to eat a whole avocado. I think that maybe a quarter of an avocado for a portion would be appropriate. Like I said, it's the good kind of fat, and that leads us also to Omega-3. If people are not taking fish oil, they should. I have my favorite fish oil product, it's called Omega Cure. Like I said, you're going to get all these links so you'll have everything for the listeners.

Teri Struck: Okay. Omega Cure fish oil. One tablet per day?

Jackie Silver: No, it's, actually, liquid and it, absolutely, does not smell or taste fishy. You can put it in the refrigerator – it comes refrigerated. You keep it in the refrigerator, and it really had me full, Teri. When I first got it, I didn’t believe it was fish oil because it just, absolutely, smelled and tasted so clean like vanilla. I spilled a little on the kitchen rug, and I was a little lazy in cleaning it up. Two days later, it stunk like fish in that kitchen. I said, “Okay, this is real fish oil.”

Teri Struck: Oh, my God. Usually, liquid fish oil tastes terrible.

Jackie Silver: It's delicious. I put a tiny little bit of apple juice in it.

Teri Struck: [xx].

Jackie Silver: Omega Cure.

Teri Struck: Omega Cure.

Jackie Silver: Yes, from Norway to your doorway.

Teri Struck: Norway to your doorway. Fish oil is really, really good for you.

Jackie Silver: Yes. It's good for your brain. By the way, that leads us to what I was wanting to talk about is our brains – I wanted to say this earlier. There have been some recent studies that show that people who drink coffee, actually, cut their risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. So, you don’t have to be scared of coffee anymore and that’s what I mentioned before. But also, puzzles and training your brain, that does work, and exercise. Exercise is not just good for your body, it's good for your brain as well.

I love to do crossword puzzles. In fact, there's an original puzzle in my book by one of the premier, most famous crossword creators in the world. His name is Merl Reagle. He's been on “Oprah,” and he was just a Simpsons character, recently. He did an original puzzle for my book.

Teri Struck: That’s great. My nanna, Nanna, this is for you. She's 96, she does crossword puzzles, and she is smart as a tack. But she said the other day that she called to place an order for something for my cousin’s daughter. She hung up on the person because she said they weren’t smart enough.

Jackie Silver: Oh, that’s so adorable.

Teri Struck: I know. It really was. I think [xx] her. She's so amazing.

Jackie Silver: Nanna is on the right track.

Teri Struck: Nanna is on the right track and she does many of the things that you're suggesting today. She's very healthy. She doesn’t exercise, though, so I don’t know how. She doesn’t like exercise. She said she doesn’t ever has to exercise. So we said no, we don’t like her for that. But, I don’t suggest doing that, Nanna. I think exercise is really good for you, especially, walking or something like that if you don’t love exercise. You have to find what you like. It's something that really gets you going.

Jackie Silver: She could be doing sort of secret exercise like working really hard around the house, and that sort of thing. She doesn’t realize that she's exercising. They did a study – whoever they are, right – some scientists did a study. They told some hotel housekeepers that they were burning 65 calories when they made the beds and they were burning 100 calories when they vacuumed. Then, they didn’t tell the second group of housekeepers anything about that. The first group that they did tell, actually, lost weight just from knowing that they were getting exercise from cleaning.

Teri Struck: Oh, that’s interesting.

Jackie Silver: The brain is so powerful, right?

Teri Struck: The brain is really powerful, and that’s a whole another show. I think, you can bring really great things to yourself. That’s the thing, you have to say to yourself, “I want to do this for myself,” not I have to.

Jackie Silver: Right. Also, to remember that it's a lot of little small things that make it doable. I want to talk about stress for a second if we have time.

Teri Struck: Let's talk about stress.

Jackie Silver: I have a great tip for instant stress reduction. I've have to use it a lot lately because I’ve been traveling on a book tour. I keep those tiny, little squeezy earplugs with me at all times. It is so wonderful to just block out the world. People say, well, I have my iPod. It's a little different blasting music into your head or putting earplugs in and blocking out all the noise. The other wonderful thing about the earplugs is that it makes your breathing very loud in your ears. Focusing on your breathing is a meditation technique.

Teri Struck: I really like that, keep talking about it.

Jackie Silver: Well, I will keep talking about it because I've used it. I just used it the other day. I was on a plane, there was a very loud person talking behind me. There were some crying babies. I know that their ears hurt, so I'm not going to get mad at the babies. Instead, I'm going to take out my earplugs, I'm going to put them in my ears and just shut out the world. Sometimes I bring a little eye mask. I don’t care if I look crazy. That’s  the wonderful thing about getting older is that people can say and think anything they want. I know who I am, so I really don’t care what other people say or think.

Teri Struck: That’s really good advice.

Jackie Silver: Right. so, I will just sit there, just relax with my eyeshades and my earplugs, shut out the world, and look serene and young.

Teri Struck: Look serene and young, that’s what we want. I hope I wasn’t a loud person talking.

Jackie Silver: No. [xx]. If you and I were on the plane, we'd be jabbering the whole time.

Teri Struck: I know we would be. So, we need to take another break. We're ready to thank our sponsors. This is Teri Struck of We're talking with Jackie Silver. She's giving us really great tips on how we can age backwards. We'll be right back. Thanks so much, Jackie.

Jackie Silver: Thank you.

[podcast break]

Teri Struck: This is Teri Struck, and I'm back with Jackie Silver, “Aging Backwards.” She's given us so many great tips. Welcome back, Jackie.

Jackie Silver: Thank you for having me.

Teri Struck: You know, Jackie, I love this book because there's so many tips on every single page and it's so easy to read. Will you, in our last segment here, give us some great free tips, your best tips, for aging backwards?

Jackie Silver: Absolutely. By the way, I even discovered a new one today. Can you believe that? Everyday, I discover a new tip to share.

Teri Struck: We want to know it. You have to share, you have to tell.

Jackie Silver: I'm telling. Remember I told you about that supplement called Skin Defense Complex that plumps your skin from the inside out? Well, other people also [xx] take supplements, whether it's a multivitamin, mineral, or any kind of capsules that they have to take. I do not like swallowing pills and capsules. A lot of people I know do not like it. What I did today was I dropped one on the floor by accident. I was going to just seize the eight second roll[sp], but instead, I decided to wash it off and I had a whole handful of capsules. So, I washed them all. They became slippery and easy to swallow. So, my new tip is to wet the supplements before you take them.

Teri Struck: That’s smart, I hate swallowing them. You could be best friends with my husband. He's got that eight-second roll[sp].

Jackie Silver: Yes?

Teri Struck: I can't stand that roll.

Jackie Silver: I love that roll.

Teri Struck: But, actually, he did learn something and that sounds great. Okay, so you could wet your pills to make them easier to swallow. That’s good.

Jackie Silver: Yes, it makes them slippery. Now, I have another great tip for instant youth. There was a study done by Dr. Alan Hirsch at the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. He found that the scent of pink grapefruit makes a man perceive a woman as six younger than her age. Recently, a company called Harvey Prince, came out with the world’s first anti-age perfume. It's called “Ageless,” and you'll get the link for this. It's been tested. When women wear it, men perceived them eight years younger than their age because it has pink grapefruit and other ingredients for a youthful scent.

Teri Struck: I like that.

Jackie Silver: Yes. That’s called instant aging backwards, it's “Ageless.”

Teri Struck: I like instant aging backwards. What are some more tips to really, actually, age backwards?

Jackie Silver: Okay. Now, here are my top tips for longevity. The reason that they're for longevity is because they're free. You can do them every single day and they won't cost you a dime. The first one, which we talked about, is exercise. You can exercise anywhere you are. You can just dance, and that would be free exercise. The second one is sleep, we haven’t really talk about that, but sleep is so important. It's called “beauty rest” for a reason. Our bodies seem to tune up during the night, and that’s when our hormone production takes place. Sleep is free, get seven to eight hours.

Teri Struck: I love to sleep, and so that’s great. People tell me that I look a lot younger than I am. So, I want to say to all of you to tell me to get out of the bed. Go ahead, Jackie says I can sleep.

Jackie Silver: I'm a power sleeper myself.

Teri Struck: Love to sleep.

Jackie Silver: Now, the third one is water. Now, not all water has to be purchased and not all tap water is bad for you. So, keep drinking the water, and that’s, basically, free.

Teri Struck: You just brought up something that’s dear to my heart in the sense that I don’t drink enough water. I grew up in Newport Beach, by LA, where we didn’t have good water. So, I'm always freaky about tap water. What's your best advice and what should I buy?

Jackie Silver: I think you can get some of these filters. They have bottles that have filters, like Brita and these different types of brands. Just use the tap water with the filter bottle and drink out of that.

Teri Struck: That’s really good advice.

Jackie Silver: Yes.

Teri Struck: [xx] a girlfriend yesterday and she had a Brita, and it was good.

Jackie Silver: It's delicious. I love water. I don’t drink my calories. I, usually, only drink red wine and water. If I'm on an airplane and no food handy, I'll get a tomato juice.

Teri Struck: I'm pretty sure we can get along. Red wine and water, that’s good. Am I correct?

Jackie Silver: Yes, yes.

Teri Struck: Okay, what's your next tip?

Jackie Silver: The fourth one is laughter. My son says that I have my own comedy club in my head and it's true. Laughter is free and it induces all kinds of wonderfully good moods. Even thinking about something funny can change your brain, that’s what studies have shown. So, laughter is extremely healthy and necessary for aging backwards.

Teri Struck: Getting funny CDs. My daughter and my son are really, really funny and they have the greatest DVDs and different things that they put on in the car and stuff. That’s so true. If you don’t know any funny people, then you can call my kids. They are funny. You're right. Laughter, I think, cures depression and it can make you just see things differently no matter what you're going through.

Jackie Silver: Even if you stake a smile, you can actually, get happier. They’ve done studies on that. Then, the last free tip…I, actually, have two more even though I said top five. The fifth one is meditation, and we talked about the earplugs. Some people are trained in meditation, and I'm not.

Teri Struck: I try, too. I did go to someone to learn and I really do try to do that. But, it is hard for me to concentrate. You're right.

Jackie Silver: Try the earplugs while you're doing that.

Teri Struck: I'll try the earplugs.

Jackie Silver: Yes, meditation has been shown to…the people’s brains light up in different areas when they're meditating. So, very important to reducing stress and the stress hormones in your body. The last one is studies show that people who volunteer on a regular basis are the healthiest and lived the longest.

Teri Struck: That’s so great, that’s so true. I think that volunteering just brings you a pleasure. I have a girlfriend who, really, she's a trainer and she's such an incredible person. She volunteers, gives up herself. That, to me, is better than giving money. I mean, giving money is great, too, if you can't do other things and give up yourself. But, I love that tip and thank you for sharing that, Jackie. I think that’s what makes the world go round is giving to other people.

Jackie Silver: Absolutely. There was a study done - I love to quote studies - there was a study done that showed that people who volunteered, they were happier. Even later, when they simply remembered the act of volunteering, they were able to get happier.

Teri Struck: It's so true.

Jackie Silver: Just remembering, yes.

Teri Struck: That’s so true. Was it Candy [xx], and I was, actually, Hoagy the Clown, a [xx]. I’d go in and try to make all the kids laugh and stuff. To me, that is such a great memory makes me happy. I'm pretty sure I couldn’t do that today, I'll probably scare them.

Jackie Silver: Some people are scared of clowns, anyway.

Teri Struck: I know.

Jackie Silver: But, what I'd like to do and I haven’t been able to do this much lately because I've been on my book tour. On Monday nights, I volunteer to Independent Living Facility and call the bingo numbers. I know all my ladies’ names. I've been doing it for a year and half and I, absolutely, love them. It's so cute when I come back after being gone for a few weeks. They’ll, actually, start clapping, and it's so wonderful.

Teri Struck: Where can we find where to go volunteer. I know there's so many great things. I guess, you find what's dear to your heart.

Jackie Silver: I'm so glad you ask me that.

Teri Struck: Thank you.

Jackie Silver: I have two great sources for that.

Teri Struck: Great!

Jackie Silver: One of them is You'd go to and you put in your zip code or your address, and voila! It gives you places in your very area to volunteer. The next one is called “Ambassadors for Children.” They do voluntourism where you can combine your vacation…so even though I didn’t say volunteerism, I said voluntourism because you combine your vacation with volunteering. So, you might have three days of helping build houses and then the next five days, you're on your tour.

Teri Struck: I'm going to check that out. I love that. We have a few more minutes left.

Jackie Silver: Oh, great! Then, let's just keep jabbering.

Teri Struck: Just keep giving us some more tips. I love all the little tips in the back ear, but what else? But, I love one of the tips you said. Women that get gray roots, if you want to go gray, go gray. But, really, keeping your hair up is really important to looking good. What's your tips? If women want to go gray, how do they grow their hair out like that?

Jackie Silver: That is a really good question. I think that, probably, what they have to do is go to see a professional at the salon. Maybe, this professional can help them with getting the color out that’s still in or give them some advice on that. I don’t think I'll ever go gray.

Teri Struck: No. My Nanna is 96, she's blond and beautiful.

Jackie Silver: Yes. It's just not my thing. I do have another great tip that I just learned from a doctor in New Zealand. He told me that when you wake up in the morning and if you have access to direct sunlight. You should expose yourself to two or three minutes of direct sunlight first thing when you wake up. It starts the cascade of hormones in your body.

Teri Struck: Good advice. We have a couple more minutes. Let's take on hormones. What's your take on menopause and what women should do? Bioidentical or pharmaceutical or what?

Jackie Silver: I have been blessed that I haven’t even had one symptom of menopause.

Teri Struck: I think that’s good eating. You know, I really do, I don’t know.

Jackie Silver: I think it's, probably, a combination of all the different things. Possibly, some genetics. But yes, exercise, for sure. Also, I think, possibly, too, a little bit of attitude. Your brain is so powerful as we mentioned. In fact, I'd like to mention another book that’s one of my favorite books. I even tried to interview this doctor. He didn’t give me the interview but I still tell everyone about his book because he's a genius.

It's called “The Mind Body Prescription,” by John Sarno, MD. It's really a book about back pain, but it goes so much deeper than that. It's really a book about the connection between your brain and your body. It is just an, absolutely, incredible book. Since I've read that, I've never had any pain. If I do get any pain in my body, I know how to get rid of it. We don’t have enough time to go in to all the details, but that’s a great book, “The Mind Body Prescription.”

Teri Struck: That’s good, because, I think, people dealing with back pain have got to get that under control so that they don’t get addicted to pain killers.

Jackie Silver: Absolutely. Also, because then that makes them to avoid working out. You get these Pavlovian responses, “Oh, I can't exercise because my back hurts.” Then, you start a vicious cycle.

Teri Struck: That is a vicious cycle, and back pain is real. I'm not saying it's not real.

Jackie Silver: It is real. You'll see in the book that it is real. By reading that book, people can find out how to get to the root of the problem. Speaking of which, let me mention one more thing. If the listeners haven’t heard of this, it's called “emotional freedom technique.” Have you heard of it, EFT?

Teri Struck: No.

Jackie Silver: Well, this is an amazing method, it's related to acupuncture and acupressure. We'll give the link, it's and you'll have all of these on your website.

Teri Struck: You have to go to We're going to make sure to have all Jackie’s great tips and a link to her website, which will have all these great tips.

Teri Struck: Yes. Then, I'll give them, too, so they can get them anywhere they want. They can email me. I, freely, give out my email, which is [email protected]. So, getting back to EFT. It's based on acupuncture and acupressure. It uses tapping certain areas of the face, head, and body. It releases just stuck trauma and blockages from childhood. People have been known to, absolutely, cure themselves of illnesses, of lifelong phobias. It's pretty amazing. I have, actually, used it myself for a number of things and it has helped me tremendously.

There's another website that deals with EFT, and that is They have a wonderful film about EFT. People who go to the website,, I think, they can even watch the film for $5 or they can watch a free trailer.

Teri Struck: That sounds really good. I believe in all that. As we said, the mind is such a powerful thing and we have to keep happy. I like your tip about laughter and keeping happy every single day with that and your friends. It's really important to have really good friends, too.

Jackie Silver: I'm glad you mention that. I know we don’t have much time left, but there have been studies done that says a circle of friends as you age is even more important than your family members.

Teri Struck: It's true. I think that friends don’t judge you like your family does. Your family can let loose on you.

Jackie Silver: You're stuck with your family, but you pick your friends.

Teri Struck: Well, I wouldn’t say you're stuck with your family.

Jackie Silver: Well, you know what I mean?

Teri Struck: I would say that I've a great family and I don’t feel stuck with them. But, yes, we don’t always agree.

Jackie Silver: You know what I meant.

Teri Struck: I, definitely, know what you meant. I want to, actually, tell our listeners today that this song that Mark, our produce, wrote is on YouTube. It's called “You Had a Little Work Done.” I think, it's hilarious and it's all in fun. I could listen to it a hundred times. You check it out, too, Jackie. I'm going to send you the link. It's called “You Had a Little Work Done” and it's on YouTube. It's really funny. Mark, our producer, it's a great song.

Anyways, Jackie, I could talk to you all day long. We're going to have you back for another show. We're going to have to stop now and thank our sponsors. But I want to thank you, there's so many great tips in Part 1 and Part 2 of “Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young,” with Jackie Silver. Go to, go to “Beauty Now” and find Jackie’s links. We're going to link you up so you can get her book. You'll have to get her book, it's like a little Bible. I even – I hate to say this – keep it by the toilet and read it everyday, all day, not all day.

Jackie Silver: Whenever you're in there.

Teri Struck: Exactly. Whenever I'm in there, because you just pick it up and read all these great tips. You're like, “Oh, yes.” Jackie interviewed experts. Thank you so much for being with us today, Jackie. We'll have you back.

Jackie Silver: Thank you so much for having me.

Teri Struck: If you need to email me, please email me at [email protected]. You can get the transcripts of Part 1 and Part 2 of Jackie Silver’s “Secrets to Staying Young.” Just email us. Have a great day and stay young.

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