Aging Backward: Tips for Staying Young with Little Money, Author Jackie Silver Part 1
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Episode 47 - Aging Backward: Tips for Staying Young with Little Money, Author Jackie Silver Part 1

Jackie Silver wrote the book Aging Backwards and shares so many tips on staying young. Get a pencil because there are too many good information that costs little or no money to look and feel your best. Did you know that you could age backwards starting tonight? What does chocolate do for you and can you have your coffee? Is there a magic pill for your skin? The answers to all of these questions are free in this 2 part series with Jackie on Beauty Now. This is a don't miss podcast.



This is part one of a two-part program.


I’m Teri Struck, host of Beauty Now, a weekly podcast where we bring you all things beauty. We’re most interested in anti-aging and anything that you can do to stay young. We’ve done shows on lashes, lips, lasers, lifts, breast aug, vaginal rejuvenation, lipo, cellulite and today we have a special person, Jackie Silver, the Secrets to Staying Young, Aging Backwards.


Jackie Silver: People are trying to lose weight, not just now but all the time, right? And I have a great tip for that. It’s the fastest easiest eating plan on the planet. And it will get you started on the way to losing weight. And it’s super size your veggies and half size everything else.

I think the best advice honestly is to be a role model for your kids. Like I said, get out and get the jump rope and do the exercise. It’s one thing to tell your kids to do something, but to show them and do it with them is the big difference.


Teri Hausman: Welcome, Jackie.

Jackie: Thank you for having me.

Teri: Well, we’re really happy to have you because I love your book. It has so many great tips. It’s very easy to read and you have so many great tips for us. Why don’t we start with what’s your best advice for anti-aging?

Jackie: Well, I think the timely advice that I can give right now is a lot of people are trying to lose weight, not just now but all the time, right? And I have a great tip for that. It’s the fastest easiest eating plan on the planet. And it will get you started on the way to losing weight. And it’s super size your veggies and half size everything else.

Teri: That makes sense. So how does somebody start on your plan?

Jackie: Well, that’s the great thing. It’s not really a plan, it’s just a way to start out with portion control and all they have to do is eat double the veggies they usually eat and eat half of whatever they normally eat.

Teri: And so you would actually combine that with some protein. What protein do you like?

Jackie: Well, I am not a vegetarian. So I do like chicken and fish and even sometimes a good steak. [Laughs]

Teri: And I find, I don’t know if you find this, don’t you think it’s really great if you are on schedule? I just recently and I hope to interview the Healthy Body Program which kind of says that. A lot of veggies, protein but also to keep your metabolism going, eat every three hours, which seems hard but it’s really easy to do once you get a life plan.

Jackie: yes, and I really adhere to that because I get kind of cranky if I don’t eat, but I keep almonds and nuts and seeds in my car and in my purse. They have a lot of protein in them, also. So it’s something good and natural to eat in between if you can’t get to a real meal.

Teri: And almonds are actually good for hormones. I think all nuts have properties in them that actually help you.

Jackie: Yes, and good for your complexion as well.

Teri: Oh, speaking of complexion, what’s your best complexion advice?

Jackie: Well, I do know of a magic pill, OK? [Laughs]

Teri: OK, what’s the magic pill? We want to know.

Jackie: the magic pill is called skin defense complex. It’s from a Japanese company called Asta Vita.[sp] The secret ingredient in it is asta xanthin [sp] which is what makes salmon orange. And also makes them strong and able to swim up stream. And what Skin Defense Complex does is it hydrates your skin from the inside out.

It really plumps it up and oh, just makes your complexion beautiful!

Teri: You know what, I’m going to get the name of that pill and we’re going to put it on for your show, Aging Backwards. And we’re going to hook you up, your link so that we can get this information, because I want to order that pill immediately.

Jackie: And guess what, it’s only something like $29 a bottle.

Teri: That’s so great. That’s the kind of information I want to impart to my listeners today. You have such great advice that doesn’t cost a ton. Surgery costs a ton. Injections cost a ton. I think they are all worthwhile but I think that this kind of advice is really great.

Jackie: While we’re on the subject of things that don’t cost a ton, that are an alternative to surgery and injections, let me tell you about the best kept secret in Hollywood that’s called Frownees.[sp] Have you ever heard of Frownees?

Teri: I have heard of Frownees and this is so pathetic that I was just on a trip to Hawaii and the teenage girls were talking about it. Even girls in their young 20s were getting little frown lines.

Jackie: Well, Frown Ease are amazing and as an alternative to surgery and injections they are about 13 cents. They are little patches and you sleep with them on and they’re sort of like yoga or Pilates for your face. What they do is they train the underlying muscles to lay flat.

I know I’ve read that some of the old Hollywood starlets would never go anywhere without them. They would have them sent to their hotel rooms.

Teri: And I think in the old days they would actually tape their skin and stuff. I think the Frownees are an answer to this.

Jackie: yes.

Teri: So Frownees and  pills so two great tips. Keep going.

Jackie: [Laughs] OK. Well, you know, I don’t like to leave the mean out of the equation.

Teri: That’s so true. And often we do. So that’s great. What do you have for men?

Jackie: well, the biggest complaint that men have is hair loss and they’re actually is a safe affordable treatment for them, it’s men’s Rogaine foam. It’s been approved. It’s been tested and it’s actually clinically proven to regrow hair in 85% of the men who use it everyday.

And it also helps them keep the hair they already have.

Teri: Jackie, you know your stuff. I’m impressed. It’s true because I did interview a prominent hair doctor and he did, he recommended Rogaine Plus and also the laser. And for men that have really a lot of hair loss, he even said you could do the Propecia, do all of it.

I know that they were saying, and I don’t know if you heard this, Jackie, but the erectile dysfunction with the Propecia he said then you do the Levitra. So yeah, that’s great advice. The Rogaine is how much?

Jackie: It’s like 55 cents a day for a three month supply. And all they do is they use it twice a day, rub it into the scalp. It dries fast. And it’s proven. And the great thing is it helps them keep the hair they have from falling out.

Teri: And can women use the men’s Rogaine? I know they have women’s but what if the women would use the men’s Rogaine, what’s the difference between the two? Do you know?

Jackie: Yes. Women should not use the men’s Rogaine. They should only use the women’s Rogaine and vice versa. It has something to do with hormones and that’s as “science-y” as I get. [Laughs]

Teri: Oh, OK, right. So that’s good advice. Rogaine does help regrow your hair. You have to keep up with it, though.

Jackie: Yes, you have to keep up with it like anything but the great thing is it’s so easy to incorporate into a daily routine because it’s quicker than brushing your teeth. Like no guy would think of not brushing their teeth.

Teri: No person on the planet should think of that.

Jackie: Exactly. Now that you mention it, your teeth are connected to your heart so you should never think of not brushing or skipping the floss, because as people are finding out, you can have a heart attack from gum disease.

Teri: So floss every day people. Floss and brush.

Teri: Floss and brush every day. Especially the young listeners. I don’t think they think flossing is that important but that’s what gives you bad breath. That’s really

Jackie: Yeah. That’s very important.

Teri: Really, really good advice.

Jackie: One of the other top complaints that I get from all women and not just women aging but all ages and all shapes and sizes is cellulite.

Teri: Cellulite, right.

Jackie: And they’re actually is something new that does work for cellulite. You know how you’ll see everywhere, oh, no, nothing works on cellulite? There is something that works on cellulite. It’s called Celluleen [sp] and I will give you the links to all of this. I’ll email it to you and you can put on your site.

Teri: I heard the same thing, Jackie. Celluleen. I think it does work.

Jackie: It does work and the doctors have found that the ingredients, the big ingredient that is called aminofillin [sp] actually does smooth the lumps and bumps and this is total no-brainer also. Because all you do is you rub it on wherever you have cellulite. It’s been thoroughly tested for safety.

And use it twice a day. It’s like a gel. And it just goes away!

Teri: Well, Celluleen. I did hear that, too, but don’t you also recommend that people drink a lot of water and walk and stuff like that. Because I think things, products tend not to work if you don’t do your part.

Jackie: Nothing ever works if you don’t do your part, right?

Teri: That’s the thing. That’s what I want to tell everybody, too, is that do your part and yeah, you can look great. That’s why we have this show.

Jackie: Absolutely and in fact, speaking of walking, one thing that people hear me say all the time is exercise is the fountain of youth. And I know that some people don’t want to exercise. They don’t like it, but what I like to do is give a tip to make it easier and make it more enjoyable.

Teri: What’s your tip?

Jackie: My tip is, even I feel like a couch potato. And I love to exercise. So what I’ll do is I’ll put on my comfy cute outfit and my shoes and I’ll just play along, whether I’m doing it at home or going to the gym and I just say I’m not going to sit still. I’m not going to sit still. I’m going to play along and five minutes into faking it, you just get a second wind and start going full force. And then once you get into a rhythm like that, it’s just all about getting started.

Once you get into the rhythm you will start to enjoy it and see good results.

Teri: I love that advice. That’s so true. Invest in a cute little outfit and then, even just move around your house.

Jackie: Exactly. And you know what, jump rope is a fabulous exercise and for the mothers out there, that’s something you can do with your kids and the kids don’t even know they’re exercising.

Teri: Oh, jump rope. Well, you have to be a little coordinated for that right?

Jackie: Not really. Because if you ever learned how to jump rope and most people have, but you can skip, you don’t have to jump, you can skip one foot at a time.

I love jump rope because it’s like the perfect exercise. You get your heart rate up and then you rest and then you get it up again and rest. And that’s what the scientists and doctors are saying is the most effective exercise.

Plus, it’s fits in my suitcase. So I can go anywhere and have a jump rope with me.

Teri: And it’s really good for your behind.

Jackie: Yes. Also lunges and squats.

Teri: For those of us who can’t jump, skipping might be a good alternative.

Jackie: Skipping is a good alternative and I will give the women a little aging backwards tip on the jump rope, I wear double jog bras when I do that exercise. We don’t want gravity kicking in, right.

Teri: No, we don’t.

Jackie: So I wear two very tight jog bras when I do any kind of jumping.

Teri: I also do that, too. I also read in your book which I love that advice is that you wear a soft one to sleep. I do, too.

Jackie: Yes, I do, every single night.

Teri: That’s great. Because I just read that about the breast model that she would wear a jog bra to sleep, a soft one.

Jackie: Yes.

Teri: Just to keep you up. You think that really works?

Jackie: Oh, I know it works. I guarantee you it works. Because you know what, gravity is a law. [Laughs] and I’m not going to break it.

Teri: Well, I’m pretty sure those are going to have a romantic evening you would lose the jog bra and the Frownees but you know what that’s going to happen.

Jackie: Yes, and so you can always put them on at the last minute. [Laughs] Before falling asleep.

Teri: After he falls asleep or she.

Jackie: Exactly.

Teri: When they’re asleep because maybe the men are going to wear some Frownees, too. We know they are not going to wear the jog bras but the Frownees, yes.

Jackie: And men do seem to frown a lot, don’t they? [Laughs]

Teri: Yeah, they do. Maybe we should just slap on our partners you know. [Laughter]

Jackie: Also the Frownees are flesh toned. They don’t look as bad as what people think.

Teri: You’re cracking me up. You’re saying they’re not as ugly if they are flesh toned, I’m pretty sure. [Laughter]

Jackie: I don’t think they look ugly. I look at the big picture. I like the end result.

Teri: Right, when we wake up in the day, we’re going to put on our Celluleen, take off our Frownees and then we’re going to take our pill, which is great advice for your skin because I did interview Dr. Pericone [sp] and he said the same thing you said.

He said when you eat salmon the colors in the fish and that go into your skin. So it would be great to get it in a pill form for those of us that don’t love fish, which I don’t love fish so I’m going to be ordering that pill. I’m going to get that information from you.

We’re going to have to take a break. We’re already on our first commercial break. We’re going to thank our sponsors.

This is Teri Struck, and I’m getting all these tips out of Jackie Silver, “Aging Backwards.” We’ll be right back with Jackie?

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Hi, This is Teri Struck. We’re back with Jackie Silver, “Aging Backwards.” Jackie welcome back and I think you have already given us such great tips in our first little part and I wanted to ask you how did you come to write this book, “Aging Backwards?”

Jackie: Well, I’m glad you asked me that question because I wasn’t always doing my company “Aging Backwards.” But I will say that I have for the past 50 years been trying to start aging backwards.

I started out life, people want to say it’s genetic. I show them a picture of me at age 12 where I invented childhood obesity. I guess from that early age I just realized that I didn’t want to be a victim of whether it was genetics or circumstances or habits, whatever.

So I really got control of it and I’ve just always been the one people come to for advice about what should I do about this or what can I do about that wrinkle. I guess because I really care.

Teri: You know, I think you should write a book on childhood obesity. It’s such a problem. It’s also a delicate problem for parents who are trying to deal with their kids. You have some kids that can eat a lot and then the one child that can’t.

You want to not hurt their feelings and it’s just such a bad cycle.

Jackie: It is. And you know what, I would love to see someone who is a real expert write a book on that.

Teri: I actually have one person I am thinking of that I think it’s such a great idea.

Jackie: I love that idea and I’ll be happy to contribute my story within the book.

Teri: Definitely

Jackie: If you want to put me in touch with them.

Teri: I’m going to put you in touch with her. But anyways, what’s your best advice for parents that are dealing with kids that are struggling with their weight?

Jackie: I think the best advice honestly is to be a role model for your kids. Like I said, get out and get the jump rope and do the exercise and it’s one thing to tell your kids to do something but to show them and do it with them is the big difference.

I also wouldn’t harp on it too much because when kids get stressed out many kids tend to eat more.

Teri: Right. It’s so true. That’s really good advice. What about women, you already said that to eat a lot of vegetables and that kind of stuff, what if that doesn’t work for men?

Jackie: Yeah, because for some reason men don’t really like vegetables.

Teri: I know. My husband hates them.

Jackie: Well, you know what? We can’t always do everything we like and everything we want to do. And I think that’s sort of a lesson for humanity in general. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t like or we don’t want to.

Teri: … especially for your health.  I think that what I was trying to say to this one person was that if that’s all we have to do really to just try to take care of our bodies, that’s great. You know, really try to take care of our bodies and you’re giving us great tips today. What’s another one?

Jackie: Well, one thing that I want to mention is that people get overwhelmed when they think about changing their lives or losing weight, especially if they have over 50 pounds to lose.

What’s great about aging backwards is it’s not a pressure situation. It’s small little changes and small tips that when you incorporate them into your life, they add up to big results.

Teri: That’s so true and I think that if you make it a lifestyle plan, not a diet. Diets are too hard and it messes with your brain, just to make it an everyday thing. It becomes so easy. It becomes just habit.

Jackie: Exactly. And like I said with exercise. Exercise is the fountain of youth and it doesn’t take an hour. Many people have desk jobs. They can do push-ups at their desk. It’s a simple thing and you’re at your desk. You just stand up and do some push-ups at the desk.

After age 40 we lose 1% muscle mass. So by the time I’m 50, that means I would have lost 10% of my muscle mass.

Teri: You just gave a really good tip and I want to make sure it didn’t go by the listeners. When you are just saying, do some push-ups at your desk, I actually would lunge to the toilet. I mean, lunge to the toilet, because your behind goes and that’s the way you can incorporate exercise in your life just lunge down the hall. You’re going to go down the stairs or jog up the stairs.

You know, do little things like that. Do push-ups in your room, just 10 times a day. I bought one of those Thigh Masters, [Laughs] while watching TV just use the Thigh Master.

Jackie: Exactly. Well, I don’t recommend the following exercise to anybody but I will tell you how creative I can get when I need to exercise and I don’t have anything at hand.

I was traveling in Los Angeles and I didn’t have my running shoes because I had limited suitcase space. And I was in my hotel room, thinking what can I do. I didn’t have my jump rope with me. I think I gave it away. Because I tend to do that: oh, you don’t have a jump rope, here.

Teri: You seem like that. Give me one.

Jackie: OK. So I didn’t have my jump rope and I didn’t have any workout shoes so I couldn’t go to the hotel’s gym. And I’m looking around the room and my brain just doesn’t work like everyone else’s. I’m thinking what can I do to work out. So this is what I ended up doing.

Like I said, disclaimer: do not do this.

Teri: Do not try this at home.

Jackie: Do not try this.

Teri: You’ll be like Jackass.

Jackie: But what I did was I put the toilet seat down and I did step ups onto the toilet and step down. Talking about your derriere. That’s why I have the derriere of a teenager.

Teri: That’s so great. [Laughter]

Either that of do a chair. It would be a little bit… I would be a little bit afraid to do it on the toilet, you could slip. So listeners don’t do that unless you are really, really coordinated.

Jackie: I definitely don’t recommend…

Teri: Definitely that’s something to do, because if you could do step ups it really does help your butt.

Jackie: Well, plus you could probably just go out to the stairwell or whatever, but I think the reason I brought up the story is to show you that even though I was in a desperate situation and I didn’t have any way to work out, I found a way to work out.

So I think it’s a mindset. I could have so easily said, oh, thank goodness. I don’t have to work out because I don’t have my equipment, but instead I wondered how could I work out?

And I found a way.

Teri: And that’s great. And I don’t know if this helps listeners but I really love my iPod. Music just can handle stress and exercise and all that. Do you work out with music or are you one of those people who don’t need it? I need it.

Jackie: I do love music. I work out with music if I’m doing the treadmill of maybe the elliptical, but I’m really addicted to all of my DVDs when I’m home. And one of them, my newest favorite is “Kettlemetics.” [sp] Have you heard of that?

Teri: No, share.

Jackie: Kettlemetics, and I will give you all the links to all of this, it was created by a darling little cutey pie named Michelle Kei [sp] from the Miami Ballet. And what she did was she took those manly kettle bells which that’s even an Olympic sport, I believe.

You know, it’s a weight with a handle. And she made them into little girlie weights, four pounds and eight pounds. And she has this most magnificent set of DVDs that you work out with the kettle bells and I love it.

Teri: Kettlemetics.

Jackie: Kettlemetics.

Teri: We’ll definitely link that.

Jackie: Yes, and then my other all time favorite. I think I have every DVD and even the old videos of anything they have ever put out which is the Firm. Do you do know them?

Teri: I think I’ve seen it. I think I was going to order it. I think I ordered “Beach Body.”

Jackie: Well, I love the Firm. Those girls, I feel like they might be my BFFs. I know all their names and I’ve worked out with them for years. And their workouts are so effective, Teri, let me tell you. People have told me…

Teri: It looks like it. I sit in my bed and watch them work out. And I’m like I should be doing that. [Laughs]

Jackie: Well, people have said that I have the body of a teenager so I attribute it to the Firm.

Teri: OK. The Firm, if you want a body of a teenager that’s good. You’ll like it.

Jackie: And so I just find that any reason and any way that I can to work out. And even if I only have ten minutes. Well, also another secret aging backwards trick the five rights. Have you ever heard of that?

Teri: No, keep going.

Jackie: Well, this goes way, way back. And it’s a story that a writer met a British retired army colonel who said that he lived with Tibetan lamas [sp] and they taught him five exercises for agelessness.

And they’re called interchangeably the five rights or the Tibetan five rights. And I actually have a video that I just shot where I demonstrate the five rights and I can even send you a link and you can download that and have that.

Teri: Definitely, we want that link.

Jackie: Yes. So I will send you the five rights and it’s just ten minutes of five poses and if you do them every day, legend has it that you’ll be aging backwards.

Teri: We want to age backwards. Tell us more.

Jackie: Speaking of exercises you do know that we have a ton of muscles in our face?

Teri: Yes, I do. I know that. I do know that.

Jackie: And you may even be familiar with this wonderful named Cynthia Rolland who has a program called “Facial Magic.”

Teri: No.

Jackie: Well, Cynthia’s “Facial Magic” program is amazing. It actually works and I’ve been doing it for a number of months. My friend came over the other day and she said, “Did you get injections?”

[Laughs] People are always quizzing me about every little thing. And I said, “No, I really haven’t had any injections in a long time.”

And she said, “You look different what are you doing?” and it’s from the facial magic exercises.

Teri: so you’re saying that you do certain exercises for your face and you really think it works.

Jackie: Yes, I really do.

Teri: I’ve heard controversial things about that like where you could actually create wrinkles from it. So I don’t know. So tell us more.

Jackie: Well, I haven’t noticed any new wrinkles. I’ve actually noticed that they’ve gone away, but it could be because they are very specific exercises and you have to be very careful with your form and do it slow and look in the mirror.

You know how some people get sloppy? So it could be that they’re not doing the right form. I’m very strict when I work out, whether it’s facial exercise, weights, or any type of machinery. I’m always very strict about form, because you don’t want to get the wrong muscles and you don’t want to get injured.

Teri: So facial exercises and we’ll link you to that so that we get the information on that. What else do you have for us?

Jackie: I have some great other tips about some of the foods that we eat, if you want to switch to that topic.

Teri: I definitely do. We have a couple minutes left in this show and we’re going to do part two with you but give us some of the best foods you can for anti-aging.

Jackie: Well, one of the best foods that I’ve recently discovered is actually honey. There’s a website called “Really Raw Honey” and I ordered some of their raw honey, straight from the hive. I use to have a lot of stomach aches, because I kind of internalize my stress. And we’ll have to talk about stress in the next portion.

And so I started eating the honey, dipping apples in it and actually put it on a cut that I had and it heals up. Honey is famous for its wound healing properties.

Teri: Good to know.

Jackie: It’s the only food in the world that doesn’t spoil, ever. They found raw honey in the Egyptian tombs and it was still edible.

Teri: Wow, that’s amazing.

Jackie: I really like honey…

Teri: Why is that?

Jackie: You know, it’s probably some scientific explanation that I’m not qualified to explain [Laughs] but I just think it’s wonderful and when I ate it and, like I said, I had those stomach aches it just kind of cleared it all up.

Like I said, I put it on a cut and the next morning the cut was so much better. I said this is sort of like a panacea. Sometimes we get so fancy with all the pharmaceuticals and all the over the counter medications when there’s stuff out there like honey that is just a natural cure for something.

Teri: so are you saying that you don’t eat it you just put it on your cuts or are saying that you also eat it?

Jackie: Oh, no, I also eat it.

Teri: On your toast or…

Jackie: Well, I put it on a banana. I put it on an apple. I also melted some in my coffee and it was delicious.

Teri: I’ve never done it. I’ll have to try.

Jackie: Another thing I’ve melted in my coffee, not at the same time as the honey, but if I’m not using the honey is pure organic coconut oil. That’s another kind of a wondrous natural product, courtesy of Mother Nature.

What I do is I just … you can buy it at the health food store. And I just take a spoonful and I melt it into my coffee and coconut oil, you’ll see that in my book, it’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, naturally. It’s just really, really a wonderful… skin softener. I use it in my scalp. So I keep flakes away.

I love raw coconut oil.

Teri: I also heard it’s good for keeping hunger away.

Jackie: Well, could be. You know, I do keep it in my coffee but I’m such a regular schedule that I try never to get hungry. That’s kind of an aging backwards tip. If you never get overly hungry, then you are not going to be susceptible to binging.

Teri: And that kind of brings us back to your first tip was to eat every three hours, try to do little small meals to keep our metabolism going. We’re going to have to do part two. We’re already full of tips in this first half.

I love all your tips. And thank you for sharing all your tips. Aging backwards. You can find Jackie’s book “ Go to Beauty now. We’re going to link Jackie’s links to ours and you’re going to get all her tips and you’re going to be able to find her website and her books.


We’re going to be right back with part two. Aging Backwards with Jackie Silver. Thank you so much, Jackie. I love all your tips. You were great fun.

This concludes part one. The interview will be continued in the next episode of this show.


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