Sex Magick with Donald Michael Kraig, occult Author, Ceremonial Magician, and Tantric Practioner. Nationally recognized lecturer and presenter on Qabalah, Tarot, Magick, and Tantra
Sex – Tantra and Kama Sutra
Francesca Gentille

Episode 27 - Sex Magick with Donald Michael Kraig, occult Author, Ceremonial Magician, and Tantric Practioner. Nationally recognized lecturer and presenter on Qabalah, Tarot, Magick, and Tantra

Francesca Gentille interviews Donald Michael Kraig, author of "Modern Sex Magick: Secrets of Erotic Spirituality"

In this episode Donald will share how to use ancient magical principals in bed, an empowering Orgasmic Focus Symbol, and a practice to develop your ability to sense energy. Learn what sex magic is and the key steps to creating your own sex magic ritual. Create the power to manifest your desires.



This program is intended for mature audiences only.


Francesca Gentille: Welcome to Sex: Tantra and Karma Sutra. I’m your host Francesca Gentille. And with me today is Donald Michael Kraig. He’s an author, a lecturer and a tantric practitioner. He is a man who has a degree in philosophy from UCLA and has gone on to teach Kabala, Tarot, Magick, Tantra and Sex Magic for over 10 years. He’s an initiated Tantric and he’s currently studying for his doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy. Don is the author of “Modern Sex Magick” and a contributor to the book “Ecstasy Through Tantra.”


Donald Michael Kraig: Sex Magick is simply a technique. Part of the concept of Magick is that besides having the knowledge and desire and the goal, there needs to be energy sent towards that. The first time you do this you may not sense it; maybe the 10th time you won’t sense it. But after a while you will be able to feel an object between your hands. Basic idea of visualization is being able to see in the mind’s eye. You could become so focused on the sexuality that you can, through the use of a symbol, something you just look at, get that information directly into your subconscious, and charge, it and charged by that sexual energy through the wonderful experience of sexual and sensual excitation.


Francesca Gentille: Welcome Don.

Donald Michael Kraig: Thank you very much and hello and greetings to everybody listening.

Francesca Gentille: [laughs] Now Don, I’ve enticed and invited you on today because no one has yet spoken about Sex Magick. We’ve talked about breaths and Tantras and a little bit about the chakras; but not about Sex Magick.

I think, people have a general idea what sex is. Could you tell us to start, what is Magick? What do we mean by that?

Donald Michael Kraig: Ahh, OK. Magick is, what they show in the movies. The idea of Magick, well the most popular definition is that it’s the art and science of creating change to occur in conformity of will. Now by that I mean it’s an art and a science. Some people are naturally skilled, but others can learn it through practice. Of creating change or changing your environment, a change of things around you according to your will that is your conscious mind wants something and then through some means, not currently understood, we create it in our lives.  It’s not like wave a wand and then immediately a pile of money appears at your feet. What happens is when you create these things, when you start these processes in motion, through visualization, through ritual, through the direction of the energies that are within us, toward a goal it starts a process that brings them into manifestation.

Fracesca Gentille: Is this similar Don to what people are talking about having seen in the film, “The Secret?” Where we put, in a sense our focus, our energy , our emotional energy and our thoughts energy. That’s what get’s created?

Donald Michael Kraig: Well to use Magickal terms or excuse me, Mathematical term, I would say Magick is a superset of the ideas that were presented in the “The Secret”. That is “The Secret” is a tiny aspect of what real Magick is. Let’s say you had a 1,000 possible dinners in front of you. If those 1,000 dinners are Magick, “The Secret” would be just one of those dishes. So Magick has a lot of those techniques and practices. The concepts that were revealed in “The Secret” are absolutely part of Magick.

Francesca Gentille: So Magick is broader than “The Secret” but it has a similar concept where our focus and energy starts that’s what going to happen in the world.

Donald Michael Kraig: Precisely. But the question is, “How do you get that manifest?” Magick has the enormous of variety of techniques that you can use to actually get that to occur. As you may know, a lot of people who really haven’t read “The Secret” to well think that it’s just, “Well if I think about it; it will happen.” That’s not true. Because if you think about anything, our experience shows us that things don’t simply happen. There’s much more to it and Magick has the secret keys; although they are not so secret anymore. It has the keys to revealing the techniques that anybody can use to achieve those goals.

Francesca Gentille: Now is Sex Magick one of those techniques?

Donald Michael Kraig:  Absolutely. Sex Magick is simply a technique. Part of the concept of Magick is that beside having the knowledge and the desire and the goal; there needs to be energy sent towards that. Now energy is simply the ability to accomplish work. If you look up energy in the dictionary that’s what it says; the ability to do work. In Sex Magick we use the energy that is created in sexual or sensual activity to affect the Magick we are working with.

The example of energy that I like to give in this is the famous archetype of a couple having sex and the man roles over and goes to sleep and the woman is energized. Well there’s a big difference in that energy. One person is drained and another person still has energy. The question is, “Is that simple physical exhortation? I don’t think so. I think there is something far more too it. When we perform sexual and sensual activities is our energies, inner energies can be moved throughout our body. People who have heard me talk about moving energy throughout our bodies. Well sexuality, sensuality automatically moves that energy to a place where our minds can direct it.
And Sex Magick simply directs that energy towards a particular goal. The techniques of Sex Magick are ways to help us achieve that.

Francesca Gentille: Let me clarify here a bit Don. When we are engaged in sexual activity whether it’s manual stimulating or orally stimulating, or telling delicious erotic tales to one another or having intercourse that we’re creating energy just by doing that.

Donald Michael Kraig: Absolutely. The problem is people don’t realize that that energy can be used. There’s another example I’d like to give that is outside the sexual realm. That is going to sports game such as a big football game. I don’t mean watching it on TV. I mean actually being there. Many times you will hear people say, “Oh, the energy has changed.” And you can feel how people are  knowing how the home team or visitors are going to win even though they haven’t made that move yet on the field. That’s that same sort of energy moving all around that we can grab, we can use and direct for any sort of purpose that we want.

Francesca Gentille: Are some people that are able to feel or sense energy? And if someone is not as skilled at that is there a way to develop the ability to feel and sense energy?

Donald Michael Kraig:  Absolutely. Yes to both of your questions. First there are some people who are naturally able to sense it. That’s why earlier said Magick is an art and a science. Some people that are artistically predisposed, so-to-speak, are much better at capturing that sensation. But since it’s a science it can also be learned. Now one of the easiest ways to learn this and one of the ways I teach is known as creating the energy ball.

The way that works is simply this: Rub your hands together very quickly until they get warm, that is by creating friction. Then separate your hands and hold them one foot apart, palms facing each other. Now slowly move your hands together until you sense or feel a resistance. The first time you do this you may not sense it. Maybe the 10th time you won’t sense it. But after a while you’ll be able to feel an object between your hands. This is what is known as an energy ball. And with practice, with visualization, breathing to visualization more energy into that ball, you can make it larger, you can make it smaller. It may not feel like a ball, it may feel like a box or some sort of multi-sided figure. But the idea is the more you work with that the more you sense that, the more you will be easily able to feel and appreciate the energy you create in sexuality and other situations in the world around you.

Francesca Gentille: Don, I want to talk more about how we sense this energy; how we work with it in sexuality, and visualization; after we come back from this break and a word from our amazing sponsors. And I want to tell you we have picked the most delicious and delectable sponsors to support these shows with items that are erotic or beautiful I want to encourage our audience to use the code Tantra when connecting with our sponsors. Sponsor this show if you like this show by supporting now. We’ll be back in a moment.


Francesca Gentille: Welcome back to Sex: Tantra and Karma Sutra bringing you the soul of sex with Donald Michael Kraig; the author of “Modern Sex Magick” and a contributor to “Ecstasy Tantra.” He is studying for his doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy. He is an initiated Tantric.
We were just talking about energy and how we sense it and how we work with it. You mentioned the term visualization. Before we go any further, could you tell us what that is?

Donald Michael Kraig:  Absolutely.  In fact it seems like every week and even more often, I get emails and snail mails from people saying, “I can’t visualize.” So clarifying that, I think is very very important. The basic idea of visualization is being able to see in the mind’s eye. That is use your powers of imagination to see something you want. Here is the catch. Not everybody is able to easily see. What are they seeing anyway? What we like to say is that there is another level of reality or existence for lack of a better term we will just call the astral plane. Things that are on the astralplane have a duplicate on our physical plane. I imagine people who are listening have heard the expression the astral body or the astral double. The truth of the matter is we do not have astral bodies or astral doubles. We have the physical but rather when something comes into being on the astralplane eventually it has to manifest on the physical. The astral comes first.

Franseca Gentille: Is this because before anything exists in reality it’s an idea? For example before Edison created the light bulb he had the idea of creating the light bulb.

Donald Michael Kraig: Absolutely. Edison did that Tesla did that. Wagner, there is a story of how when he was in a coach going through the Black Forest in Germany when he ran out of the coach yelling, “Don’t you hear it? All this beautiful music?” and he wrote down what he heard.
That is the interesting thing. Visualization does not mean you have to see. Visualization can be hearing it can be taste; it can be just a sensation or feeling of something. The fact is if you are sure that you have created something on the astral plane; I don’t mean believe or hope or think. But absolutely know, “I have created this on the astral plane.” Whether you see it in your mind’s eye or whether you hear it with your mind’s hearing, whether you hear it with your astral sense of touch is not as important as you just you know it’s there.

We also have certain senses known as the astral senses that allow us to see onto the astral plane known as clairvoyance or hear on the astral plane that’s called clairaudience or feel on the astral plane, that’s called clairsentience.  With practice we will develop those senses until we will see, hear, and feel easily on the astral plane. The important thing is knowing we created it. So we have it on the astral plane whether we see it or not. And that is the process of visualization.

Francesca Gentille: Now this is definitely different then fantasy. Fantasy is, could you say a little bit about the difference between fantasy and visualization and how would we use this in our Sex Magick.

Donald Michael Kraig:  Absolutely. Fantasy is creating things that you do not believe in. Dumbo with the big ears; wow, that’s very cool, an elephant with giant ears. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe an elephant with giant ears can fly. That’s just a fantasy. But with visualization the idea is, I can see in my mind that there are such things as elephants, and I’m going to create one on the astral plane and bring that into manifestation here. Now part of the key to Sex Magick was actually written by a famous Jewish Rabbi named Nahmanides, lived primarily in the 13th century. He wrote a book called the “Igaret Harkodesh” [phonetic], which means, “The Holy Letter.” 

There is a book on this that people can find called the Holy Letter. It may be out of print now so you may need to search used bookstores and sites for it. But the “Holy Letter” says one of the major ideas of “Sex Magick” is the idea held at orgasm will come to pass. That is whatever you are thinking at orgasm, that wonderful, juicy erotic energy, that point when it is released at orgasm, can be directed toward a purpose and it can it produce Magickal results. But that is part of the problem.
There is a very famous psychologist name Wilhelm Reich and he believed in something called the potent orgasm. The idea of the potent orgasm you have to focus all of your attention on the orgasm. That is you can’t be focusing on is my partner feeling good, is my partner enjoying this? Am I doing this right?“ What you have to do is experience this animal like release; this total passionate, juicy, explosive release of energy. So how can you keep a concept in your mind while you are having this explosive orgasm where all your experiencing is the orgasm? And in my book “Modern Sex Magick” I give ways of doing that. The easiest way is to make a symbol you can look at. For example, if you were in need of money you might just put a dollar sign or a pound sign or a lira sign on a piece of paper so you can see it while you are having that orgasmic experience. So you can focus on having the orgasm so every time you can see the symbol it will be encoded in your mind linking the energy with the desire. Those two together can help produce the goal.

Francesca Gentille: It’s possible to also focus on your partner to create a wonder connection and communion with your partner while doing this. Unlike Wilhelm Reich; we don’t have to forget about our partner and just focus on ourselves. It may sound a little like juggling. I’m guessing that any juggler over time, over time it becomes peaceful to be balancing all these things.

Donald Michael Kraig: Yes. And with experience and practice which is one of the wonderfully fun things about this form of Magick; you can do this almost put it into automatic because that implies that implies you are not focused on the sexuality and on the Magick. One of the things that is important in sacred sexuality or at least I believe to be is it’s not, “OK Honey, I’ll give you one tonight.” It’s true sharing and positive experience and gross experience for both partners.
Now the importance, of one important thing of Sex Magick, while it can be, as you said, an incredible experience for both partners, where you share energy, love, passion for each other. It can also be for one person by himself or herself. So that means that each person can develop their own energy and in some cases it can also be where a partner is focused just on giving pleasure to his or her partner so that they are entirely on focused on the Magick. So in some cases this is not about love and romance and enhancing relationships and depth of commitment. But it can also be in focused on just achieving the Magick. And again this is explained in far more detail in my book than we can do right now in “Modern Sex Magick.”

Francesca Gentille: When we stay focused on the Magick, we mean focused on the visualization, focused on this astral creation we want to bring into existence that will bring more money into our lives, a better job, more happiness, a better house, whatever it is we’re wanting to manifest; bring into the actual reality, the everyday life. We’re putting our energy into it in sexual act.

Donald Michael Kraig: Absolutely. And there’s a little bit to it also. This goes into something which many people have heard of which is creative visualization and positive affirmations.

Francesca Gentille: I want to talk more about that after we come back from a break and I want to talk [laughs] about so many things. I want to talk about ritual, as in what an actual ritual might look like in Sex Magick that creative visualization and positive affirmation.
There’s a niggling question in my mind, do I have to leave my religion or is it bad for whatever religion I’m in if I’m practicing Sex Magick? I want to talk about that after we come back from a break and a word from our fabulous sponsor that we really endorse your support by putting in the word Tantra when you go to any of these sponsors.



Francesca Gentille: Welcome back to Sex, Tantra and Karma Sutra bringing you the soul of sex with Donald Michael Kraig, author of “Modern Sex Magick” and contributor to “Ecstasy Magick.” As to the whole religion aspect; could you touch on that? Do we need to leave our religion to do this?

Donald Michael Kraig: I don’t think so at all because this is about the spiritual world and spirituality and not about any particular religion. Of course some people that are dogmatic in any religion they participate in may not be interested in practicing Sexual Magick because of strict religious laws that they feel they need to obey. But I would say the vast majority of people, no matter what your religion or spiritual beliefs or even if you were an atheist or an agnostic and don’t have them. You could certainly practice Sex Magick with a great deal of zeal, power and passion.

Francesca Gentille: OK. You had just talked a little bit about creative visualization and positive affirmation before the break.  Could you talk about how that is the next level?

Donald Michael Kraig: There is a slight problem with both of those because when you visualize something as we talked about earlier or when you do positive affirmations that ‘s when you say something over and over to yourself. Both of those are working through your conscious mind. The problem with that is that through our unconscious that we have a direct connection to the astral plane where things are created. So the goal has to be to get that information past our conscious minds and into our subconscious minds and that is one of the ways that Sex Magick can really help because if you are involved in passionate sexuality, whether it is by yourself, with a partner or with multiple partners even, you can become so focused on the sexuality that you can through the use of a symbol as I described earlier, something you just look at, get that info directly into your subconscious, charge it, and charged by that sexual energy that you have been generating; through the wonderful and delicious experience of sexual and sensual excitation. I’d like to share with everyone if I may what a ritual of Sex Magick might be like.

Francesca Gentille: That would be great! 

Donald Michael Kraig:  OK, the first step is determining what your goal is. That may be harder than you might think. I would advise once again, I won’t dwell on this; I have full explanations of this in my book “Modern Sex Magick”. Let’s say you picked a goal and your goal was to get $100; that you needed $100.00. To represent that you might take a dollar sign and then scribble all over it. Why? Your conscious mind it makes no sense but to your unconscious mind will know exactly what it looks like, exactly what it means.  Then make duplicate copies of them. Place them all over your room.

Now here you can prepare your room as much as you like. You might have candles burning. You might have incense wafting through the room. You would want to have a beautiful, perhaps a bed, with pillows and scarves and all kinds of beautiful accoutrements. You could begin by taking a shower or a bath to cleanse the body, be sure to brush your teeth so you have a clean mouth. You may choose to anoint yourself with sweet smelling perfumes or ointments and then together you come into the room. And here you might honor yourselves by blessing the person you are with. Tell each person what you particularly like about them; their beauty, their wisdom. It is important that you are honest because people know if you’re not telling the truth. Then it comes down to the lovemaking. Begin your lovemaking. Let it begin slowly and let your passion build. Think of it as winding up electronic generator. The longer it goes the better. And you build it up and build it up and simply continue to build up your lovemaking until you are ready to reach your level of orgasm. All you have to do is open your eyes and look around and no matter which way you are facing you should be able to see that image.

And afterwards you simply hold each other, thank each other, and caress each other. Then together you can take down your holy temple; your sacred site. Now one thing I mentioned there was building up the energy and letting it build. The longer it builds up to a certain point, the better. So perhaps some other time I can come back another and talk about how men can extend the time they have sex before they ejaculate and have to stop for a while. That is extending the period of sex before orgasm.

Francesca Gentille: That sounds like a wonderful idea. Don, I was just thinking that. Is how do we give people information to support on extending and on how to build erotic energy between them. I just want to thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

Donald  Michael Kraig: One of the things I like to say Namaste and Namaste cannot actually be translated directly but my favorite translation is, “ That which is of the gods in me, honors and appreciates that which is of the gods in you.” So Namaste.

Francesca Gentille: Thank you. I just wanted to let all our listeners know if you wanted to leave a phone message for myself or Don, call 206-350-5333. Please let us know you are calling in about this show.

Also if you wanted to get a transcript from this show and contact Don in all of the various wonderful ways to contact him and find his book. And you can do that at Thank you for joining us on Sex: Tantra and Karma Sutra, bringing you the soul of sex.


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