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Meredith Medland Sasseen
Join your host, Meredith Medland, founder and NLP coach, in deep and intimate conversations with guests who share their emotional experiences of ecological awakening as well as the "pain points" that keep them moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle. While most green shows are about tips and tricks, highlights the psychology of ecology, with in-depth interviews about the attitudes, values and beliefs that are the motivators for the actions and behaviors of each guest. In this podcast, you'll learn why guests "do what they do," so you can try new eco-spiritual practices that activate and accelerate your personal evolution. Your host Meredith Medland, is known for insightful and unusual questioning that draws out the most revealing answers – responses rarely heard in mainstream media profiles of her guests. You'll learn about the increasing surge in new eco-communities in the US and abroad, how to build a green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty, the link between great sex and sustainability, the Clean-Tech revolution and why the attitudes and beliefs of eco-spiritual guests will help you "go green.”  Getting ready for our planets biggest changes by listening to ""  Eco-academy and home schooling funding is on the rise. Hollywood Celebrities are greening the planet with eco-friendly products, eco-fashion and green living. Public schools are adding green education to their curriculum. Corporations are greening their mission statements. Be sure to subscribe to this weekly podcast and hear practical how-to advice on socially-responsible investing, building eco-urban cities, green building, creating community, green stocks, composting, CSA - Consumer Supported Agriculture, recycled and organic products and foods, eco-tourism, green building, alternative healthcare, renewable and solar energy, carbon credits, hybrid cars and new alternative ways of thinking by people who are walking the walk into the 21st century.  Participate by using call-in number 206-350-5333 to leave your questions, comments or ideas for upcoming shows or email [email protected] to get involved. If you love the show, please submit a 5 star listener review in iTunes to support the spread of transformational media.  Guests include: Janine Benyus, Biomimcry Institute, Larry Harvey, Founder of Burning Man; Tierra Delforte of DelForte Denim, Paul Stamets of "How Mushrooms Can Save the World" from 11th hour film with Leonardo DiCaprio. and Michael Gosney with Califia, a Radical San Francisco based Urban Community. Enjoy Meredith's red carpet interviews with Al Gore, Jack Johnson and Will Smith as well as leading edge news and green entertainment by following links from her blog at


Bad Habits into Healthy Living: Ellen Strickland

Passion. Purpose. Possibility. You'll be inspired by Ellen Strickland's transition from old habits, unhealthy living into a green business owner and eco-activist. when Ellen was diagnosed with MS many years ago she took the opportunity entirely remap her life. Learn how toxins fr... Read More


Meredith’s Personal Story on Disaster : Santa Barbara Tea Fire

What happens when a wildfire is in the distance and it's coming toward your home? Talk Show Host, Meredith Medland shares her personal account waiting for notice to evacuate her home due to the Santa Barbara Tea Fire -- a fire that swept away over 220 homes within 6 hours in Mont... Read More


Meredith’s Four Success Secrets to Launch Your Vision (Live Audience)

Recorded live in Santa Barbara from the Pescadrome, an experiential incubator which is eminiscent of the 19th century Parisian salon features interaction with a few audience members - named the Fishbon community, who believe in the power of collaboration between artists, scientis... Read More


Disaster Preparation How To’s

You’ve heard of Peak Oil and understand the potential impact on our nation.  Now it’s time to delve deeper into some of the major impacts and learn how to prepare. This valuable episode and written transcript outlines what resources are available to educate you on food s... Read More


Home Schooling Education : Learning Success Institute

Home schooling -- all the web links, resources and how-to's of getting you and your child prepared for an exceptional educational journey of a lifetime.  You'll learn how to transition your child from traditional schools to home schooling and what easy steps you need to take... Read More


Sacred Art Mandalas at Lightning in a Bottle

Recorded live from Lighting in a Bottle, this episode features the sacred art collective,  Emerald Installations of Berkley, California.  Learn about the history of the sacred mandala,  how you can create nature based artwork at home and why regular summer festival... Read More


Transforming Global Consciousness through Music

Peace Has Begun and The Living Green Show is part of it!  Tune into this live broadcast from the the bright pink, double decker bus positioned for peace at Lightning in Bottle. Learn how this exciting project was created and why people all over the United States are asking t... Read More


The Do Lab: Lightning in a Bottle – a Green Music Festival

Jedi Wright, Assistant Director of Sustainability and Shena Turlington, Environmental Director for Lightning in a Bottle share the top three lessons learned while producing a 3-Day Green Music Festival at Live Oaks Park in Santa Barbara, California. Learn how you can integrate gr... Read More


EcoVillages & Intentional Community: Diana Leafe Christian

Interested in Community Living? Diana Leafe Christian, former editor of "Communities" magazine, published by Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) helps define and deepen the types of questions as well resources you need to guide you to your optimal community living research... Read More


Musician Tom Freund Hugs Trees (Live Audience)

Recorded with a live audience from the Living Green Community Center, Tom Freund, the "Hug Trees" guy shares his inspiration and motivation for writing his new Children's music album with Living Green Host, Meredith Medland. Learn more about Tom's relationship to God and Mother N... Read More